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“The goal of the movie is that people can come and bring friends, and that they’ll encounter God through the power of the worship and the music.” – Brian Houston

From Warner Bros. Pictures and Alcon Entertainment, HILLSONG – LET HOPE RISE follows the remarkable journey of Hillsong UNITED from youth worship band to worldwide sensation.

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  1. couldnt be something more evangelistic-ally brainwashing and just like a conglomerate, Hillsong is just something i cant comprehend. they have soo much money its not funny, own so much property and FLEETS of busses etc.. i refuse to go to Gloria Jeans as they are part owned by hillsong and they are not getting 1 cent from me.

    Being raised catholic in school, im not overly religious I have respect for religion. (BUT) Hillsong is just a Massive bloody cult not a religion, and sucks in people and their money its disgusting. People needing a voice to tell "them" what to do who for some reason cant think for themselves? it boggles the mind

  2. Wow i cant believe how judgemental ppl are on here 🙁 picking out things that happnd in the past, tithing etc honestly ppl who are we to judge? Mathew 7:4 "How can you say to your brother, let me take the speck out of your eye, when all the time there is a plank in your own eye?" i dont see anything wrong with Hillsong they have a passion n heart for God through their music. God gave them gifts/talents thats their calling their God given purpose. The songs they sing never boasts about the church or uplift the song writers or leaders of the church. Everything they write compose is about JESUS!.. also Tithing the church does not beg for money or steal money frm the old they encourage ppl the importance of giving and its up to the person how much they wana sow in building God kingdom! I thank those who have gave wholeheartedly into this church becos if it wasnt for those who gave the church wouldnt have expanded so big, God allowed this to happen so His name will reach all over the world (which is now happening). And its not only Hillsong theyre are many ppl/churches out there who are also doing the same. We are His ambassadors His workmanships to do Christ's works. The book of Acts tells us to go out into the nation and make disciples of men taking His gospel whether its through music, movie, books etc to many places of the world so that God word will be heard and peoples lives will be transformed. Thank you Hillsong church for your obedience to the Holy Spirit the bible does say that the world will persecute you for your Faith. i have nothing against anyone who is moving by His Holy Spirit and winning ppl into His kingdom! Were not perfect life is not perfect we can only look to Jesus by reading His Word n being obedient to the Holy Spirit. God is Love he loves each n everyone, every person on this planet is unique God own creation. If there is anyone who is in church that continues to sin dont judge pray for them its not easy, God is working on that individual. The fruit of the Spirit teaches us to love one another, be at peace with that person, be very patient and to show kindness, also be at full joy God is still in control. Blessings

  3. Hillsong is a church, not a religion. Only God can save you not your religion. Hillsong uses technology to inspire people on keep walking in faith with God. It is good to watch movies like this than to watch senseless movies. God Bless You Hillsong Family!

  4. I love this trailer more than the others…I love the song in the background, with the flashing of their most popular worship songs :3

    The only thing I have trouble with is the line "soundtrack to your faith"…as if Hillsong is that important to one's personal faith, and that their worship music is the only music out there that brings people closer to God. I definitely don't agree with that…but everything else in this trailer I love 🙂

  5. I really want to see this, however when I read about the movie the first things the director writes is "I'm not religious, I don't believe what they believe". This movie will unfortunately probably fail directed by an atheist. There are Christian directors out there, use them to make Christian movies!

  6. I love how Hillsong's music continues to inspire others and bring them closer to God. People will always have something to say. Whether they are "brainwashing people", a "cult extorting money out of people" or "fooling the public"… I don't care. I just pray that these people will find it in their hearts to realize the beauty of God's love sooner or later. There's no point in forcing others to believe. What's important is that we know there is a Supreme Being no matter what religion we are in. It's a matter of respecting other people's beliefs. I am not extremely pious, but I have a personal relationship with the Lord and to me that's priceless. Hillsong has helped me worship God or cry out in times of despair when I can't find the right words to say. It's just indescribable how calmness takes over me whenever I listen to their music and I just want to say thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your melody and message has also inspired my family. To God be the glory. 🙂

  7. Showings are going to sell out so fast for this. Praise The Lord! What a cool ministry! Let the world know of Jesus Christ and his great love, mercy and truth through this. Let the untouched be touched! Let the broken be mended! Let the sick be healed. Move in this Holy Spirit MOVE. AMEN! Praise Abba Father!

  8. Does anyone know a song that I think hillsong united sings, it starts off sounding like "with everything" but it Is a female artist singing and she sings different lyrics… I heard it a while back but I can't remember the lyrics she sang.. Please help me!?

  9. Those who don't understand God's will go to Hillsong and other organised worship. God despises fake believers. God taught His chosen people to worship at n spirit and truth. Hillsong is another money spinner for the leaders. The believers are blind. It's entertainment not pure worship.