Hymns Worship | – BE THOU MY VISION – Beautiful Gospel Hymns – Lyrics Video by Lifebreakthrough

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0:00 Be Thou My Vision
3:28 Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing
7:05 When The Roll Is Call Up Yonder
10:32 Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior
14:28 Shall We Gather At The River
17:53 Count Your Blessings
21:27 In The Sweet By And By
24:42 Alas And Did My Savior Bleed
29:08 Blessed Assurance
33:38 I Surrender All
38:19 When We All Get To Heaven
41:59 Abide With Me
45:36 In The Garden
49:18 A Beautiful Life
53:27 He Leadeth Me
57:54 Doxology
1:01:19 Savior Like A Shepherd Lead Us
1:04:44 Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus
1:08:31 All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name
1:11:44 Angels From The Realm Of Glory


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Hymns & Worship Hymns & Worship. The Psalms, the Anthology of the Hymns of Israel, the Praise and Worship of old and new Christian believers, all in one glorifying God the Father.

Comment (13)

  1. Thank you for this compilation… listening to these familiar old songs is so uplifting especially during this time as the days get darker… before the return of our beloved Lord & King Jesus! Maranatha!! ❤

  2. God sent his only son, Jesus Christ to help us all, save us all, and love us all. Jesus rebuilt the gap between us and God. Without Jesus, we are all lost. This song is amazing. Every time I listen to it, I start to tear up because of all the things Jesus did for us. Jesus is in our hearts. He fixes the broken. Without Jesus Christ and God, where would we all be? We are blessed by Jesus Christ and God. This song tell us just what Jesus and God can do. This song brings a tear to my eye. Amen.

  3. God is the one who died on the cross so that we can live so that he sacrifices his life for us, so bless him forever. If you love Jesus, come to my prayer channel every day and don't forget to sign up and share for God's children to know it!

  4. Hymns any more now It sound so sweet you can just him hum or sing along it so inspirational and the wordings are exceptional different compare to nowadays the songs they're are simple but meaningful Thank Godfs we still have them around.

  5. This is blessed assurance Jesus is mine is. We are bath in his love and we praising him all The day long cos He is Our Lord and Saviour
    I surrender all this is a song usually they would play during baptism time and it sound so joyous and everyone would join in the singing it's so very
    Much enjoyable this song I will never forget. Thank God for such wonderful songs like this.