Hal Lindsey | – Hal Lindsey Ministries (10.11.20)

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  1. Rabbi Maimonides curses Christ and wishes his bones ground to dust. Epistle To the Yemenese Jews in the 12th century, on his reply to thier inquiry about the nature of the Messianic prophecy of Daniel.

  2. 363AD. Emperor Julian , wanting to prove Christ and the Matthew 24:3 temple prophecy wrong, goads the reluctant Jews to rebuild the temple, but they are thwarted by an earthquake and fire coming up from the ruined foundation stones. Many are killed.

  3. 1917. The Christian Tsar Nicholas and his entire family are mercilessly murdered by Bolshevik revolutionaries. The antichristian communist revolution murders 65 million in the goriest massacre in human history. The west knows few details. Alexander Solzhenitsyn and others reveal later that the Bolsheviks had a heavily disproportionate number of marxist Jews in their party. This explains the violent antichristian revolutionary nature of the movement that almost destroyed 1000 years of Russian Orthodox christianity.

  4. I will be honest I put this on my phone at 3 a.m. laid the phone beside my ear I fell asleep within 2 minutes of hearing him and then I was awoken when Hal yelled "COME UP HERE"!!!!!
    It shook me….i wait for my lord daily…i cry for his coming…i love my Lord so much!!!

  5. Sometimes I think all the church closures & video_conferencing of the gospel during this pandemic is helping to initiate the Great Apostasy & falling away. There's too much opportunity for us Christians to grow lax in God.or lose our fervency for Him. Its just not the same when we cannot have church inside Gods sanctuary. It's saddening. This tells me that I need to pray, fast, & get even closer to God than ever before.

  6. Modern Israel is just another nation. It is not the Israel of God, neither must we bless the zionists or tow the zionist line. We follow Jesus Christ , not a nation founded on antichristianity.

  7. It is uncanny how Jesus revealed the coming destruction of Jerusalem within a generation . And what is stranger is how the modern prophets gloss over this destruction as if nothing major happened . And hype instead "the miracle of 1948" as the fulfillment of bible prophecy and the "supersign' of the end. What they have done is overturn Christs warning to the nation, by using the Old Testament prophets and the book of Revelation to do this. The prophets and apostle speak of Christ and his RESURRECTION. Nowhere do they ever speak of and prophesy the resurrection of an ANTICHRIST NATION far, far in the future. Christ is the ultimate Hebrew prophet. His prophecies came true by 70AD.

  8. The book of Hebrews actually reveals what the "falling away" that Paul talked about was all about. In chapters 4 and 10 there is a clear warning to those Jews who were tempted and desiring to go back to the Old Covenant ordinances. The writer warned that once they did that, there was no more coming back to grace, for they had trodden the SON of God underfoot in doing so. Most Christians have no clue what kind of pressure the early Jewish christians were under before the 70 AD destruction of the Temple, that act that nullified completely the OLD COVENANT, and in doing so GOD FINALLY VINDICATING HIS SON AND WREAKING VENGEANCE UPON THE RELIGION THAT HATED CHRIST .So they pass over this dire warning and think the "falling away" is general church apostasy. No! It was the original Jewish christians being tempted to return to the old ways and reject Christ and return to the religion of Judaism and Temple worship. In judaism in those days, any JEWISH BELEIVER IN JESUS WAS EXCOMMMUNICATED. John 9:22. For a Jew to beleive in Christ, was A HARD UNDERTAKING INDEED. Especially because his own countrymen CAST THAT JEW OUT! HE WAS NOLONGER CONSIDERED A JEW! This is what the apostle was describing in Acts chapter 15. The Temple was still standing, but in the days of the apostles, DAVIDS TABERNACLE WAS BEING RAISED UP AGAIN, BECAUSE those who ruled the Temple and syangogue , had cast out thier own Jewish believers in Messiah..THIS IS WHY JESUS SAID HE WOULD BUILD HIS CHURCH. THE SYANGOGUES WERE LEFT TO SATAN!

  9. It is because of Hal Lindsey that I gave my heart to Jesus, after reading The Late Great Planet Earth 50 years ago. His reward in Heaven will be great. I am forever thankful for his ministry, a good and faithful servant of Christ.

  10. Oliver Cromwell allowed the Jews back into England, after almost a 400 year long hiatus after they were kicked out by King Edward the 1st in the year 1290 . This was accomplished by the Jews giving him large sums of money to finance his warring campaigns.


    Silver Salver Bearing the "Arms of the Tribe of Judah."Said to have been presented to Oliver Cromwell by Manasseh ben Israel.(In possession of Sir Samuel Montagu.)Petition of the Jews of England to Oliver Cromwell, Dated March 24, 1655.(In the Record Office, London.)

    Lord Protector of England; born April 25, 1599, died Sept. 3, 1658. Cromwell favored readmission of the Jews into England, partly in the hope of thereby fulfilling the Messianic prophecy, but mainly because they had aided him as "intelligencers,"