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  1. Says the pastor, who is dressed as a rich man 🙁
    Jim Jones came preaching the word of God and praising Jesus .. dressed as rich man. And never once did they doubt that Jim Jones was a man of God …
    1 Thessalonians 21 But test everything. Keep what is good, 22 and stay away from everything that is evil.

  2. Please Pray for me and my son he is 5yeArs old. I'm raising him on my own I lost my job, we have been out our house over 4yeArs I can't afford to pay power and I once was baptized and a church member but I back slid and I'm trying to raise my son toward CHRIST and I want to find us a church home all these people that's calls their selfs Christian they haven't invited us to their church people all around us are so cold toward us PLEASE pray for me, my son I live in ky, and I want to move Tennessee. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL ALWAYS brothers and sisters

  3. Our family loves the Lord, but recently we’ve been spiritually attack for the worst this time. But I reminded darkness, that we believe like Job did, and I tell you darkness does not like that. But we glorify God and know whatever the outcome is, we still serve him. So plz no one

  4. I have been under demonic attacks for the longest time and I have been blaming God for allowing them to toy with me. However, He has exercised so much patience on me and I feel that He is hurt for what is happening to me and has been withholding His just anger over my thoughts, words, and actions which are against Him. I ask for prayers of intercession from brother Christians so I will have the grace, power. and strength to resist the enemy and send him to where he belongs. Thank you all.

  5. Depression does not win but not the way you think. Your religion is divisive and ontologically and metaphysically incorrect. The seriously depressed wins after suicide because they are released from suffering. However, they are in hell while they suffer in this worldly dimension. All go to the same place when they/we die. The righteous live in heaven now, the lowly suffer, now. The Gospel is a salv(ation) for heavy hearts in this realm. It has absolutely nothing to do with the afterlife. Gaudete! I hope this helps.

  6. Hallelujah Praise the Lord Amen. The devil's cast down and is raging for he knows his time is short. Resist the devil and he will flee, Not one will be snatched from the hands of the Lord. Jesus Christ is the over thrower of the devil and is the true KING. Love to you all in the name above all names Jesus Christ. We win.

  7. I'm under attack, I hear these thoughts in my head that say the most horrible, slanderous, blasphemous thoughts, I cant stop these thoughts and ever since a few days before and after my baptization I've been under attack. I think I'm committed the unpardonable sin, or it's just the devil tempting me to say those things. My heart soul and mind is for My God Jesus Christ and he is my commander, please breatheren I need you to pray for me so I can live free and love our God, Pray, Pray for me and help me cast out the demons that tempt me with iniquity

  8. My friends one of my best and has been depressed and treating her family awful in compassion to a loving home..she turned from God after my daughter passed 5yr ago..for 3yrs i have been celebrating Jesus and God like mever b4 and ive struggled to get her back to where she should be as she turns away from my friendship and God even more as i push her to love herself as God does…do you have any advice i can use to help her and her family…? Thankyou for your time and postings 🙂 God bless

  9. I'm what is called a Targeted Individual, TI of Gangstalking, organized harassment by the perps. These evil, corrupt scum, workers of iniquity lie, attack, slander, interfere, destroy lives of innocent people in every country and it's spreading the evil. All sectors of society are involved like End Times, as in the days of Noah so shall it be at the end before Jesus and armies of Heaven return to Earth. I record and expose my perps on my YouTube, Facebook, others.

  10. I wage war every day on my knees against the demonic forces not only around me but also the ones working inside some people, against me . I have been under serious attack the last 2-3 years . I have also prayed with friends as they said the simmers prayer. Send me another one Lord! I am thrilled they will now be with me in Heaven. The Lord is faithful in His love . Expect the enemy to push back when you have victory in the spiritual realm! I pray for warring angels to kick demonic butt every day. Fight the good fight, He is coming soon!

  11. These attacks are all around us look around . Satan is trying so hard to get a hold of me cuz I am getting closer to the Lord everyday he ain't going to win this battle. Thank you so much for this message I needed it Amen .God bless

  12. The Devil doesn't only attack when you get close to God, as I am finding that I am being attacked now more than ever and I haven't read my Bible in a very long time and have been in sin, so what I'm saying is, it's better to be with God when you're attacked than to not be with God when you're attacked.