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You put Your love on the line
To bear the weight of sin that was mine
Washing my rivers of wrongs
Into the sea of Your infinite love

With arms held high
Lord I give my life
Knowing I’m found in Christ
In Your love forever
With all I am
In Your grace I stand
The greatest of all romance
Love of God my Saviour

Mercy roars like hurricane winds
Furious love laid waste to my sin

To the One who has rescued my soul
To the One who has welcomed me home
To the One who is Saviour of all
I sing forever

Words and Music by Aryel Murphy, Scott Ligertwood & Brooke Ligertwood
CCLI No: 7047249
© Hillsong Music 2015

About The Author

Hillsong Worship Hillsong Worship. Click subscribe to get the latest videos & songs from Hillsong Worship! Hillsong Worship is the congregational expression of worship from Hillsong Church - a local church with global influence. This local church worship team has a commitment to continually resource the Body of Christ with fresh songs of worship and a deep passion to see people connect with the Living God in a real and personal way. Their music captures the heart and sound of Hillsong Church globally and represents the coming together of the Hillsong worship team from around the world; including Brooke Ligertwood, Reuben Morgan, Joel Houston, Ben Fielding, Hillsong UNITED, and international teams from London, Stockholm, and Cape Town. Looking to the future, Hillsong Worship remains committed to inspiring and empowering the authentic worship of Jesus and resourcing the Body of Christ, everywhere.

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  1. The Holy Spirit will give you dreams as you need them, not necessarily as you want them. For example, I had a dream about me taking the mark of the beast accidentally, and this is good because then I know in advance so I can warn people what that is possible to not know what the mark of the beast is. Then after the dream, I looked at some rapture videos and found out that the mark of the beast is an RFID microchip that will use nanotechnology that will spread throughout the body, thus contaminating the body to a point of no return. This RFID microchip will be distributed through a coronavirus vaccine!The mark of the beast is clear here:

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    The construction of "COVID" in numerology (a=1, b=2, c=3, etc for the whole alphabet)
    C = 3
    O = 15
    R = 18
    O = 15
    N = 14
    A = 1
    6 66

  2. Ive been through so much abuse, abandonment, harassment, and pain; but i can tell you this : throughout all of that my God has been there to love me, heal me, and help me back up even when i caused it on myself. He delivered my soul from death, my eyes from tears. He welcomed me back home into His arms and love when i did not deserve it i praise him for all He's done for me.

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