Hal Lindsey | – Hal Lindsey Report (7.31.15)

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  1. Pray for me yall I'm trying to go back to school but my dad wants me to work cuz I been having hallucinations so I got to pass this assessment I tried to bring them back together my parents but it didn't work I'm trying to get social security I got interview Lol…blah blah

  2. Why is no one talking about ABR(Advanced Bioscience Resources, Inc.) procuring dead baby parts for for the government. One of the executives from PP, in the third video at 2:20, said they had a contract with ABR and had one for 10 years, doing what she called government level procurements. Why is this not splashed on every tv news program in the world. Why is not one person anywhere even mentioning it and calling them out on what the hell the government is doing buying dead babies!

  3. I am sure they are performing scientific studies with these baby parts that involve genetics, regrowth and/other various stem cell, medicinal, biometric and dna studies of various types. Follow the education fund allotment trail from the top and you will get a hunch. This research is big ticket, do you think, U.S., is going to back off on producing super solders if they can? Think about a quadreplegic who can have spine regenerated with stem cell proceedures. The potential is astounding. We will not know until they show it. Jesus is coming back soon and focus is harvest. Most people don't even realize earth is in dying process, they think it's a hoax. 70% of U.S. bread basket is GONE.

  4. i've heard from a couple of teacher's who know ancient customs, that it is likely that the woman at the well had been properly married 5 times and this latest one was something like a kinsmen redeemer or engaged.  she was likely upstanding, or wouldn't have been able to get married so often (probably from deaths etc that she lost husbands) and likely she was well sort after.  Also, it was likely that she was well respected as the people listened to her.  People assume she was a prostitute just likethey do with Mary Magdelaine, who may have been Mary of Magda, a rich royal, spoken of in another source as having left her home around that time.  She had demons….there's a difference.

  5. I can find nothing that says Mohammed Ali Jafari commander of the Revolutionary Guard says they have not accepted the deal and that they wouldn't. Where did you get this information from, Mr. Lindsey

  6. It is easy and perhaps quite logical to hate the Muslims; but Jesus commands us to do that which is difficult and perhaps irrational -to love our enemies. Fortunately, He has sent the Holy Spirit to enable us to obey this otherwise nigh impossible directive.

  7. Wow, this guy is so dishonest. I get he hates Muslims as much as he worship Israelis. Still, that doesnt mean he cant have an honest view on the matter.
    He talks about Iran and their refusal to have inspections, scheming with treaties and all, yet not a word about Israel's nuclear program. He claims Iran is the greatest source of terrorism in the world though we all know Iran does what it can to defend its regional influence. Again not a word about the similar or worse things that Israel does to defend its regional influence.

    No wonder Israelis hates Christians so much. Its like a fat ugly mentally challenged girl who absolutely wants to date you.