Hal Lindsey | – Hal Lindsey Report (2.23.18)

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  1. Step 1/2: 1958 muslim brotherhood enter polotics in DC Step 1: eliminate prayer in school. Step 2: eliminate politics in church. Step 3: unleash the drugs. Step 4: legalize abortion( always concidered murder.) Step 5: wild concepts in the church(prosperity, faith, doctrine), unleash the gay population and promote the same among children. Step 6 Force the migration of strange ideological peoples. With whom we have nothing in common. Make sex seem like a common pleasure…..If this isn't the voice of the dragon being used all in the name of brotherhood….

  2. Well, the truth be known: the left wants America disarmed so that they can take over the last obstacle to global government. The sanctity of life, too, has totally lost its meaning and importance. Paul was so right in Romans 1:25 – 'They traded the truth about God for a lie. So they worshiped and served the things God created instead of the Creator himself, who is worthy of eternal praise! Amen.' Obama meddled in Israel's last election and tried to stop Netanyahu from winning. He also meddled in France's election last year ensuring the super liberal Macron would win. I think people had better shut up about Russia being involved in the 2016 election. It is a lie. Netanyahu is innocent, too.

  3. I love you Hal but you are so wrong on the problems with this past election. Our government is pure evil, the deep state, actors the division was created by them and no one else, get red pilled and fast and realize that what you are dealing with, if they get their way will have us all killed at best or thrown into camps to be slowly killed. Mr. Missler left America long ago, for this reason I believe and he should have warned others to do the same if they could. America will burn and millions will die we can't stop it, if it be GODS will.

  4. In the US Court system when one found contempt of Court he/she will pay some price. But when one found contempt of God by mocking or condemning acts of prayers he/she will pay an unimaginable price that comes in different forms that the unbelievers may not recognize until it's too late. That includes losing chances to salvation and falling into the great terrifying period of tribulation forewarned in the Bible. Only then that all unbelievers will start to think about God w/ prayers and supplications. That late realization will not do them any good. Look, folks; being able to recognize the problems is the first step to solving the problems. Without this first step the problems will only grow larger with no real challenge. What is next? That's a real fearful unforeseeable reality. I'm a one year old kid, meaning I'm helpless in many cases in this life, and so I depend on and trust my dad. Yes, it's easier doing that. Just trust my God. In the end of all matters every thing is in God's hand – no escape. And that is the absolute truth. Put your faith to work for you and loved ones.

  5. Alert False Flag massacre planned for a Christian Music Festival in Houston, Texas at the Toyota Center on March 04, 2018. The music festival is billed as "Winter Fest." Craigs list is advertising for crisis actor jobs for a medical event at the Christian Music Festival's Toyota Center event called "Winter Fest" in Houston, Texas. :.

  6. trumps the shepard for the half woke sheep. hes doing good things but hes doing stuff with the technology thats gonna come back and get us. skynet is real. dwave palintier cern fermilabs kendrid ai hanson robotics.

  7. Thank you for your message. I hope you don’t mind if I add to your analysis of the school shooting motivations. I truly believe it boils down to 1) a lack of Christian teaching. Since the 10 Commandments have been removed from society, there is no guide for right vs wrong with youth. And 2) uncontrolled anger and desire for revenge for real or perceived hurts and wrongs. 3) And Hollywood and Netflix fills the moral void with movies that glorify revenge instead of teaching to forgive (the real virtue). Basically, all this shooting has anger at its heart and no understanding of anger management, but revenge is seen as a virtue. If we treat the anger early and teach anger management thru Gods Word, we may get to some kids before it explodes into violence. Revenge is mine sayeth the Lord. We are to forgive 70 x 7. As an example, and there are many, I refer you to the series Revenge. But you can find many shows that glorify revenge if you take a look.

  8. Thay kicked out the Lamb of God. Now thay got the snake in the school's ! I'm 68 we were raised with bible reading, prayer, and the pledge of allegiance. Caryed a pocket knife. Some brought their shot gun for hunting after school. NO body died in school's from guns. car's took more kids home then guns or bombs ! God bless all

  9. According to a ancient oral saga and history from Finland Hel was a real place.Hel is spelled with 1L.In the year 1050 Pope Leo the 9th sent a mercenary army of 30,000 men to destroy Hel.At this time Hel was a mighty pagandome or heathen center.These soldiers paid by the Vatican killed most of the inhabitants and burned Hel to the ground.

  10. This show was really great it could reach all the people who otherwise would have not known this good news let us all pray for a quick rapture in the very near future hope to see you all caught up in the clouds with me