Hal Lindsey | – Hal Lindsey Report (1.16.15)

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  1. I believe that Hal Lindsey is stating that we all can make a difference on our attitude towards local,state and federal laws through our Lord Jesus Christ. No group or race is guilty of all the killings of the police. It is what that particular person or persons carries in their heart toward any man. In the future I am sure, that our faith toward Jesus will be tried and we will be persecuted.This is stated in the scriptures, especially when Jesus will be coming soon and Satan knows it. Thanks Hal Lindsey for being truthful and preaching to all of us about many situations. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!

  2. What happens when you are under a corrupt government that orders you to do something that you know they don't have the constitutional right to order you to do?  Example, a police officer sees you walking down the street and asks to see your ID.  Sorry, not going to happen.  Unless I match the description of a suspect in a crime that just happened or I just broke the law, it's not going to happen.

  3. I struggle with this. someone please enlighten me. Corrupt Governments, Rosa Parks..Injustice…The American Revolution ect…? when is enuff..enuff? where do you draw the line and say "You Shall Not Pass"? I try so hard to keep a positive attitude but the endless list of B.S. Is wearing on my Judgment.

  4. if it weren't for JUST defiance Black people would still be riding in the back of the bus and we would all be paying taxes to England. When the requirement  comes to take the Number of the Beast.. Be it a chip or a Tattoo?? The driving force behind it will be "Law"  "Politicians"  and "Government"  Then What????

  5. You're mistaken on this one Hal. "With the measure you use, that same measure shall be used on us" We have, like Jesus so eloquently pointed out, all murdered in our hearts, simply by holding resentments toward others. And what about "Let vengeance be mine saith the Lord, I shall repay"? Capital punishment is clearly the epitome, the exemplification of premeditated, first degree murder.

  6. Wrong again Hal. I suppose the German people should've all fallen into lock step with Hitlers' whims because he was democratically elected? Hal, please discuss what is the root of ALL evil, and stop playing patty cake. If a law enforcement official is asked to enforce an unconstitutional degree, is there any question of whether or not to decline such a command? Please stop talking foolishly; it's very unbecoming, and uncharacterstic of anyone purporting Christianity.

  7. Once again Hal? You are speaking like there exists an iota of 'hope' that this world won't come apart at the seams. This in light of what Jesus taught "In the 'last days', It will be just like in the days of Noah" You suggest that we the people can simply change evil laws by voting; that's pure bull. Take the banking takeover of '08 (euphemistically called a 'bailout'). Although over 90% of the American people opposed it, the collective evildoers rammed it through. And people want to ca;ll America a 'republic'? Or a 'democracy'? Ridiculous! Try gangster banker and political thug dictatorship. Sometimes I think I love this country more than anyone else. A true friend offers up constructive criticism; while an enemy stays silent and lets you fall into a pit. C'mon Hal, you know as well as i do, it's going to require the literal return of Jesus to straighten out the mess humanity is now in.

  8. America is clearly described in the scripture.
    Dan. 7: 4.  The 1ST beast is England with America.
    Yahweh will separate America from England and then destroy the British empire for all time.
    Dan. 8: 8  The large horn is America.
    Dan. 8: 8.  America will break into 4 nations.
    The false messiah will come out of the 4TH beast. Dan. 8; 9.
    Rev. 17: 8  America WILL be the beast that WAS, IS NOT, YET IS.
    The false messiah will put America back together again.
    The false messiah will be crowned KING of America.  Dan. 8: 21.
    The false messiah will go to Israel and walk through the golden gate showing that he is the king of israel.  Eze. 44: 1- 3.
    The false messiah will rule the world in Ezekiels temple and rule the world as king of Kings.  KING of 10 KINGS.  Rev. 13: 1.
    Dan. 8: 20.  The RAM is Persia joined together with Iraq.  SOON.
    May Yahweh give you understanding in these salvation scriptures of things to come.
    bless you

  9. Patriotism mixed with Christianity: Anti-Christian teaching.  Mr. Lindsey fails to mention that Christ himself in his day and age was what we would consider a terrorist by the "authority of the land". Christ was murdered for the following sins against the state: 1. Proclaiming himself above the pharisees ( law givers of the Jewish people ) 2. Subverting the nation of Rome. 3. Promoting a riot. Not only was Jesus a "anti-nationalist" but he was "anti-tradition" and "anti-empirical " Christ openly spoke of a new government, misconstrued by the Roman people as a terror threat against their hold on Judea. He was maliciously put to death by the "state" 

    Upon his return Christ speaks of returning as a lion. Read Revelation on what exactly it is that Christ is returning to earth for. He his coming to completely do away with man made government and establish a new form of governance. What exactly do Christians believe that is going to do to the modern world of nations we have today? Christ has openly said he is coming to knock off world leaders, knock off modern forms of governance such as communism,democracy, capitalism. Their is going to be a huge OUTLAW hanging on Christs neck when he returns. Again. 

  10. The first beast of Revelation 13 is a literal MAN. However, just as Jesus Christ will not be from this modern era when He returns to commence the Millennium (see Revelation 20)and His eternal reign, neither will the beast/antichrist be from this modern era when he is allowed to first reign on the earth by the power of Satan. At some point in the distant past (likely during an ancient time when wars were still being fought with swords & shields) , this same man was likely a European military & political genius (with absolutely no knowledge of his future purpose to God or to Satan) who, due to his wickedness and practice of the occult, became imbued with power from the dragon/Satan. This first beast of Revelation 13 will literally be a living, breathing "anachronism" from a time long past, when he comes onto the world scene to head a one-world government. This is exactly why Scripture calls him "the beast who was, is not, and yet is"- because he existed on the earth at some point in history ("was"), no longer walks the earth ("is not") and yet strangely still exists ("is", in the Bottomless Pit), prepared to walk the earth again to fulfill his role in Bible prophecy. This same man, who will in the future become the antichrist/the beast, was likely killed with a sword in battle (see Revelation 13:3) and resurrected by the dragon/Satan, only to then be cast by God, into the Bottomless Pit as a profane thing, until a future time (the Great Tribulation) when he will be released from the Pit and later go into perdition (the Lake of Fire/the second death [see Revelation 17]).  So, it then makes sense, because the beast will "ascend out of the Bottomless Pit" (Revelation 11:7-14) that he is  PRESENTLY in the Bottomless Pit and has been since ancient times, along with the demon Apollyon/Abaddon, awaiting their time to be released (see Revelation 9:1-5, also Google "CERN" and "Large Hadron Collider" to notice a possible connection) and wreak havoc upon the earth at the time of the Tribulation, still yet in the future. The Bible says in Hebrews 9:27 that "it is appointed unto man to die ONCE, then the judgement". The first beast and the second beast of Revelation, who will receive ultimate authority over the earth's inhabitants from the dragon/Satan, will have ALREADY crossed the point of no return in terms of their ability to be spiritually redeemed- even while they walk upon the earth during that terrible time. The Bible does not give nearly as clear a picture as to the origin of the second beast of Revelation 13 (the false prophet), but somehow he, along with the antichrist, will already have died and been resurrected- allowing both the beast and the false prophet to be irrevocably damned even while they walk the earth in the flesh (which I believe is the true meaning of "selling one's soul to Satan"). The beast and the false prophet, as the Bible calls them, will be in their SECOND-RESURRECTION BODIES (Revelation 20: 11-15), which will be IMMORTAL YET CORRUPTIBLE and thus able to still experience pain (the opposite experience of the redeemed, who will receive bodies which are IMMORTAL AND INCORRUPTIBLE [see Revelation 20:6]. This explains while there will be nothing needed for God to do with these two men  (the antichrist and the false prophet) at Armageddon, except to cast them ALIVE into the Lake of Fire (Revelation 19:20), allowing them to bypass Hades (the current abode of the unsaved dead). And just why is it so important for Satan, the antichrist and the false prophet to brand all of their followers with a "mark" (Revelation 13) that, in essence, ensures the damnation of all who receive it? It is because MISERY LOVES COMPANY and those three will know that even though they will rule the earth, they can still never be spiritually redeemed or avoid their fate of eternal damnation (Matthew 16:26, Mark 8:36, Luke 9:25). This most awful experience (immortality coupled with corruptibility) in all of time and eternity, is what God has wanted to save all of mankind from since the very beginning, as we read in Genesis 3:22 where God places a sword-bearing angel to guard the way to the Tree of Life, lest Adam and Eve eat of it and LIVE FOREVER IN THEIR MISERY (spiritually separated from God, immortal and yet still corruptible) after having already sinned by eating of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. This is just my theory, but I hope it sheds some light. The grace of God be with you all.