Acts 12:1-9

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Pastor Greg Locke Pastor Greg Locke. Greg Locke is the Lead Pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, TN and is a sought after conference speaker. Contact:615-553-4040 Follow

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  1. The faithfulness of Our God.. When I saw the video of his arrest I wept, than Holy Spirit said, "weep no more WORSHIP ME", I Am doing the SUPERNATURAL, where my people will see & the world will take notice. Than Holy Spirit led me to this & I just weep. Genesis 50:20
    That was my church on Tuesdays. Drove 2 hrs, Jim Cymbala. We MUST cover them ALL..
    We MUST PRAY, PRAY & PRAY, PRAISE will indeed happen..

  2. Let us pray for these sad people that come in here for no other reason but to harass and spread negativity. Satan works hard to attack God's people every single day, but no weapon shall prosper.
    To whomever is in charge of reading these comments, please tell Monica that her saying "Good morning church" was no mistake. Getting ready for our local church service Sunday morning, my husband standing beside me getting ready in front of the mirror I said "Good morning church". He looks at me in question, and i said "I look forward to hearing Monica say 'Good morning church' every Sunday morning! It's the start to a great service "
    I didn't usually have time to listen to Wednesdays service Wednesday after our local service, so my Thursday mornings I start my morning by listening to GVBC. Hearing Monica say "Good morning church" made my morning. I've needed just a little more uplifting this week than usual. The unholy tactics aimed at our youth today is negatively affecting my teens, a lot of youth are struggling so hard right now.
    Also, I pray for Pastor Locke, his family, and all followers online and on campus. I pray for Pastor Artur and his family. The tactics used by the enemy against him and the people are turning for good!
    Have a great day everyone!

  3. Positive change in America will happen only with Gods help. We cant fix America. And Gods help wont happen until the church stands up for God. To take Godly action means christians must accept there may be sacrifices involved. Our involvement means we accept that we may suffer as Peter suffered in prison. Our willingness must be unconditional. America lost God's blessing through individual complacency, corruption and laziness. We can regain His blessing when we submit to His will.

  4. The trolls are going nuts again. Mark Richardson, Derek, and company can't stand the faith, dedication, determination and insistance of Christians.
    Trolls have no authority of influence in our lives.
    Stay focused Christians and do not waiver.

  5. Acts 20: 22-25
    Remember D. Bonhoeffer.
    And Artur P and all warriors of Christ around the world. Stay courageous.
    The trolls on this site are the nuisance of a buzzing fly; serious opponents of Christians are growing bolder and more vicious.
    God bless and keep us in His grace.

  6. Pray For Me. Im a Christian in California. I was laid off in the Pipeline industry. Company has liberal management. im a bold conservative Christian. Ive been applying and seeking, selling my possessions to makes ends meet. I feel like JOB.
    I Pray I read The Word.
    Pray for me.