Howard-John Wesley | – February 8, 2015 "Forgiving What You Can't Forget Part II" Pastor Howard-John Wesley

Series: Forgiving What You Can’t Forget Part II
8:00 a.m. Sermon Only
Genesis 45: 1-20

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  1. This guy doesnt know what he is taking about. He said if someone who has been hurt comes to you to talk then you should ask why are they talking you,… and GOD judges them for not keeping it quite. Talking it over with a friend is a positive release where one can get support and positive feed back. Keeping it quite and suppressing things as not to harm the perpetrator's reputation only further victimizes the one who was hurt. Sorry Pastor, you are wrong in so many ways on this one. I dont have time to type them all.

  2. i don't think Joseph had an haughty spirit at all. he was just confident in what God showed him.its happened to me before by prematurely releasing a word from God. I didn't realize at the time not everyone heard from God in that way like me. it was a lesson to us to not let everyone know the vision God gave you. His brothers were jealous from the start even before the dream. another Good message.

  3. As a pastor, have you ever put anointing oil on someone who didn't want to be anointed or reconciled? I clearly said before my husband & mother brought out anointing oil that some relationships need time, and some don't reconcile. Yet, both tried to force reconciliation. I'm sure that all of my in-laws have told her that I have the devil in me and that she needed to anoint the whole house. Actually, what we need is for her to fly back to Louisville, KY. By day 7 of her 14 day visit, I asked my husband if she could return early, because our teens and I were going crazy. He refused, so we have been staying out of our house to avoid her. HELP!!!!

  4. been hurt in a lot of churches, so I stop going, trusting God to help me find somewhere to worship, I gave up on Black Church, but white Church isn,t any better, Spanish Church is "lit", but don,t understand with the language barrier, pray with me, I,m desperate!