Gregory Neal | – Despising the Grace of God

John 3:14-15
By: Dr. Gregory S. Neal
Senior Pastor: First United Methodist Church of Commerce, Texas
June 7, 2015

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  1. I don't hate snakes, when i was a young girl my friend and i captured a garter snake and kept her,  she gave birth to a whole lot of snakelets  so we finally let them go,  but they were very pleasant the adult would wrap herself around my arm and press her head against my arm to absorb the warmth,  and the little ones hugged themselves around our finger as we walked with them along the street, people who passed us must have thought we were a little ………different…. lol  

    seriously I can't understand why the Isrealites would have complained about the heavenly food ,  wow ! they sure were ungreatful.  but God in his grace is so forgiving and patient he provides a way to salvation 

    "For it is by grace   (a gift of God )  that we are saved,  through faith, and this is not of ourselves, not  of works, lest any man should boast."

    Jesus did it all we can do nothing to add to his finished work of redemption,  aas Jesus said at the cross "it is finished"  

    Scripture says  "repent and be baptised every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ, for the remission of your sins, and you shall recieve the gift of the Holy Spirit".

  2. there is nothing more we can do to earn our salvation but turn from our sins and, ask  God to forgive us our sins, and accept Jesus by faith into our lives,  then we fellowship with those of the same faith
    and comunion is a symbol of Jesus body sacrificed for our sins and his blood shed on the cross, to spiritually wash away all our sins,  His blood cleanses us from sin and we are set free from sin,  and the guilt that goes with it,

     communion is not more of the grace of God it is simply an act of obedience that we do, because Jesus said that we were to do this, in rememberance of Him,  but he also said that we were to wash each other's feet if we do this then we are truely his disiples, if we don't we are none of his.  

    But communion is not further imparting of God's grace,  this is not true,  we don't get God's grace from comunion.  we are partakers of the grace of God by faith, when we repent from our sins and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, as Saviour and Lord of our lives.

    This is the grace of God,  this is the free gift, God has imparted to all who repent and  believe.   we then become saints of the Most High God.

  3. mrsbiblebeliever, thank you for your opinion; however, regarding communion, we disagree.  The Lord's Supper is, most certainly, a means of Grace, a conduit through which we receive the very real presence — the powerful grace of Jesus Christ.  I know you don't believe this, but it is true. This has been the faith of Church going back to the very beginning … it place of the Eucharist is central not because it is a good work, but rather because it is a means of grace.

    Jesus, himself, identified himself as the bread of heaven. Jesus said that while the Jew's ancestors ate the manna in the wilderness, Jesus himself was the living bread that came down from heaven; though who eat his flesh and drink his blood have eternal life.  This is why the Israelites calling the manna "miserable food" was such an affront to God … for, just as the Manna was God's miracle provision for the Israelites, so-also Jesus is our miracle provision.  We receive him, by faith, through all the means of grace, and most especially through the Eucharist.