Gregory Neal | – The Authority to Forgive

Matthew 16:13-20
By: Dr. Gregory S. Neal
Senior Pastor: First United Methodist Church – Commerce, TX
August 24, 2014

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  1. you don't understand the limitation of  Gods mercy. Oh yeah I forgot there is no limitation to His mercy. From a happy CATHOLIC. Re.  Luther was a German not a Jew, King Henry was English not a Jew remember salvation is through the Jewish people. The Catholic church is Jewish in truth and in deed.

  2. Firstly, she loves YESHUA-JESUS, you have not allowed responses.  This is problematic, for it means you're not really interested in a dialog.  However, I will respond to you anyway:

    We are not Peter, but like Peter we ARE Disciples of Jesus Christ, we are part of the Church that Jesus established in a through the ministry of Peter and the other Disciples, and the authority he gave to them he also gives to us through baptism and ordination.  Also, we ARE in the very real presence of Jesus!  We are in his real presence when we partake of the Eucharist.  We are in his real presence when we read the Holy Scriptures.  We are in his real presence when we participate in any and all of the means of grace.

  3. Superb message, Dr. Neal.  As you said, Jesus nick-named Simon Bar Jonah "Petros," meaning that he would become the lead apostle in establishing the church. At the time Jesus said this Peter was still unstable and quick to deny his Lord, but after the indwelling of the Holy Spirit he would become the rock … the stead, dependable apostle of the Gospel whose witness to Christ eventually took him to a cross of his own.

    I'm not sure why this Dahle person is so fired up whamming on something you didn't say in your sermon.  Your focus was upon how we are called to follow Christ's direction and forgive, and that the authority for us forgiving others in Christ's name is contained in the granting of the keys of the Kingdom to Peter.  You're Protestant, but you get it.  Thanks!

  4. Jesus calls us to forgive.  If we refuse to forgive, we will not be forgiven.  Jesus makes that clear, repeatedly, in scripture.  And, Jesus authorizes us to build the church and proclaim God's forgiveness to others in the name of Jesus.  Thank you, Dr. Neal, for this message.  I love your preaching style.