Hal Lindsey | – Hal Lindsey Ministries (8.2.20)

***Corrected episode for August 2, 2020***

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  1. I am expecting that Spirit of Elijah 15 of Av.
    On Purim the Lord told me that the rapture was around the corner.
    Them who defy to walk in love as Mark 12:29-31. As 1st John 5:16 All sin is sin but there is a sin unto death, I'd have you not ask of this. What an enigma till now, not to follow the supreme command of love as stated in Mark 12 above.
    Jeremiah 7 tells us of the consequences of them who violate the supreme command, the abortionist, idolaters an oppressors who are cast out of the sight of the Lord. Who quench the Holy Ghost by way of the sin unto death.

  2. Hal you are wrong on the timing of the rapture, and you have committed adultery, you are not a theologian in these end times. You need to repent, get your eschatology corrected and leave ministry as you are not qualified. You are poisoning the minds of many of The Lord's children.

  3. When I was in Jr high my dad gave me a copy of the late great planet earth. In jr high I did not read or understand it. I am in my 50’s now and am totally excited about prophecy. I have since read the book. It is crazy to watch prophecy happening in our day and age when people have been waiting and watching for years. Come quickly Jesus!

  4. "The Time of My Destroyer Of Nations For The End Of This Age Has Been Set!"


    My Children, Repent and be filled with My Holy Spirit to overflowing and you shall have Much More Greater Holy Spirit Latter Rain Anointing. than ever before;…and as the fiery hail falls from the sky (Meteorites), so shall My Holy Spirit set My Faithful Chosen Ones on Spiritual Fire. For only then shall you not fear when you see all of these things begin to fall upon the earth;…for you shall do greater miracles than ever seen before and you shall save more lost souls in a shorter amount of time than in the history of the Earth.

    My Beloved, the enemy has also set his plan in motion as well, because now he knows that his time is short. For much of the evil that the kings of this Earth have planned to do to the people of the Earth has only been because they know that My "Destroyer Of Nations" (Asteroid), is coming soon. Let Me tell you this My Beloved, World War 3 shall soon break out throughout the world after the great ships of America are struck by fire (Uss Ronald Reagan and the USS Abraham Lincoln). During this time the entire military of "Babylon The Great" (America), shall be confused and in complete disarray and shock because I shall not allow her to be victorious this time. For I have removed My Hand of Protection from her and I shall allow her enemies to humble her;…all because of her refusal to Believe in Me, to Repent unto Me, and to turn back unto Me!

    My Children, the world shall be astonished as "Babylon The Great" (America), is utterly destroyed and consumed by fire in only one hour. Do you not remember the messages and warnings that I have already given you before;..about a fiery event that is coming soon? For this fiery event shall still indeed take place within the city of New York and it shall indeed come from your enemies who are already in and around America! These are those who desire America to fall so that their "New World Order" can be implemented (The Deep State Liberal, ANTIFA, BLM, Muslim Brotherhood, Letwing Democratic Global Swamp Cabal). These enemies include almost all elected officials who have high rank, power and authority within the American government. These people are also planning for America's financial system to once and for all be brought down to collapse shortly after this event, never to recover again. America's king (President Trump), shall then be allowed to be taken out and the son of perdition;..the antichrist (Former President Barack Hussein Obama), shall return to power, not just over what's left of America but over the entire "New World Order).

    My Beloved, the antichrist shall at first appear on the surface to look like the savior of America and the World, but his plan is to only lead the world unto total destruction. Therefore Watch;..Pray and Repent so that you are not to be deceived;…because "the New World Order" shall have all the people of the world believing one is good and the other one is bad;…but I tell you this;…they are all on the same team;…and they are all of the same father (the devil, the father of lies). The difference is;…they shall need to use one of their own as a scapegoat (as their fall guy, as their pawn), in order for their wicked game of deception to succeed (and their fall guy shall be President Trump);…although only one of them shall have the devil (satan), himself, indwelling inside of him (Barack Hussein Obama).

    For he shall be the one they call the antichrist (The one also known as the first beast, the man of lawlessness, the little horn, the assyrian, the 12th imam, the mahdi, the son of perdition, the false messiah, the man of sin who opposes all that is called God;..and who exalts himself above all that is worshiped by the followers of Jesus Christ.) for only he shall be the one who shall take the seat within the temple and within the holy of holies and commit the abomination of desolation, for only he shall pretend to show himself to the world that only he is God. This is the man who shall try to emulate Jesus Christ by being a man who was, who still is, and who shall come again (Barack Hussein Obama).

  5. ***"I am really shocked Mr. Lindsay that you are one of the decieved pastors who fell for the Pre-trib lie! I asked Jesus concerning the pre trib issue…"Jesus told me that He never taught the pre-tribulation doctrine! The ministers are All wrong!***Mathew 24-24;36 "Immediatily " After" the tribulation of the Last days. (. After not before ). When the sun won't shine and the moon won't glow. Then the Son of Man will Appear on the clouds of Glory and send forth His angels to gather"Reap" the elect from the four corners of the earth!***but, the man of "Sin" must arise first before the return of the Messiah! **The son of God returns to "Rapture" His church at The " Last Trumpet" . How simple is the scriptures that you and millions go astray and Miss the actual time for the Rapture? And still you insist on a Pre-trib scenario? Are you that blind?

  6. He is misinformed about the Palestinians and the Israelis . The Palestinians are the true descendants of Benjamin Judah and Levi . The lsraelis in the Occupied Territories do not have one drop of Abrahamic blood in their veins !