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A Worship Highlight from Onething 2009:

Davy Flowers sings the song “Forevermore” at the Onething 2009 annual young adult conference in Kansas City.

This song is featured on the Onething 2009 album “Where I Belong (live),” which is available for purchase at [support us]

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  1. I <3 Davy's expression of worship! I love her in the Nightwatch prayer room letting loose. So refreshing…and the drummer is just ridiculously good – tearing it up all the time! The girl on piano is fierce! Ok, I just love this WHOLE worship team.

  2. I love that so many more alto voices are coming "to the surface" and their anointings are being highlighted! For so long it seemed like sopranos always were highlighted, which is greated, but for those of us who fight to sing in those higher registers, these songs in lower keys are a blessing! Davy Flowers rocks the guitar and the mic and the anointing just flows!!!! Thank you Lord!!!!