Hymns Worship | – WHEREVER YOU ARE – Beautiful Album, Country Gospel Songs by Lifebreakthrough

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0:00 Wherever You Are
5:09 I’m Here To Stay
9:54 How Great You Are
13:30 Song Of Life
17:09 Glory To The Lamb
22:05 My Heart Belongs To You
25:31 The Storm
30:32 Nature Of A Man
35:00 The Bright Side Of Life
40:09 I Stand By You
44:18 Give Your Love
49:35 Love Is A River

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Hymns & Worship Hymns & Worship. The Psalms, the Anthology of the Hymns of Israel, the Praise and Worship of old and new Christian believers, all in one glorifying God the Father.

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  1. Lord, Thank You for everything in my life, above all, for my Faith in You, Believing & Trusting You my doings and for having the contentments of every little things that comes my way. LORD, pls don't ever leave us, & pls Forgive Us, our sins that we've done, in our Thoughts, Words & Actions that are against Your Will, Amen.