Hal Lindsey | – Hal Lindsey Report (12.5.14)

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  1. The anti-Christ will not be revealed fully until mid-tribulation when he stands in the temple in Jerusalem and causes an abomination that cause desolation; he will have only 42 months left and is then indwelt by Satan so he has the power to do reign over the world.  God only grants Satan 42 months to rule the world.  The first 3-1/2 years the world will be ruled by the religious unified head or Mystery Babylon, the Great Whore, who rides on top of the beast or is carried by the Beast system for that length of time.  After that time, the Beast with 10 horns representing 10 kings will destroy the woman, Babylon, or the religious-ruling system of the world, as Satan does not want anyone else sharing what he feels is rightfully his, to rule alone.  That is in Rev. 17:16-18.  Then the 10 will give their authority over to the Beast so they would rule with the Beast very briefly.  One of the heads of the Beast which is a Union of nations was wounded when the Beast first took over, probably in a battle.  That doesn't mean the Beast's head was wounded.  It's just one of the nation states who then later revived to once again become a part of the Beast's World Empire.

  2. It does not make sense for Rome, who you say is the anti Christ, to destroy its ownself.  Mystery Babylon comes prior to and rules the world before the anti Christ takes over world rule.  They are two different entities.  The next empire which was and will arise is the Ottoman Empire, whose seat of Satan is in Pergamos or Ankara in Turkey, and it also sits on 7 hills.  See Rev. 2:13.  This is the head of satanic worship, which is presently very alive and well, and will soon lift up its ugly head.  This is the Empire that will destroy the Vatican (which is the Whore of Babylon riding on the Beast, that will carry for 3-1/2 years the rule of the earth) until in the Middle East the Islamic anti-Christ indwelt by Satan (who is probably out of Turkey) breaks the covenant Rome made with Israel and the many by standing in the Holy Place causing desolation.  The anti Christ will take over world rule and destroy the Vatican in the process.

  3. America is Babylon,Obama is the vessel of the Anti christ,the Pope is the false prophet,,the whore that rides the beast,,it's not conjecture,,Babylon destroyed the temple,destroyed Jerusalem,and the anti christ rises from the hammer of the world,a nation who have made the merchants of the earth wealthy,sits on many waters ,sits as queen saying she is untouchable,has corrupted the nations with EVERY foul spirit and wicketness,,abortion,pornography,greed,lust,idolatry,deception,extortion,blasphemy,,,,Rome doesn't even come close to fitting the prophetic description ,,,all due respect,,and that remains to be seen,,I've read your work for years,,and it's not the first time that you've interjected your own human understanding and interpretation upon the signs of the prevailing times,,,but you lack true spiritual discernment,,,truly stated as God as my witness this day

  4. Hal Lindsey I think is mistaken here.. I am almost positive the Antichrist (Mahdi)will be a leader of the Muslim faith and the false prophet will be the Muslim Jesus. .. there is over 30 thousand different protestant denominations. . How can you possibly reconcile with all of them when their doctrines have major differences.. what all Christian faiths have in common is that radical Muslims want to behead and force us all to abide by Sharia Law.

  5. the people of the prince to come –
    wait a minute, the Roman Empire was a cosmopolitan society made up of many different groups of people, many 'ethnic groups'.
    So we may err if we think the AC must be a Roman or even more general, an Italian.
    Also, the Romans hired various ethnic groups to fight their wars.
    I have heard that the 'Romans' who destroyed Jerusalem were actually hired soldiers from somewhere other than Rome or even Italy.

  6. In the writings of John in his little letters in our Bibles just before the book or Revelation
    we are told that he is antichrist who denies that Jesus is the Son of God.

    The Roman system is corrupt but they do not deny the deity of Christ or the Trinity.

    Buy a Koran and read it for yourself –
    Islam says Jesus is NOT the Son of God.
    By the Bible's definition they are antichrist.
    They teach that Jesus did not die on a cross.
    Islam denies the Trinity.

    The Roman system may not get along with true believers but do they blow them up with bombs or cut their heads off?
    In Revelation we see believers being beheaded who do not bow to the AC.
    Europe has outlawed capital punishment and certainly does no beheading.
    Who does the beheadings today? Who kills Christians? –¬† Islam.

    Things could change but today I am thinking the AC is more likely to come from Islam than the Catholic system.

    Today the Catholic system does not have a stated goal of destroying Israel or the US.
    Islam does.

    If you have an interest in researching this possibility I suggest
    Joel Richardson
    Walid Shoebat