Hal Lindsey | – Hal Lindsey Ministries (6.21.20)

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  1. I think the woman in the lead baskets is a nuclear warhead. 2 evil woman. The translation is on correct. Michael Rood (www.ARoodAwakening.tv) has an excellent teaching on Zechariah thermonuclear war makes a lot of sense. One is never to old to learn

  2. Love your humble soft sharing with great insight but with soft teaching relay to soft ears and hearts. Lord keep him healthy and well in this times of Jacob's Trouble. God bless….Silent listener from Papua New Guinea a land of thousand tribes with more than 860 languages in the Pacific Ocean Islands.

  3. Do you not know the 7-year peace treaty has already been made with Israel when the beginning of the tribulation it was made when Trump made the peace deal to build the temple love

  4. The most important thing you must understand is it Jesus's Ministry what's 70 weeks that wasn't a prophecy that was his I don't fully say three and a half years will be told apart from me depart from me I never knew you

  5. Sorry Hal!?? All the “Rapture” theory you taught all those years and made lots of money from books and lectures, etc,,, you’ve pushed a FALSE gospel for decades! There’s no pre tribulation rapture followed by seven years of antichrist rule then Jesus’ second coming! That’s a LIE!! The pre tribulation rapture was a lie started by Darby! And Schofield! and pushed in baptist churches! You need to repent for leading believers astray! We’re TOLD we’re going through the tribulation! And to endure to the END!! wake up Lindsey!!!