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Pastor Greg Locke Pastor Greg Locke. Greg Locke is the Lead Pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, TN and is a sought after conference speaker. Contact:615-553-4040 Follow

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  1. sir I must start out by saying I have never been one for church growing up was never forced to go so I never really understood the word of the lord. I have not been to church in a long time but I recently seen your videos and it really speaks to me. I just wanted to say thank you for shareing the word of the Lord and hopefully one day I can make it to your church. I live in Clarksville, TN.

  2. Just more of the same. These inspirational messages work for a while, but as the years go by, & situations don't improve the effectiveness of these messages wears off. The "tests" never seem to end & the "seasons" never seem to change.

  3. but what if god actually turns away from you? iv prayed for years and i feel so abandoned i try to see if god wants me but im so stuck in my life . im alone and as much as i seek god my life remains stuck i really need deliverance i wait and i wait and i get no help please pray for me . im in a dark pit of despair i remember reading a scripture where god says though they seek me diligently i will not hear them nor will i help them in there time of distress

  4. I always find my self coming back to pastor Greg Locke videos after a cocaine bing . I’m not saying that like it’s clever or anything it’s something I’m battling right now . I find comfort in these videos in the dark times

  5. I walked away from christianity due to persecution from supposed pastors men of God I've been hurt so bad because I loved them when I devoted years of my life work as a volunteer for this church when you really love someone you give to a friendship I have until I had nothing left when they needed me I was there immediately I stopped what i.was doing and rushed to their aid eventually years in I began to struggle with suicide and came to these pastors for help i got into an argument with one of them i called him a kid and he called the police and told them I was threatening people it heartbreaking because I never did that at all I loved them but when needed help they threw me away they were both physically and verbally abusive I gave them love they took it and threw me crumbs as a result I starved and my will to seek God has been annihilated completely I have walked in shame anguish and torment my whole life those events went for 7 years my life is plagued by intense pain and abuse God never came and now I truly believe he has walked away what I want to know is why…?

  6. People should not use "pastor" as a "title". Only Jesus holds that title as Shepherd/Pastor. Pastor Jesus is fine, but this guy is Greg, that pastors, but not 'Pastor Greg'. Fyi

  7. God only helps his favorites, Like King David. We can all become saved, but most of us do not count, It does not matter whether we ever existed or not. For if King David was a man after Gods own heart then I am what he scrapped off the bottom of his shoe.

  8. Does the young boy never ask his father “Why did you say you were leaving me only to stay after all? What was the point of filling me with such dread and fear? Did that seem the loving thing to do?”

    Ah. Of course not. Takes away from the sentiment of the story.

    But. I can tell you this: someday that young boy (or girl) is going to grow up. They’re going to start asking hard questions. And with a little time and some critical thinking, they will learn what is and is not loving.

    They’ll stand up from that damn tree. And their loving dad.
    And walk away.

    Grow up. Get up. Go.

  9. What I am to reveal will shake the very core of your religious teaching, but please read all I have to say before you reject it out of hand. While you may totally reject what I have stated, please try to remember what I have said because in time it will all start to make sense.

    Why doesn't God intercede while we are alive on this planet in human form to help those who cry out in despair and pain, beseeching God to come to their aid yet their cries for help go unanswered?

    I am of the opinion that we should consider ourselves first and foremost as spirits in human form rather than humans with a soul.

    I also believe that we as spirits (for me spirits can be considered as splinters from God as there is nothing in the whole of the universe and beyond that isn't God) incarnate into a human form on this planet in order to seek spiritual growth and understanding.

    Life on Earth is deliberately difficult, even the successful and wealthy will eventually experience the grief of losing those that are dear to them often in the most tragic or unexpected ways.

    The human condition is often one of despair and injustice. Children suffer from agonising bone cancer not because God doesn't care but it is so that we can learn compassion.

    In the spiritual realm, there is no such thing as good and evil, these are man-made constructs. Even murder or child rape is considered nothing more than an experience that the spirit can learn from and this is best obtained in human form.

    The understanding when coming to Earth from the spirit realm is that God will not intercede to help, except on very rare occasions which we call miracles and this is to keep alive the flame of hope that burns in all human, because without hope we would all give up.

  10. God has abandoned me. I turned to God. God turned his face away. for 34 yrs he has never answered any of my prayers. I had 2 businesses go under, my marriage fell apart, and my only son hung himself. that's what happened when I put my faith in God

  11. God isn't a candy machine you can just ask for something and get it right away. Asking God for help is good but dont treat God like a fix for everything. Too many people pray only when they want something. When is the last time you've prayed to thank God for your family or a drink of water or the random friendliness of a stranger that lifted your mood? In this life we are given free choice and God will not violate our dignity and choice. This world is flawed but God sees all and is testing our souls until we return to him. Keep strong brothers and sisters. The tomb is empty. Jesus is alive. He paid for our sins. Trust in him and salvation awaits.

  12. Sometimes people are tested beyond what they can endure, that's when they commit suicide. Each individual have their own limits; some people can handle enormous loads, and yet others can only take a fraction.

  13. Suicide is subjective and neutral being neither good or bad.  When a person's life sucks and they can no longer endure self destruction can be the only answer.  With the exception of your immediate family nobody will care once you are gone.

  14. So what good is a God who never does anything in your time of need, even if he's "with you"? And I don't just mean now and then but always fails you? Suffering and tribulation are completely unnecessary to an almighty God who can create anything by mere thought as he did with the heavens and the Earth.

    God says not to put him to the test so why does he feel entitled to do it to us? This is the difference between God and Christ – Christ always lead by example and God frequently doesn't. If we lack faith in God then maybe this is because of him and not us.

  15. I am a Christian and I love God with all my mind, heart, and soul, and I thought this was a beautiful message that everyone should hear. I struggle with sin, and to be honest sometimes I don’t feel like I’m a good enough Christian, but after watching this video, it really opened my eyes and made me feel better. Even though I may struggle with sin and have spiritual battles, God is always there for me and he will never abandon me or give up on me. Thank you God for being so great and so loving! I love you!

  16. Jesus Christ destroyed my Life with Anxiety, Oppression and Loss of Confidence, Loss of Women,Poverty, Loneliness , Loss of Jobs and Much Sufferings for over 15years.
    I truly feel Gods Pure Hate and Evil in my Life.
    No Prayers got Answered to Me.
    God brings most Humanity to Suffer on this Earth.