Hillsong Church | – No Other Name. Hillsong Conference 2014

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There is NO OTHER NAME whereby men and women find their salvation, sense of purpose and eternal homecoming.

Hillsong Conference exists to champion the cause of the local Church across the earth. She exists to water the divine potential within pastors and leaders and believers alike so that together we can each know and fulfil The Great Commission given by Christ in Mathew 28.

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  1. I need everybody's help!  i love this video and i'm trying to write out the lyrics so i can put together a typography video.  I have all but ONE tiny part lol.  In the last few sentences of the video he says, "I've come to the conclusion that there is no other name.  And whether in _ _ __ millions, we gather under no other name.  Is it "truth springs in"? "two springs or"? PLEASE HELP.  Thanks for any responses.

  2. History’s bowels have coughed up multitudes of names chained to fame; the tenacious, the notorious, the religious and the sacrilegious.

    What images flit across the window of your mind when you hear names such as Socrates and Churchhill, Mussolini, Mandela and Einsten?

    Do you recoil when you hear Hitler?
    Does inspiration hit you between the eyes when you hear Armstrong?
    Do you yawn and roll those same eyes when you think of Shakespeare?
    Names are pregnant with purpose. That’s ‘what’s in a name’.
    And friends if I may inquire, what stirs within the recesses of your soul when you hear Jesus’ name?

    An enigma personified, wholly man, wholly divine.
    Took on the lowest names, so slaves could reign as kings.
    Deity who chose to endure mortality so we could enjoy … (pause) eternity.

    Why does NO OTHER NAME affect the skeptic, the heretic and the majestic, the homicidal, suicidal and the matinee idol?

    NO OTHER NAME changed nature, mind-sets and matter, opened blind eyes, deaf ears and healed cancer.

    NO OTHER NAME came with this mandate: Heaven’s Kingdom expressed on Earth.

    But if His miracles are just ‘fairy tales’, then why do millions gather putting their lives on the line for HIS name?

    I’ve come to the conclusion that, THERE IS NO OTHER NAME!

    And whether in twos, threes or millions, we gather under


  3. Hi everyone … Anyone out there that know of an extra ticket waiting to make this girl the happyiest girl ? In need for a ticket!! Want to spent my birthday (17th oct) in Hillsong Conferance with you guys beeing blessed by the one God can anyone help me ??