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Pastor Greg Locke Pastor Greg Locke. Greg Locke is the Lead Pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, TN and is a sought after conference speaker. Contact:615-553-4040 Follow

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  1. Amen Praise Jesus for His love and promise. He loves you just as you are. No judgement of the flesh; He wants you to know you are separated from that flesh(devil) You have to live with it but you are not of it if God has redeemed you. Sin No More and rejoice in Christ's liberty of Love. We are God's children. He owns your Spirit because it came from Him. Go out with confidence. He is with you. Thank God for the love He has given you Pastor Greg Locke.

  2. Thank you needed to hear this today, it had me in tears. Do not know where He is at the moment, but just listening to this word encouraged me that He knows the battle I am in and He is with me even if I cannot see Him,

  3. pastor Greg this is what i needed , i been thru so much the 14 th i was in a court room feeling so heavy heart afraid crying feel all i have done to help my disable son and how socialility has continue to hold a disable person back , where my son is mental challenged but he been working full time at his job for 12 yrs he married with two babies trying live a normal life as possible , her i'm his guardian since 1996 where i have done all things possible then have a court degrade me like they did , where he not receiving any ssi or disables check the courts never help us in any way but now jump all over me by the time i left the court my chest was hurting , crying so hard , and tightness in my chest make me hard breathe then i watch when i got home it help so much , I just lift my hands up and ask him to handle this it way too much for me thank you again

  4. The loving god who orders the slaughter of infants… who allows the painful death of starvation… allows priests to rape little children in churches… and just 'watches'…

    sounds like a monster to me

  5. My Aunt Pat is in the hospital right now and I am so sad. I have been crying for two days in a row. I pray that God touches her and heals her everyday. I want her back with family. I don't want to lose her but I know its not about what I want. I just want this pain to go away.

  6. I just came across your page. This is just what I needed. I'm down to nothing. I'm working at an ok job, I've spent all my savings and living back with my Mom. I wondered if God see's my circumstances. I feel sad and down. I'm isolating myself because I've put on quote a bit of weight and my self esteem is at an all time low. I need Jesus and I've been praying to Him but I can't feel his presence. I feel so lost and alone.