J.D. Farag | – Bible Prophecy Update – December 20th, 2020

Pastor JD talks about why everything that’s happening today in the world, points to this being the end of the world.  Subscribe to Pastor JD’s new prophecy website at [support us]
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J.D. Farag J.D. Farag, Bible Prophecy - End Times - Pastor - Speaker Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Bible Prophecy speaker and Pastor, J.D. Farag of Calvary Chapel Kaneohe in Hawaii. With over 700 Million minutes watched, this is one of YouTube's most popular channels related to End Times news and global events. Born in Beirut Lebanon to an Egyptian father and Palestinian mother, Pastor J.D. Farag of Calvary Chapel Kaneohe, Hawaii loves Israel and offers a unique Arab perspective concerning the Middle East in Bible prophecy. J.D. and his wife were married in 1988 and currently reside on the Windward side of Oahu with their three children. ------------------- SOCIAL MEDIA DISCLAIMER: • Any comments containing profanity will be deleted. • By posting comments on this channel, you give Pastor J.D. Farag the irrevocable right to reproduce, distribute, publish, display, edit, modify, create derivative works from, and otherwise use your submission for any purpose in any form and on any media.

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  1. I just watched the rest of this broadcast JD. You know what people think? I dont deserve salvation. I am not a good person. I have done horrible things in my life. I am weak. You know what God thinks when that person takes a chance and asks God for salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus? Welcome back prodigal son, or daughter. The family the way it should be. We are all brothers and sisters through Christ. God sees the finished masterpiece we are in His plan. There is no good enough person. Everyone is made with great care and in His image. Dont be depressed friends. Be salt and light and heal the sick spirits
    Through The Holy Spirit as God wills it.

  2. A vaccine that is 95% effective against a virus that's deadly to 2% of the people who get it? They said a vaccine for the common cold virus was IMPOSSIBLE because ALL viruses mutate CONSTANTLY. Now there's a new covid-19 strain in England…
    Remember a vaccine of this type has never been developed or used before and a few months of trials proves nothing… How long has Zantac® and other similar drugs been taken and after all those years we now know they cause cancer? What assurance of no harm to users can they give for any medicine after 2, 5, 10 or 50 years on the market, much less a medicine rushed through trials and to the market… Take your chance with the vaccine or with the virus, your choice.
    I wonder why nobody has gotten the flu this year? Car wreck victims, suicides, heart attack victims, gun shot victims and many more all died from the virus?
    BTW I just heard that Russia and China have become very good friends. China is supposed to have around 200 million people in their military, and China is east of Israel…

  3. I don't know if this is really how it ends. Maybe just a huge wake up call as to what is going to come. Given the nature of this supposedly "deadly" virus, I feel like this was a setup for something worse in the coming future. Almost like conditioning. They are changing mindsets so when it really goes down its much easier to shut people down and make people afraid saying its worse than covid. All I know is that God is in control and thats all that matters.

  4. Hello my first just seeing you here! It's wild as I was given a
    Word from God that Trump would win two terms and he would be the last president of the US.im 62 years old and right here in the town I lived in as a child..i have returned my life full circle as I have lived revelation.i have lived a project that was given to me as a child in 1968 at that time blacks and whites were not together recreation was still the norm.in this church tgere were these large white posters with red paint the year 2000 this was all over the church.the preacher was preaching until he almost passed put but he was preaching to those he thought would be alive then
    He said there woukd be a black man from a native country who would start in the govt as a very low profile he would then become president taking ame rica by surprise.at the end of his presidency he would make same sex marriages causing mayhem
    With gender identity etc
    He said by the time we realized he was the anti Christ he will have taken over
    Then you have the destruction of the famiky mother against daughter etc.well my friend I've lived thru it all.my famiky and friends ..against me as I begin to share the prophesy.
    However I'm the happiest ever because I'm not alone Jesus Christ is with me.I hardly sleep I'm so excited
    What a time to be alive today
    Jesus is at our feet
    He could cone at any second.Prepare yourselves to be warriors
    Nothing to fear as FEAR is the opposite of faith!! Keep the faith!! Rejoice!! Get excited!! Merry Christmas

  5. It was crazy as I lived not even knowing who black people were to us uniting.coming together then being segregated at the end with false news such as police brutality etc.then I experienced the Dad at the head of household
    A breakdown of the famiky
    Witnessed women who wanted to be men
    Men havibg operations to be women.women marrying women and vice versa
    This has been a crazy life but the Lord called my attention to the prohesy given to me in 2016 that's when he begin to speak.noq I'm the only one from that church that even rembers ha they remember but have become condtioned as you said
    ! I'm praising God for all !! Yes Jesus!$

  6. What will happen if our President gets another 4yrs as predicted by other prophets. Brother JD are all of them wrong on saying President Trump will stay our President because God the Father is not done with America yet?

  7. Lance Wallnau, Hank Kunneman, Mario Murillo, Dutch Sheets, are the main prophecies I watch about President Trump. Just curious if Brother JD knows these men of God, and if he agrees or disagrees with these men? God bless and Merry Christmas Pastor JD. To you and all of yours. My email is [email protected]gmail.com if someone wants to say something to me. Im just curious why there seems to be a division in the Christian family. These gentlemen say the Lord speaks to them and has said that President Trump is going to clean the swamp. If we Christians pray and clean the house of God because many are sleeping ,and voted wrong The Lord will give us a time of having a Christian President, making abortions against the law. Im just so pleased that our Father said, all these things to these great men if God. Please search there videos on you tube. Prophecy update also has their updates on their.

  8. I firmly believe that I was saved after a friend "dared" me to read the Book of Revelation, while in school! Afterwards, I recalled the very scripture that you mentioned, about the pronounced blessing upon those that read Revelation, and when I read it, I remembered thinking, how could it be so? All makes sense now!

  9. Thank you so much for this message. It’s so good to soak in the truth. I can’t wait to hear that trumpet sound and not look back! Please pray for my family. Pray against spiritual attacks and lies. Please pray that they would have hears to hear, eyes to see, and a heart for the Lord.

    I also want to publicly give a shout out to all the amazing warrior angels that surround and protect my home. God is good… all the time!

  10. What a privilege to be a Christian during the most exciting time on God's prophetic calendar. This world is in the throes of a prophetic child-birth as Jesus predicted (Matt 24) Look up! because the way things are going, the baby's already in the birth canal and our Lord is coming soon! If you're saved and not sharing Jesus with others, PLEASE make a commitment to proclaim His Name in 2021! It may be the last year you have the opportunity!

  11. I had the virus in February for 3 day's before they let me know in March it was the corona virus. Then I wore the same nasty mask for months in public and haven't got the virus since. I think someone got something all wrong. I think it's the spirit of the Antichrist and he's on the Earth. And yes the rapture is soon to happen. God words will not return void.

  12. Every two weeks at my work we have to be tested for Covid…….Recently they changed it …. instead of going into the mouth and swab….they now want to go into our nose once a week to do a swab…….regardless of our own choices and consent……….But most of the employees agree to it……For me …I find their pushing the boundaries more and more …prepping us for that future vaccine they will try to force upon us……Nonetheless…. after she had swabbed my nose against my will…..I took my mask And wipe off the blood From my nose….I then held it up to all the testers and showed them my bloody mask…..And I shouted out at them …..”is this what is to be expected every week? “ “ a bloody nose… a test that I don’t agree too?” The following week A memorandum was emailed to all the employees letting them know that you may be tested either by mouth or nose…..That you do not have to submit to the test through the nose…..

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  14. Thank
    I am writing this letter and I pray that will be readed by all leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ, from all corners of the Earth, whom must control and stop the false teaching from all media, also for anybody, including myself, but more to those who wants to hear that we must say AMEN AND AGAIN Amen, when listening to a profecy about future, so is no comment, but God has some people gifted through the Holy Ghost with this gift to confirm if the profecy came from God and is nothing added to it. Let's prepare for the Kingdom of God, because Jesus is coming very soon, according with the profesies on now days, also the Bible's profesies.
    Thank you for your inspiring videos. I appreciate your help for understanding the times and preparing for the Kingdom of God or at least not to go to the Hell for to long, if I will not be chosen by God for eternal life with Him, His Son and his Holy Army of Angels, etc… I was watching many YouTube videos about the End times then I read the Bible in two different tranlations:Romanian Cornilescu and English Standard Version, but both of them are SPEACKING to me the truth and so I can confirm, as an earthly man, that the Hell is made for ever, also that Satan(the old snake, false profet, the beest) will be in Hell forever, but the Bible teaches us that all the rest of us including the Antichrists(PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THE biggest ANTICHRIST THINK THAT HE WILL BE SEATING ON THE SATAN'S TRON IN HELL, BECAUSE ACCTUALY IN Revelation 20:10 is written that Satan, The beest and the fals prophet will be suffering forever in Hell ) and the biggest prostitute? (described in Revelation and called "the big prostitute, because of the sins; sins written in Revelation 17;18;19,also some of the technology is used for sins, like the Internet,where the dating apps and websites don't work,so is banter instead of being easier, etc…(is written that we must have our mind full of wisdom in order to understand, but who will understand, will probably say just to live a life according with the will of God through ) will be JUDGED ACCORDING WITH WHAT THEY HAVE DONE ON EARTH THEN WILL BE SUFFERING IN THE HELL UP TO THE SECOND DEATH. (acctualy is implemented on the entire World and as a copy of the Hell is possible the prison, just that we don't know how!?!? BIG!?!? is just a little sin in God's eyes!?!?!? ).
    The Bible is teaching that will be a Rapture of the chosen alife, and together with those died, already judged and awaiting for the resurrection, Rapture, which probably will be that described in Revelation 7:9-17,because Jesus said that before and is written in Matthew 24 vers 29,also Luke 21:25-28, Ioel 2;which is the same written in Revelation 6:12-14,which is at the 6th plague ;also I've lissened to a YouTube profecy from now days, where God was confirming that the Rapture will be at the sixth plague, that's why in Revelation 7:9-17 is confirming that they arrived in Heven.
    Will be the tromphets to call for the ones not ready yet, calling them from the all corners of the Earth, then the last ones accepted in the Kingdom of God according with the Bible are those who will not accept to pray to the false profet's(Satan) icon.
    According with Revelation 20 :8 after that Satan will be locked in Hell for a thousand years,(the milenium) then he will be free again for a short time to bring Gog and Magog from all four corners of the Earth to war, but a fire from Heaven will be burning them, so will be starting the last judgment of God according with what they have done(IT DEPENDS OF THE "QUALITY" AND QUANTITY OF THE UNFORGOTTEN SINS ADDED IN OUR "BAGS" INSTEAD OF LOVING GOD AND OUR NEIGHBOURS LIKE OURSELVES, so means pure help to work for our needs!?) ) and so life will be just in Heaven and Hell.The Hea
    I want to mention that Revelation 20:4-6 confirms that the ones who will not be chosen for rupture, but will repaint and still pray to God instead of the false profet"s icon will be accepted in the KINGDOM OF God described in Revelation 21 and 22.
    In Revelation 19 is written that the wedding is starting in the Kingdom of God then vers 14 confirms that the Army of God will be coming on Earth, so not the ones who just left the great tribulation, because anyway after the milenium this Earth will be burning and will start the FINAL JUDGMENT according with Revelation 20.
    We are made to obbey God and say just Amen, when we hear or read one of the God's profecies about the FUTURE, written in the Bible or from now days, so why on YouTube is not just PURE God's profecy about the Rapture and rest of the events, which will be happening soon, according with the BIBLE and so we will say AMEN and prepare the oil,as written on Matthew 24;25,(acctualy the Bible is for this purpose) because we don't know exactly when our life ends, also God will not say the exact date, according with the Bible.
    No true Christian wants to reingh with Christ on earth for a thousand year (a day) because they want in Heven and they build the churches just as a little copy of the cube described in revelation, also the heavenly God never showed up on earth, so for Jesus in order to be seen and live 33 years through us, He should live in this earthly body.
    Ferice de cei ce cunosc si pazesc Cuvantul lui Dumnezeu, and I m telling to all of the church leaders, where I have walked in, that you will be punished by God for my suffering as lonely man,even now 44 years old, who lives a horrible life in poverty, but surrounded by people with hight standard of living, happy and with friends around them everywhere they go, if God will not confirm to you personally before the judgment, acctualy before you die and above all remember that the sin has no reason, because is so easy to get what we need for a normal life, especially on now days when the robots are making another robots and all are working for us to have peace, prosperity, enjoy life here, also in Heaven. You are so sinful by calling visitors those people who wants to be part of the church of God and came to the church to pray, sing, have holy communion, because you're not the one, who chooses who will be part of the kingdom of God, so just God has access to the book of life.
    If you don't help(love your neighbours) you than send me to the Internet, where the dating apps and all Internet destroyed me sending millions of emails and I get answears just from spams, fake profiles, who sent me automated messages, so you will be responsible for all this suffering.
    Jesus was the son of God on the Earth, and came to fulfill God's plan, but in this planet are people who added a lot more suffering than Jesus, also there are between them people who are called small children of God, that's why God said that who is doing something against these childs, is also against God, so imagine how much will be in charge for sins against the children of God and remember that you don't know exactly who are these children, which are written in the book of life and are so precious to God.

  15. Exactly what's already done in china. They have the social credit system with which you can or cannot travel, buy certain things etc and all your accounts are traceable by the Govt. Scary.
    And the democrats are pushing for that.

  16. It is kinda funny no one swears against Buddha..well except some Christians..
    But i think jesus learned inlightenment from the munks..
    Probably why the scrolls were placed in cave by the munks..
    And then he returned to his tribe..the jews..but they wouldn't hear of it..
    Now I see god inside me..
    When I close my eyes…its a glowing silohet of flowing light..which comes from within..to within my view..and it waves at me..
    At once i knew it was god..
    Then I asked if he could send my dog..and my dog came..
    And then a tree..And the wind..stopped..and so on..
    So yup its god..
    Now I love alot of buddhas teaching..
    Buddha says he's just a man..he makes that clear..
    This is a story..
    A student runs to his master..with a book in his hand..
    He says master master have you heard about the savour..he has come to save the world..
    The master says..leave the book with me and ill read it..return in two days and ill tell you what i think..
    Upon the students return..
    The master says. Ive read the book..
    And this man named jesus..knows perfect love..
    And perfect love is when the inside is out and the outside is in..
    There are no differences..
    Not female or male..
    Just love..
    Perfect love.

    But i quess youd have to see god within to understand this..
    But i certianly do..
    Yah weh.. Means male female..

    Now I firmly stand upon the corner stone..and understand ..
    From where the wind cometh..
    You can swear against the father..
    And be forgiven..
    You can swear against the son and be forgiven..
    But …the holy spirit..whom indwells in you is another story all together..
    Cuz the truth is that is god..
    The light of life..
    Just a heads up..for some who think..jesus is the only way..
    Mind you..I measure his teachings..from where they attatch to within my heart..
    Then I except..what fits..
    Kinda a bad christian i suppose..
    Cuz..like fear and hate..disrespect to homosexuals..is just wrong..
    It's evil..
    Cuz it's a book of curses..and blessings..
    You know..if anyone changes a word..thier cursed..
    Yet its been altered and changed from its original language..to English..or what ever langauge..
    Mind you Hebrew NOG.scripture…At Least has Elohim in it still..
    Do you see god within.?
    It certianly appears the master munk..knew..don't you think..
    Mind you my master is Jesus..
    And I battle the dragon..the mark..the writting on the wall..
    And sit at his table and eat dinner together..
    And we sing and play strings..
    You know..the morning stars..sing.
    But that's another story all together..
    Now thinking theres so many faiths..and like some swear oath..
    Or others call a man father..like father forgive me..for I have sinned..
    And so on..
    Isn't it better to just share love of god..with everyone..
    Cuz just think..
    Jesus leads us to the light of life..
    And we find god within..
    So if gods within..and the spirit force of creation..
    Then isn't he in all of us..and just sharing..his life..so we could have life..and share love..
    So that's what I do..
    Because seperation and division will cause..wars..
    And were all gods children..
    Maybe that's why I see god..
    Cuz I understand..
    Love god..with all your heart.
    Cuz he's the light of life..
    Mind you..
    Male..female..or just a creator..
    We've a divine family..
    Mom and Father..
    But you'll have to find that out ..later.