Gregory Neal | – "Doing The Word"

James 1:17-22
By: Dr. Gregory S. Neal
Senior Pastor: Lakewood United Methodist Church
August 29, 2021

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  1. Amen, Jesus is The Word; as is The Holy Spirit.
    There is nothing outside The Mind of God.

    T-8.VII.7. The Bible says, "The Word (or thought) was made flesh." 2 Strictly speaking this is impossible, since it seems to involve the translation of one order of reality into another. 3 Different orders of reality merely appear to exist, just as different orders of miracles do. 4 Thought cannot be made into flesh except by belief, since thought is not physical. 5 Yet thought is communication, for which the body can be used. 6 This is the only natural use to which it can be put. 7 To use the body unnaturally is to lose sight of the Holy Spirit's purpose, and thus to confuse the goal of His curriculum.

    (Source: A Course in Miracles)