Hal Lindsey | – Hal Lindsey Report (11.11.16)

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  1. People who are Transgender, both male and female, need to turn to Jesus Christ and ask Him for help. People need to stop trying to do God's job and step out of His way. Jesus is all powerfull to help, there is nothing He can not do. We must not try and limit Him or put words into His mouth.

    God loves all people including Transgender people. Transgender people are not excluded from His love. If they are upset or confused or in pain then God cares and will help those who ask. We the Church must direct such people to pray to God, to open their hearts and in all honesty express their feelings to Him and ask Him for help.

    Too many Transgender people are being lost in a world full of sin and pain. A world where everyone goes through dificulites and pains; Trails and tribulations.

    Transgender people are like Zacchaeus the Tax Collector (Luke 19). Both the world and the Church assume this man is more sinfull than they are (though the Church may not admit this openly) and is in more need of turning from his sins than they are. However, to Jesus what mattered was this man saw he had physical needs (being smaller than the others in the crowd) and seeing this took steps to seek Jesus regardless of his small physical stature and low social ranking. His effort to seek Jesus was the thing that made him stand out.

    Jesus did not call this man a sinner (though the crowd did). Jesus knew this man had a heart to do the right thing. Jesus said to him, “Today salvation has come to this house, because this man, too, is a son of Abraham. Luke 19: 9. The crowds there where also their to seek Jesus. Many of them must have thought themselves Holy, being the type of people to go out of their ways to hear His word in person. Yet, they where the ones to cast the first stone. But the one who could have cast a stone was the one who didn't.

    We are no less or more in need or His forgiveness than transgender people. We must not let our pride prevent us from doing His will of directing Transgender people, to open their hearts in their own personal alone time, to Jesus.

    We, the Church must not in our lack of understanding on this matter prevent God's loves from reaching all those in need. Transgender people are not just pwn's in a political and religious game.

    God can use Transgender people's testimony for His good. We must not try and spell out what God's testimony through these people are but let the Elohim do His good works in His own way.

    We declaring ourselves Spiritualy strong will be made weak if pride corrupts our hearts. If we say we are Holy but have not love then we are a resonding gong. 1 Corinthians 13:1 If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but do not have love, I have become a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.

  2. In Deuteronomy 6:8 God tells us to wear The Ten Commandments on our forehead and hand. Do not add to them nor take away from them. Cut and paste them just as written in the KJV. He wants us to wear them and post them upon the door and gates of our home. Then He goes on to tell us why. To preserve our life. So do it and let God fight for us. He will keep all evil from you. Let's let God protect and keep us.

  3. You're the "watchman on the wall?" Where were you watching when you allowed the Laodicean Church to REPLACE the King James Bible with all the Modern Versions we have today??? You use the NEW KJV and the NASV which are straight out of the Catholic Church whom makes Mary equal with Jesus. You are not a watchman at all. Stand up for real truth, the King James Bible, the WRITTEN Jesus Christ, "The WORD," then maybe you could make such a claim. The Church is Laodicean today because of men like you in the Church whom have corrupted the pure text, the KJB. Read Paul's farewell speech to his church in Acts 20, maybe you'll finally "get it" but I doubt it, you and your friends in high places of the "church?!?" would have to go back to the "Christian?!?" schools whom educated you all on such lies and demand your money back and give them those degrees back. That's what a true "watchman on the wall" would do. But as Jesus said, "you would not" because you are just as stubborn as the Jews of Jesus' day. Go on with your "Christian" rhetoric, but at "the Judgment Seat of Christ," Jesus Himself will correct your "theology?!?" there and then. Jesus spews out the Laodicean Church in Rev. 3, better "rethink" your watchman claim, admit you are no Ezekiel, and return to your God, the LORD Jesus Christ concerning this issue. Believe, teach, preach by the only Holy Bible, the KJB, and repeat this the rest of your life….

  4. Wish you hadn't brought up the transgender issue ! It is real, and I find it offensive ! My friends on Face book have all been afraid of getting their rights shut down ! Just as I'm gay now, and cannot change, this too will be an attack on all LGBTQ's .It is very real, and I will never watch this show again ! (What do you suggest therapy, mind control, puking out the spirit ? !) I know it doesn't work because I tried to change for most of my life ! It's born within us, just as a skin color, or race, and our eye color! Please don't try to change us as we're having a hard enough time in this world ! Stop !!!!! I will go down to my grave fighting against this evil of control, of know it all Christians ! I AM A CHRISTIAN TOO !

  5. Must there not be more than "claiming union with Jesus" ? ….must there not be a new birth as Jesus said? …..or did Jesus say: "Very truly I tell you, no one can see the Kingdom of God unless they claim union with me." (John 3:3) ……is that what Jesus said?

    So many claiming Jesus down here. …so many making a decision for Christ. ….choosing Jesus. ……..and having never been born anew from Above. ……so sad.

  6. Islam is a false religion, it LIES and straight from Satan himself !!!! Jesus said no one gets into HEAVEN except through him (Jesus Christ ) ! You can pray to Mohamed, Budia or self/any man, Satan or the moon/stars/planets or what ever until the COWS come home but unless you have accepted Jesus as SAVIOUR and follow him you WILL NOT GO TO Heaven period, John 3 ! God's FIRST Commandment, Exd. 20:3 ( ten commandments), you WILL HAVE NO OTHER GOD BEFORE ME !!!!!!! Jesus crucified, resurrected and ascended is Christianity in a nut shell ! In Rev. 19-21;, Jesus' VICTORY !!!!!!!!!!!

  7. this is the problem-christian prophecy and those who spout it. I believe that the book of revelation is evil for its intent for proclaiming that there is an end of days. why? 1. humanity has struggled for centuries to just to get where we are today (medicine, civility, and comfort of life), and Christians want to see it blown up so they can have the place/earth to themselves. 2. belief in the end of days is a tool of the ruling elite. by having peasants believing this, governments can enact on tyranny and government total control i.e. mark of the beast. by having this belief in churches the government can proceed with Micro chips and a system of total ownership of the people while the church sits back and agrees because it's in the bible. but regardless if no Christians accept the mark…they will starve into enillation. Jesus is no where to be found and governments have succeeded and the Christians are gone and their faith is disproved and those believing in the end of days helped governments take total control.

  8. Hal is a victim of religion – Adam was not deceived, Eve was – Gen 3 – man's actions do not save him, only God chooses who comes unto Christ!!! John 6 – Asking God to save you doesn't mean squat. Christ's resurrection was nothing "special", other people were resurrected by God, who Christ was, the perfect lamb, was the key, Christ provided the way for God's elect who Jesus says is 'few' in Mat 7 and elsewhere. Hal needs to go reread his Bible before preaching that messed up Christian religious garbage ;/

  9. Immigration that is not followed by integration is just another name for invasion. Well said. It's my hope that Trump will stop America's insane, costly, endless Bush/Clinton/Obama foreign wars that are creating all these refugees so they can go back home again.

  10. Praise the Lord !Jesus will come soon ! Lets go out and tell others through the Holy Spirit and evangelize !I wish those tapes would be in German , too ! God bless you All and let us be the light in a DARK world ! The time is near about our Lord Jesus coming !Thank you Hal for your obedience and that you give us so much insight !God bless you !