International House of Prayer | – Special Weekend Services—Thursday | IHOPKC & Friends

We had an amazing week here at IHOPKC with our friends Francis Chan, Eric Metaxas, Chris Reed, Ken Fish, and Andy Byrd joining IHOPKC leadership in family conversations and ministry. It continues this week as well!

Check out the “Special Weekends in July” playlist for all of the special services and join us the rest of this week, Thursday through Sunday.


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  1. I don't know how to get this to you any other way, but in Chris' word with Peter and Paula they mentioned their anniversary is on July 18, confirming his pointing out a significance between Jew & Gentile in mid-July. You might not be aware of this but the Hebrew calendar date of July 18 is Tish b'Av….the 9th of Av…a day of great significance and great calamity for Israel for many millennia. I've been sensing something coming on this Tish b'Av for some time and when I heard them mention July 18, looked it up to discover it is indeed that ominous day for the Jews.