Hal Lindsey | – Hal Lindsey Ministries (11.1.19)

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  1. Glory to God — His love and mercy flow even after the Rapture! The 144,000 Jewish evangelists will proclaim salvation by Christ alone and many will be saved during the Tribulation! All glory, honor, and praise to The Lion of the King of Judah, Our Lord Jesus Christ!!!

  2. Love your ministry Hal you are a great man of God. I don't understand why you say the rapture happens before the Antichrist appears when in Thessalonians it says the rapture will not happens until the Antichrist is revealed. That means he's revealed before the rapture doesn't it.

  3. Brother Lindsey, Revelation 6:17 Says ( when the great day of HIS WRATH has come ) not their wrath!!!!
    DID ANYONE ELSE NOTICE THIS???????????????????????????

  4. The 12 tribes mentioned in Rev. (I know you disagree strongly with this) is not referring to Jews only. 10 of the 12 tribes have been lost (likely absorbed by the surrounding people groups). Thee is no longer Jew or Gentiles…..we are all one in union with Christ Jesus) Babylon had fallen along time ago before Rev. refers to the city of Babylon it means evil not the actual city what was dust by the time of Rev.

  5. 2ND THESSALONIANS 2:3…… HATE TA BURST THE BUBBLE BUT: Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall """NOT""" come, except there come a falling away ""FIRST"" , and that man of sin be ""REVEALED", the son of perdition; OR THE…DRUM ROLL..ANTICHRIST, RESPECTFULLY HAL…!! WE WIL SEE HIM B4 WE GO!

  6. There reason they're wishing for the rocks to fall on them is because they worshiped the ANTICHRIST at the 6th TRUMPET 6seal 6th vial and ARE ASHAMED.!! Can't die cause they're no longer in the flesh because ALL Are changed at the 7th TRUMPET 7th seal 7,th vial AT THE RETURN OF THE TRUE CHRIST…

  7. Don't forget that YOU Were singing with God in the first earth age and YOU WERE THERE AT THE REBELLION…The KATABOLD !!A third went with Satan and REFUSED to be born of woman through BLOOD and water a third did nothing a third Stood with God.!!! We are all BORN FROM ABOVE … PREDESTINED!! ARE YOU GOING TO REBEL AGAIN IN THE SECOND EARTH AGE ????? OR GOING TO LOVE GOD,STUDY HIS WORD AND STAND UNTIL HIS RETURN AT THE 7th TRUMPET 7th Seal 7th Vial…. ?