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Pastor Greg Locke Pastor Greg Locke. Greg Locke is the Lead Pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, TN and is a sought after conference speaker. Contact:615-553-4040 Follow

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  1. Thank you for your msg and as a Christian for speaking out so openly. As a Christian myself I have struggled with anxiety and depression for many years and have always felt that I therefore must not be a good Christian. I realise now as a Chrisitan I have the most sure way of getting through and out if it with God!

  2. I think as christians we suffer depression because we get overwhelmed with the non stop evil we see day to day. It doesn't mean someone is evil, but they are being attacked by satan because they care about their fellow man and whats happening to him. Thank you for this video Pastor Locke.

  3. That's the reason people don't go to church, That's why I don't go to church because It's a big click and pastors care a people that they are friends with. With my depression I been fight for a good 6 years and talk with pastor and other people and all I hear God will heal and that's I, But won't help you through it. I'm marriage with 4 children and at my wits end.

  4. I'm in that position right now I struggle with depression everyday I really love the LORD JESUS and my relationship with him is what's keeping me sane I lost a son a brother and my mom, that's a pain that I would never wish on anyone but I never lost my faith depression sucks but my GOD (JESUS) is bigger than it thanks for your inspiration it really helps GOD BLESS YOU

  5. You've had a tough childhood and you have been really honest about it, a lot of people can relate to that, and that is part of your popularity, you are doing a fantastic job, don't ever doubt yourself.x

  6. I hear you, but for me medication worked better than any of my numerous years of religiosity. I kept trusting, believing, following, serving and producing fruit but my brain was sick (just like any other organ in the body that gets sick). I needed medical attention (something that most church people aren't qualified to give). I hope you get the help you need…honestly, it seems like (from your videos) that you struggle with manic depression (rapid speech, highs, lows, impulsiveness). Get it checked by a doctor who knows more about the brain and nervous than bible writers ever dreamed.

  7. Thank you for your message. I am usually happy but when I don't listen to the word of God, depression. I just came across your videos and I am watching your videos now and now I understand. Truly, God has shown His power.

  8. If he would just relate to people without preaching religion he would be more helpful to people and see reality better. It seems like he genuinely wants to help people. If he would focus on people helping people instead of a magic spirit helping people, his efforts to help people would be more successful. He would realize that people have to take action and he would organize to do that more often.

  9. Pastor Greg, I disagree vehemently with much of your opinions and ideologies. Sometimes you just need to chill out ( but I know you won't 😉 ) But Brother thank you, thank you thank you. I needed to see and hear this video. Christ is using you particularly in this certain area and I know it is painful to go through ( depression) but know that you are reaching people like me with this wonderful message. I hate to admit it but you are a inspiration to me 🙂 Keep on keeping on Brother

  10. I don't mean to be rude or harsh but Holiness is universal and not privately owned. The holy spirit energy is the only thing that's real and holy in this universe. We ourselves are the divine beings who conduct holy spirit energy therefore we are god and goddess's of this universe. Your bible is invalid because it lacks a serious support of any high intelligent supreme being mark, seal or message in a high intelligent way. So until your God shows up in some way then there is no such being.

  11. Amen pastor…cos pastors and church leaders are but sheep in the front row sitting at the feet of Jesus…we learn from the Lord Jesus directly…
    Thank you for being real and humble, pastor…
    God bless you 🙂

  12. Our flesh…the sinful nature is still with us…
    And that causes depression anxiety and even fear..
    Hence we hinges our faith in God's Word and Truth …meditate on God's Word day and night!
    Psalm 1:1~3
    Joshua 1:7~9
    Fixing our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of faith….hebrews 12:2

  13. "It's weird even hearing myself say that, because as a minister of the gospel for many years, I was trained that that's evil and demonic. There's no such thing as depression in the life of a christian. Well get that foolishness out of your mind" – I love how this bafoon picks and chooses what to believe in, the biggest mistake of all believers. Either the book is true or everything is made up, there is no middle ground…and taking all the disproven facts into account, it amazes me that anyone would pass on this indoctrination to their own kids. I can't wait for Christianity to get swallowed up by Mythology. I want to be able to find christianity exciting again, as I do with the greek & norse mythology, but that's impossible when people can't tell the difference between a good argument and an argument that appears good because it's made on your behalf & matches what you already believe.

    Just the fact that he said he was "trained to believe" indicates that whatever he believes isn't of his own volition. Wake up, people, think, don't accept ideas blindly based on where you just so happened to grow up.

    Yes, faith has some lectures for people…faith has communities in which they help others…Just as Islam is a religion of peace and has small communities committed to terror..just as Christianity used to be forced upon millions a few centuries ago. Find place for the things you want to keep, but keep it elsewhere in your life, because if you are indeed a good person, you'll help nonetheless (if not, you were just being pressured in some way and didn't do it by your own free will, which in turn makes you selfish).

  14. Thank you Pastor Locke. For being real. I suffer from depression. But most churches don't want to deal with depression. They want to keep it hidden like it don't Happen. I wish I had someone like you to speak into my life

  15. Im a pastor of a startup church 5 years now! And i have struggled with a very deep depression also. Very very deep to the point of giving up my Christian walk alltogether. But when i try the Lord reminds me there is nothing greater to turn to than Him lol. So i just plugging away at that that God has called me to. When you truly have tasted and seen that the Lord and all He has offered is good!!!! Nothing els in this world satisfies. We must me be real and true with each other concerning the spiritual battles we go through because just like this video helped me because of a man willing to be real