Hal Lindsey | – Hal Lindsey Report (10.26.18)

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  1. I think it is GMOs, the internet and social media and violence on TV and video games. I mean we're being thrown all kinds of stuff all at once and we're not used to this. Then you got the 5G Towers everywhere. And let's not forget chemtrails. I mean the list goes on and on and on , it's no wonder we're all losing her marbles.

  2. I have borderline personality disorder and I am no teen, but God's grace is enough. Psalm 61:2 – 'From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.' Thank-you Hal!

  3. Jerusalem/Israel was the whore of Babylon.–because she was the only one who had,and broke, a marriage covenant with Yaweh ,i.e.,spiritual adultery.–over and over again God via the old test.called Israel a harlot.But when she killed his Son–that was the last straw..Jerusalem,as Isaiah said,was literally "burned" to the ground.John was told by the Lord that the events in Revelation, including the whore riding the beast,"must soon take place"and were"at hand".

  4. This is so sad, these people need our prayer and help. This world has turned there backs on Jesus the Son of God and living in His way. This is what happens when people live a life without Him, living a lie.. I've had PTSD I know what its like to fall so far, only reading and studying the Holy Bible, praying to Jesus, worshiping Him, and having a grateful heart, got me through it and healed me, thank you Jesus. Jesus heals the brokenhearted and asks people to believe in Him, and to learn from Him, the only way to learn from Him is by spending time hearing, reading and studying the Holy Bible (not listening to the false social, psychology church and their leaders, they need our prayer) we walk by faith and not by sight, we look to Jesus, towards our eternity in Him, not to this world and its way of living.. Read the last message Jesus gave to us, found in the book Revelation on the last page ..

  5. About screened mental disorders. I'm a Disabled Veteran and I have been going to the VA Hospital for over twenty years. What happened was that I was injured in the military and the surgery was botched with the staples over compressed and broken creating sharp edges that cut me inside anytime that I move. The VA, in a two minute exam said that it was acid reflux. When I complained and said that they were wrong, they took batteries of X-Rays and then said that it was acid reflux and that they want for me to go to mental health. So, here's what mental health is like. You go into a room with a doctor, the doctor ask some questions, calls you a liar and says that you have a mental problem, then they just give you drugs, without using any kind of check list whatsoever. The drugs that they give to you have terrible side effects and the doctors never use a checklist to see what kinds of problems that you are having from these terrible drugs. They just let the patient discover what kinds of problems that are going to happen. When you tell the doctor that the drugs were causing super problems, they write in your records that Patient Didn't Like the Effects, and then they just blanket give you another drug without writing what kinds of side effects that you had that made you stop taking the drugs in the first place. But, they are doctors and doctors are always right, right? No way. Doctors are rarely right, but they will always give you another drug to smash your life. Doctors, especially the shrinks, are nuts. They are delusional. They think that they are smart but never use a checklist like a pilot would use a checklist. These doctors are doing nothing but calling their patients nuts and pushing drugs. In my case, it turned out that the problem that I had was a broken staple cutting my abdomen on the inside anytime that I move. But, now that I have taken these terrible drugs, I now have mulitple problems from the bad drugs that these idiots have given to me. Drugs are Drugs and bad drugs are very, very common in the list of drugs that shrinks give to their patients. People are not having the problems that the doctors are saying that they have, but they will have problems after using the drugs that the doctors give to them. C. Jeff Dyrek, Disabled Veteran.

  6. Brother Hal –

    I want to thank you for your faithfulness to God in being steadfast with that which God has given you to do. Our race is almost finished. Our Glory is just ahead. God is faithful and He is a diligent rewarder….I am praying for you and I know it's getting harder to do as you grow older – but – God is able!! I love you brother. Thanks for many many years of pointing the lost world to Christ Jesus. Jesus is the only way!

  7. Thanks Hal this was one of the most timely and penetrating programs you've had. I worked in mental health as a therapist and chaplain for over 30 years. What's happening among youth with this Transgender obsession is a great cultural tragedy and horrific abuse. These doctors who agree to perform these surgeries should be held liable. It should be outlawed. It is heartbreaking to see all this happening. America has chosen sorceries over the God of mercy, goodness and Creation. We have thought ourselves wise and free but we have become deceived to the lies of evil seducers. May God forgive us and have mercy upon us. GOD BLESS HAL FOR YOUR FAITHFULNESS OVER THE YEARS. Thanks for posting.

  8. I always think , how could anybody survive without God , when they reached the age of understanding. I could barely survive at 21 years age and at 24 I was so desperate, because life was meaningless. I cannot see myself, get up in the morning, go to work and after work sleep. Repeating this process. I thank God, after receiving Jesus Christ in my life, I was make whole. I now have a purpose in my life. To be with Jesus forever and pointing people to Him that fulfills our life and make it complete. Otherwise we are missing something in our life.

  9. The horrible thing is that sooo many young people are being raised in a Godless, Reprobate environment. They probably have never had anyone pray over them or with them. They probably never have been told about Jesus Christ. So when Satan goes after them with tormenting depression they choose to end it all thinking that will solve their problem. However that second after they die they realize they made a Fatal Eternal mistake that they will live with for Eternity. God help us and have mercy on us.

  10. Hal, want a good start on what is causing the mental illness? We are being sprayed daily from above with tons of aluminum and other heavy metals. These go to your brain and vastly effect it. Next, we are being bombarded with massive amounts of microwave energy. It is of the frequency that will destroy the eggs in a woman and alter your very DNA. It will make you a blithering idiot and afraid of everything also. I'm a retired engineer and keep track of these things.

  11. This is happening NOW?? How can you ignore the Pope and his sacrificing and illuminate Jesuits which takes upon the name of Christ? Yahushua is the Messiah is Yahuah.
    the withdrawal of the 17 books of the Old Testament is so prophetic and predict things as we are in now. GET THE ETH CEPHER TODAY..learn HIS LAWS DEUT is the book most quoted By Yahusha…There are no apostles in the writings of Church history. In fact, the followers of Yahusha were called Nazarenes.
    More than just saying a prayer it is turning from your sin and turn to The Father who longs for you to know His Torah, HIS Laws, which he wrote upon your hearts. I pray each of you pray and ask the Father to give you Wisdom and Faith if you have none. SEEK HIM WHILE HE STILL CAN BE FOUND, for The Lord Yahuah does nothing without revealing it to his servants the prophets. He declared the End from the Beginning. SO START WITH THE BEGINNING. I believe as was Enoch taken and didn't see death we are here at the gate. Don't believe for a moment that the evil of this world is going to just turn it over so easily. The devil is getting kicked out of heaven and coming down to the earth with great wrath to seek out the rest of the women's descendants.. We are living Rev 12 Right now. No One wants to admit they are wrong but we have never seen so many natural disasters and evil as we do today. Get out and vote and Protect what we have left, PEACE AND SAFETY IS WHAT IS BEING SAID WORLDWIDE
    Wake up, Never Would I have thought that I would see the non-stop wickedness of people.
    If Yahuah Spared not the Jews because they Held the Testimonies of His LAW what do you suppose He will do to a bunch of people given the WHOLE COUNCIL OF HIS LAW and YET DID NOT WARN the people Did not come clean about the Origins of "Christianity?"
    Man Made Religion is not what He wants, For Heaven's Sake Sunday is not the Shabbath, which is in the 10 commandments, for us to keep. It was issued in by the Romans as to mix in their pagan practices in so the simple would not know. I long for the Return of the LORD But for many will be a dark dark day to which has never happened before. I pray for all of you to come to the
    From the Eth Cepher: Page 7
    &" HU " WHICH MEANS "HE" &
    Dr. Stephen Pigeon… There is no one left with an excuse

  12. Mutations mutations mutations the very thing that evo's base their theory on is the very thing that since the downfall of Adam and sin enter into this world, all creatures including mankind are losing genetic information , there be as many as 300 mutations, the taking away of genetic information, every generation. Not all are destructive, but many are and are the result of all the new deceases, all from the loss of genetic info. Even evo's said that because of mutations all wildlife could be extinct in 10,000 yrs. then they pulled that paper because it in itself destroyed their own darwinian theory. Sin is the cause of the loss in genetic info.