Hal Lindsey | – Hal Lindsey Ministries (2.21.21)

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  1. Paul shows that there is only ONE event and not a segregated "rapture" and "second coming"….
    Paul calls the event the "resurrection of the dead"…. 1 Cor 15;42-54… Which is mentioned as early as Job 14:12 and Jesus and Martha dialogued of it concerning Lazarus. The MYSTERY that Paul revealed was HOW the dead and living are CHANGED at the event he called the 'resurrection of the dead". The resurrection of the dead does not occur until the heavens are destroyed with a great noise… Job 14:12, 2 Peter 3:10, Matthew 24:35,36, Mark 13:31,32. Those martyred for not taking the mark are resurrected at the FIRST resurrection… Rev. 20:4,5. Changing the name of the event from "resurrection of the dead" 1 Cor 15:42-54…to a more modern term of "rapture" is quite deceiving… for to do so totally ignores what happens and what Paul states happens to the dead who are resurrected.
    1) The DEAD physical bodies remain on Earth and do not go to heaven or hell when a person dies.
    2) the DEAD are absent from they physical bodies and present with the Lord (2 Cor 5:8) in their spiritual/glorified bodies in Heaven currently… 1 Cor 15:44, Phil 2:19,20
    3) the DEAD return with Him when He comes…. 1 Thess 4;14
    4) When Jesus returns with the DEAD in Christ, they get their physical bodies 'resurrected from the dead"… 1 Cor 15:42-54, 1 Thess 4:13-18. They are physical bodies, changed from corruptible… rotting in the grave Acts 2:30, 1 Cor 15:42 to incorruptible… They are PHYSICAL EARTHLY BODIES… they remained HERE on EARTH when they died. Paul makes the distinction in verse 44 (1 Cor. 15) and tells us that these physical bodies that are return to them DO NOT GO TO HEAVEN…. vs 50. And why would they?
    5) At the resurrection of the dead, the physical body is reunited with the spiritual body… 1 Cor 15:44. They are now needed to rule and reign WITH CHRIST for 1000 years, on a physical EARTH.
    Consider what the Word of God tells us concerning the 'resurrection of the dead":
    1) It happens at the 'last day"… dialogue with Jesus and Martha concerning Lazarus… John 11:24.
    2)It happens when the heavens are destroyed… Job 14:12, 2 Peter 3:10, Matt 24:35,36, Mark 13:31,32.
    3)Those martyred for not taking the Mark are resurrected at the FIRST resurrection… Rev. 20:4,5.
    Peter continues to state that those who twist Paul's teaching on the matter do so with all of Scripture… then he calls them 'wicked"….2 Peter 3:10-18. If the fabled rapture were to occur prior to the heavens destroyed… Jesus could no longer come "as a thief in the night" when the heavens are destroyed as Peter informs… for the fable would make Peter into a liar… creating a countdown to when the heavens are destroyed… eliminating the "like a thief" declaration. Paul never taught a rapture prior to tribulation.

  2. I am jins.  I am from India.   I am the ELIJAH to come into the world.   I am one of the TWO WITNESSES…….

    I will explain why I assumed like this.  I am 34 now.  About 7 years ago, I was abroad working,  it was an Arab country in the middle East.  During that time,  I passed through very different encounters.   Even before that time , I was somehow possessing a pro israeli mindset.  But during my stay in that country I became more pro israeli becz whatever  I was watching n listening to was that of  prophecies related to israel n updates concerning that.   During the final days of my return, I was encountering with anti spirits.

    I was transformed n I could not hold on to the job there.   I came back.  But  there was something  unique happened in my life.    My  family members took me to psychiatrist.    He advised heavy dose medicines n for the last 5 years I am on pills (  solian- 200 ).  What he discovered in me was elevated levels of chemicals in brain…..

    But I WELL know that it's not so called depression I am affected with.   Becz   there are changes which I only knew what happened in me.   Actually,  I am a spirit who was dominated by anti spirit / spirits until my 28 years..   During my last days of stay abroad when spiritual transformation happened ( I call it so) I was relieved of my bondage ( the anti spirit dominance ).  How did I recognize that I was dominated by anti spirits ?…  well ,  I could sense it in my body.   Until my 28 years my heart rate was as if it was suffering from arrhythmia,  n my body temperature was as if I was always feverish.   Inside my brain,  I could sense/ hear a twisting or winding / poping  sound which I can still feel especially at night.  The intensity of all these effects were reduced after the transformation  ( I call it so )…

    My changes are :   if I don't take my medication ,  my  appearance will change.  My pupils will enlarge/ dilate…

     Others will start to stare at me.   Women will look at me with an embarrassment/ pious approach.    Many things like that  which I cannot explain,  if I explain no-one will understand…

    What will happen to spirits which are opposite to my spirit,  if I don't  take pills  :    they will have a piercing kind of pain in their ears,   some will be pulled into in my presence.   n fear will fall upon those who look into my eyes becz as if I have been given dominance.   My  eyes will suddenly dilates,    some people have been pushed away as if they are pushed forward by some kind of air pressure.   I have seen people  becomes uneasy becz of the breath from me.   

    There  are many  such things….   n I want to add that psalm 91 verses "  thou shalt tread upon lion , adder,  young lion n dragon is a scripture about me "….. I believe so.    Here the four beasts mentioned are anti spirits against me who I have DISAPPOINTED……

    I  detailed all this for the attention of jewish rabbis….   I ve  posted some more details concerning me n my understanding on social media before …  If u feel it to be worthy of  consideration,  I want u to contact me.   

    One more thing I wanna add,  I am a spirit against ISLAM……

    I urge Jewish people to  contact me n cause me to come into Israel, u will see big changes happening VERY SOON…….

    My mail id is:  jinsbaby@yahoo.com.

  3. I have this Question that I must ask!
    Is it True that Paul the Apostle said that the Rapture was a Mystery?
    Please show me the Verse where Paul the Apostle said that the Rapture was a Mystery!
    Is it the Truth to say that "Paul said that the Rapture was a Mystery!"