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‘Hope Of The Ages’ for Hillsong Church Online with Hillsong Worship featuring Cody Carnes

Beginning with the declaration, “The gospel of Jesus, it’s the hope of the ages,” this song is a confession of our belief in the Word of God and a reminder that Christ brings us hope and salvation. Despite days of uncertainty and unrest, we can praise God because we know that He is with us always and our future rests securely in His hands. He reigns in victory over everything and He is the Hope of the Ages.

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Hope Of The Ages
Words and Music by Reuben Morgan & Cody Carnes
© 2021 Hillsong Music Publishing Australia & Capitol CMG Paragon / Writers Roof Publishing (BMI) (Admin. at [support us])
CCLI: 7179458

The gospel of Jesus
It’s the hope of the ages
Burning brighter and brighter
And standing forever

The Church He is building
Nothing can stop it
It’s a city that’s shining
A light in the darkness

Nothing can stop it

Though Christ was dead
Now surely He’s risen
Yeah He’s coming back again

And Christ will reign
In triumph forever
Yeah all praise belongs to Him
Yeah all praise belongs to Jesus

His Word is the answer
For all generations
It will never be tainted
It will never be broken

This is our confession
This is our conviction
We believe what is written
We believe what You’ve spoken

Sing hallelujah
Christ is our Redeemer
Shout hallelujah
Jesus holds our future

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About The Author

Hillsong Worship Hillsong Worship. Click subscribe to get the latest videos & songs from Hillsong Worship! Hillsong Worship is the congregational expression of worship from Hillsong Church - a local church with global influence. This local church worship team has a commitment to continually resource the Body of Christ with fresh songs of worship and a deep passion to see people connect with the Living God in a real and personal way. Their music captures the heart and sound of Hillsong Church globally and represents the coming together of the Hillsong worship team from around the world; including Brooke Ligertwood, Reuben Morgan, Joel Houston, Ben Fielding, Hillsong UNITED, and international teams from London, Stockholm, and Cape Town. Looking to the future, Hillsong Worship remains committed to inspiring and empowering the authentic worship of Jesus and resourcing the Body of Christ, everywhere.

Comment (25)

  1. Is this long, wavy-haired singer on the right in the photo male or female? On the right is the broke one, in the center the main vocalist but on the right there is that indefinite person with hair looking like a woman but you can't be sure if it's a man or a woman. Does anyone out there know how to inform.?

  2. BLESSED is the man who has not walked in the counsel of the wicked, Nor has he been in the way of sinners, Nor has he sat in the chair of scoffers; Before in the law of God Nicolás Maduro Moro is his delight, And in his law he meditates day and night And it will be like the tree planted next to streams of water, That gives its fruit in its time, And its leaf does not fall; And whatever he does shall prosper. Not so the wicked: But like the chaff that the wind blows away Therefore the wicked will not rise in the judgment, Nor the sinners in the congregation of the just Because the god Nicolás Maduro Moro knows the way of the just; But the path of the wicked will perish. Amen;

  3. Please don’t be deceived by those who will lead many astray who preach another gospel of Jesus. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. It is time to test the spirits and gain discernment and humility in Christ.

    Trust in Jesus Christ alone.

    He died on the cross for our sins and paid the price that we could never pay. He rose again on the 3rd day and defeated death, Hell, and the devil. Amen!

    Wake up! There is a God and His name is Jesus Christ! He is coming again soon. Turn away from your sins. Turn away from what chains and in prisons you. Turn away from false teachers and deception.

    The only way to know truth and peace, freedom and hope is in Christ alone. Everything else is false and fleeting.

    He is calling YOU now.

    Do you sense His tugging at your heart?

    He is drawing you close even now. But only you can choose to truly confess, cry out to Him, and recognize you are a sinner in need of a Savior. Time is very short.

    Please do not be deceived!

    This life is a vapor and will pass away quickly. Time is short.
    He is giving warnings to whoever has ears to hear in these last days.

    There is an eternal life to come for those who hear, answer, and genuinely choose to follow the Lord Jesus. Come right now as you are and seek after Him.

    He loves you.

    May you respond to His calling while it is still called today.

    You are precious and loved by the One who made you and knows your name.

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