Hymns Worship | – A New Covenant – Relaxing Instrumental Hymns by LIfebreakthrough

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0:00 I’m So Glad Jesus Set Me Free
3:08 All In An Easter Garden
6:24 Jesus Saves
9:17 A New Covenant
12:40 Living For Jesus
17:44 Eternity
20:06 All For Jesus
23:32 A Man There Lived In Galilee
26:35 I Believe In God The Father
30:34 All Hail Welcome Holy Child

33:14 Perfect Peace
36:50 Angels Are Singing
40:10 Brighter Dawn Is Breaking
42:13 A Love Song Soothes My Soul
45:05 Meet Me There
48:09 I Love Thee
50:53 O God, Unseen Yet Ever Near
54:00 Tenderly Calling
58:04 Precious Promise
1:01:34 I Need Thy Prayer

1:04:47 We Worship Thee
1:07:49 God Lead Us Along
1:10:58 Hast Thou Heard Him
1:14:22 In All Thy Wisdom, Father God
1:18:03 Jesus Wept
1:20:26 I Must Tell Jesus
1:24:07 Hide Me O, My Saviour
1:26:13 I Sing The Mighty Power Of God
1:28:42 I’ll Live For Him
1:31:21 Steadfast Faith

1:34:26 Pass Me Not
1:37:31 I Will Follow Jesus
1:40:43 Jesus Calls Us
1:44:24 The Bible Stands
1:47:30 What A Saviour
1:51:46 A Child Of God
1:55:10 Land Of Light
1:59:41 No Other Refuge
2:02:30 That Home Above
2:05:03 Softly And Tenderly


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Hymns & Worship Hymns & Worship. The Psalms, the Anthology of the Hymns of Israel, the Praise and Worship of old and new Christian believers, all in one glorifying God the Father.

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  1. I'm 19 years old, I with my friends we both don’t like modern worship, they are noisy with chaotic melody and lose the spiritual value of worshiping. But when I listen to the hymn, I feel much more relief. Also, I know this is the authentic voice of God. And the traditional worship, Hymns are the best!! Also, thank you all for the comments and likes here! God bless you all! Amen!