Hal Lindsey | – Hal Lindsey Report (3.6.15)

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  1. This important speech has hardly been reported in the MSM in Britain.

    They are more concerned with Madonna's fall while dancing with men dressed as demons at some television event and some trumped up 'racist' incident on the Paris underground where (shock horror) some English football supporters were rude to a black man who was trying to board a train. Main story on today's newspapers was about a show dog that has apparently been poisoned, biggest story of the last 2 weeks is about 3 teenage Muslim girls who have left to join ISIS. 

  2. Right now we are witnessing what the Powers in the World seek which is their idea of Peace and Security,  BUT the peace and security that the world seeks will never be. Christ Lord said John 14:27 "Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; NOT as the world gives do I give to you. 

     These powers in the world that hate Israel, hate Christ, seek a peace that will never be.  You cannot have Peace without the Prince of Peace and most of these nations are bowing down to the dark prince who is considered the god of this world. This is the persona of what one reads in the Bible at the Mt. of Temptation who said 'If you bow to me I will give you ALL the Kingdoms of this world.  He has no peace in him, he is a liar and a murderer as Christ Lord said he was. Hence prophesy warns 1 Thessalonians…2 For you yourselves know full well that the day of the Lord will come just like a thief in the night. 3 While they are saying, "Peace and safety!" then destruction will come upon them suddenly like labor pains upon a woman with child, and they will not escape.

    Jeremiah 6:14
    They dress the wound of my people as though it were not serious. 'Peace, peace,' they say, when there is no peace.

    Ezekiel 13:10
    "'Because they lead my people astray, saying, "Peace," when there is no peace, and because, when a flimsy wall is built, they cover it with whitewash,

    Anyone steeped in the Truth of the Word knows that Iran is going to be a player for the End of Age calamity. It is written and named in the O.T. Ezek 38:…4"I  (GOD) will turn you about and put hooks into your jaws, and I will bring you out, and all your army, horses and horsemen, all of them splendidly attired, a great company with buckler and shield, all of them wielding swords; 5 Persia (IRAN)  Ethiopia and Put with them, all of them with shield and helmet; 6 Gomer with all its troops; Beth-togarmah from the remote parts of the north with all its troops– many peoples with you.…

    Hence The Lord is putting these, His enemies, to come up against His Namesake, and when they the enemies come up against His Land, they will know the True God, and WHO He and that they are His Enemies.  Right now we are in the Dispensation of Grace Age and the Jew has been put in a slumber till the fullness of the Gentile's enter into the Covenant, All are welcomed, be it Persians, Arabs, etc, and many are receiving Christ Lord and entering in, so we have to pray that all seek the Lord before the End of Age.

  3. Does this man actually believe that the modern state of Israel, founded in 1948, product of a mostly secular, European Zionist movement, is a direct continuation of the biblical kingdom of Israel??? That is a preposterous suggestion… 

  4. Yes We Will come together Not because of unity but forced to gather together due to the Next Events Not far off its just you do not understand the sign of these Blood Moons and what they mean, this third blood Moon is The first Rise of the Antichrist and How he will plan his Intervention on his first Appearance Note: ( #1 The Catholic Church Vatican will Come Under a 911 Event 2 Panes will come one will be shot down BUT the other will get through, Causing all people to Watch to see how the world Will React to this Attack, It will be Over Shadowed By Another a Major Event , Isrial will become under a Devastating Attack On Ground, But god will Cause it to Fail, But some Damage will be Caused ( possible dirty bomb ) When the Olive tree ISRIAL is Shaken NOTE: 3 three days will pass DAY #1,  Make sure you and your love ones Remove finances for Provisions from your Bank Account on that day DAY #2 ISRAIL will figure out Were, When and Whom did it on day #2 Buy your self 3 to 6 weeks Provisions for you your Nabor and family,WHY because they will have to ask the other because the were not prepared like you so Help them be at peace because this is not world war III, its a Church awaking it will Pass !!! Now this is the most important NOTE of All DAY 3 will be a Day you will never forget ISRIAL Will strike back Mark my words, The will Use a Nuclear Device on there Enemy and the Iran Missile Silo Will be distroyed by or on 12 O'clock noon on the Third day, And the Prophecy spoken in Ezekiel and the Book of Jeremiah Will be full filled ( ALL NATION WILL COME AGENST ISRIAL FOR THE USE OF THE BOMB ) And that day Brother or Sister  you will have to draw your faith in the sand -Will you stand with them or Oppose Them as a Christian Believer ) and a Antichrist will rise up out of all this Proclaming PEACE, PEACE he will bring order with in 3 to 6 Weeks NOTE :Marshal Law will go in effect AUTOMATICALLY Because of this !!
    Credit cards will not be excepted do to Shut down of all satellites ow yes your Phone will shut off because of Nuclear Use and you will be telling your Nabor about This prophecy I just Share with You Pray about it Then do The 1 2 3 Days Events and prepare for the first showing of the Sign of False Christ Come to show his Rescue Plan, Stay strong in Christ for the book of bible Matthew 23 Must come to pass because our savior is Close at Hand he is at the very Door, SO Hold on its about to Get Traveling like a men holding there sides like giving birth and hearts will Failing. But Jesus is In Control and it will not last Long !!!!!!!! KEEP YOUR EYES ON ISRIAL Its the HOT SPOT NOT ISIS OR THE VATICAN : any ? just drop me a Message IM RON and there will be PEACE So do not worry PEACE WILL RETURN !! mark my words in Jesus Name ……………..
    Remember the 10 Vegans 5 were Wise and 5 Foolish ( fill up your lamp ).  

  5. The reason there is no US support for Israel is because America has a muslim traitor as it's president who wants nothing to do with Israel.  Obama & all those responsible who are responsible for putting Obama into the office of the president should all be tried as traitors to the US & dealt with properly.  I'm still trying to figure out how a non-American born individual became US president & why he still holds that office???

  6. Salvation will knock but people will choose it or not. If you want evidence then seek it yourself and let no one tell you otherwise, it will be easier for you to find out for yourself. Christians has only been doing what was passed on to them by Christ same thing with the Jews. One would think why would a race do such a thing if their ancestors have no grounds to claim what they are doing is from the divine. Just saying don't expect for anyone to convince you, but rather prove that it all just a big lie.