J.D. Farag | – Bible Prophecy Update – October 18th, 2020

Pastor JD warns about the dangers concerning “Conspiracy Theories” being either completely dismissed or leaving one confused not knowing what to believe despite the fact that it’s the truth.  Subscribe to Pastor J.D.’s new prophecy website at [support us]
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  1. Pastor Farag: You know, MADONNA ALSO predicted the Coronavirus in one of her big shows she performed a few years back. LOOK . . it is the POWERS THAT BE who are PROMOTING people like the rapper you are talking about, Madonna, & many other. They are FUNDING these people to convey a message to the masses – to get them "ready" to "soften them up". But it CERTAINLY ISN'T the Q TEAM.

  2. Pastor Farag: So glad you opened yourself up enough to be willing & eager to accept suggestions on this "mask" thing. Well . . . . I HAVE one. Peggy Hall with americansforfreedom.org has a You Tube Channel, "Peggy Hall" American Freedom. CHECK HER OUT! You do NOT have to wear a mask ANYWHERE at ANYTIME at ANYPLACE WHATSOEVER. All of the "mask" mandates, edicts, rules, etc. are ILLEGAL & UNCONSTITUTIONAL. She has been gracious enough to make "fliers", so to speak – a paper you can actually bring with you when you plan on going to a store that you know "requires" masks. It has questions for the manager/owner of the store. She says to NOT talk to an employee. Immediately ask to speak with someone of authority such as the manager or owner of the facility. Then you hand them the sheet of paper & ask them to READ it to you, & if they don't mind, to check off the box after answering the questions. ALSO, the very FIRST thing you do before even handing them the questionnaire form, is to simply ask, "What can you offer to those of us who choose not to wear a mask?" At that point, they will usually come up with either special "hours" you can shop at their facility or they will go back to "requesting" instead of MANDATING the wearing of masks. And once they read those questions, they will realize, very quickly & with NO WORDS coming out of your mouth, that what they are doing is ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, & they can be SUED if they persist with their mask mandates. The only thing YOU have to do, & it DOES take a little time, is to look up the specific laws that YOUR state has so you can have the Law or Code # of the Law to replace Peggy's California's law numbers. Just replace the words California with Hawaii, & replace your state's Law Code #s. Once you have done this, just print up a few so you will them ready to take with you as you go from store to store. She also has magnificent ATTENTION-GETTING FLIERS that you can pass around to your local businesses in your area with the purpose of educating them with facts & information regarding the laws in their state or municipalities. She has MANY WONDERFUL IDEAS, THOUGHTS, & PLANS OF ACTIONS that we can take to stand UP to all of these RIDICULOUS MANDATES, RULES, & EDICTS. They are NOT LAWS! ONLY a LEGISLATURE can change the LAWS in your state. NO GOVERNOR can – NO MAYOR can – NO Board can – NO Chamber of Commerce can – NO City Council or any other body of people can change laws. ONLY the Senate along with the HOUSE of YOUR STATE can change the laws that are already on the books. There are NO LAWS that give permission for ANYONE to INFRINGE on you & request that you put a "medical device" on – MASKS. Masks ARE medical devices. Unless someone has a DOCTORATE DEGREE in MEDICINE, it is ILLEGAL for them to ADVISE, REQUEST, or MANDATE that you MUST WEAR a MEDICAL DEVICE on your face. They can actually be ARRESTED for doing this. Peggy & many other are having HUGE successes in their state. And to be able to effect change in the state of California is nothing short of a MIRACLE &/or ACT of GOD. We all know how California is these days. Anyway, check her out. ALSO, checkout PAMELA POPPER with makeamericansfreeagain.com is a DOCTOR & ALSO runs a LEGAL FIRM. She has EXCELLENT resources, information, etc. on the handling of this "virus" – she receives THOUSANDS of letters & e-mails from people with ABJECT HORROR stories that have been caused by the HANDLING of this virus & not hte virus itself. She has access to BRILLIANT LEGAL TEAMS & is currently handling SEVERAL already filed LAW SUITS for the horrible end results & effects that the handling of this virus has had on people & their families. I always click on the little dial on the bottom right-hand of the video & then click on 1.25 speed so as not to waste a ton of time watching these videos. However, EVERYONE should be tuning into these two sources who have a WEALTH of very pertinent & HELPFUL information that will have an extremely positive effect on your life & are WELL WORTH watching & listening to. – Susan Burns

  3. I blame the CIA for the whole Conspiracy Theorist mandate and mainstream media as their weapon for hushing the reporting of reality and insertion of fake news. They are not American agencies but in the hands of the elite; people who worship devils in return for power; real or imagined.

  4. The Great Deception placed by God….could it be the Deception is accepted by non-believers and that Believers in Christ know the Deception is not the truth….COVID is false….Could it be the Great Deception? Sure there are many cases…more every time one turns on the news…but DEATHS ? The actual number of deaths is nowhere near those expected in a pandemic. More die each day from Cancer….car accidents ….than from COVID. If Covid were real, the homeless would have all died by now as they have not been social distancing and surely lack any isolation. I find whenever I ask my friends, relatives they think I am a nut job. I did notice that unfortunately they were also the ones not willing to listen to my sharing of what Christ has done for me in my life and change thereof.

  5. Hold up! So Pastor JD talked about this song who talks about small pox… Biden mentioned a “dark winter” during the debate the other night. If you google those 2 words, it will bring you to information from I think 2012 and about a small pox outbreak. Oh boy… is this what’s coming this winter???

  6. If you saw my face you would be surprised because there was nothing on your list that I have not dug into deeply. Do I call you a conspiracy theorist? Not a snow ball's chance in hell because if I did I would be a bigger hypocrite than all the Pharisees combined. Don't get me wrong I am a Christian and I am a big follower of eschatology(end times prophecy). In fact before it was disbanded I was a member of a group across the nation of people who called themselves ETRT or End Times Prophecy Round Table. We discussed most every thing that you had on that list. The only ones not discussed were those that came after the disbanding of the forum. Well some of us migrated to FB and still discuss much on the list in fact all the way up to the current ones you mentioned. There is not a one if dug deep enough does not match up to prophecy and/or scriptures. Lets take JFK for example. Few know the why of his assassination. It turns out it is actually simpler than most know. In your list you said Illuminati. But few know the origins of that organization and their centuries long world domination plan which involves the same three pillars of the coming world order under the A/C. The one in particular that did in JFK is the economic one. JFK was about to abolish the Federal Reserve Banking system. They could not allow that because it would interrupt and sorely delay their plans. In failing to stop it by his death JFK did not end the Fed and now we see the coming digital currency where by a global ID, the MARK will be used for every transaction. Yet even with that truth now well known it is kept hush-hush with the term that the CIA used CONSPIRACY THEORY. But if JFK had not been murdered and had succeeded in eliminating the Fed the way to the digital currency would probably not be anywhere as close as it is now. I could go on but mainly I wanted to say that every thing you listed here has behind it truth and all of it related to scripture in general such as the killing of JFK by power elites much like the religious elites of Jesus' day did to Jesus or related to end times prophecy. It is all very real. Many will not see that, some out of fear of pain, some out of fear of not being saved and having no desire to be saved because it is easier to be an atheist and think there is no life after death, no hell to be dealt with. So my prayer for you is please do not shy back from speaking truths even those that fall under the banner of conspiracy theory. Also I pray that God continues to use you to speak truth in your sermons and that Satan's demons are always confounded from interfering with your work.

  7. Make little blessing boxes , boxes out of oragami paper and put a little piece of paper inside …. on one side is a scripture on the other side a google address like “ google JD FARAG “ x you can carry the little boxes with you and people can chose a box x no need to take your mask off xx the Holy Spirit shows you who to offer a box too xx love Harriet Australia

  8. When you mentioned "I don't know what to believe anymore" in relation to the conspiracy theories that are fact vs the ones that are false, I had that EXACT SAME QUANDARY 10+ years ago! Of course, then I met this incredible Lord and Savior named Jesus Christ and all else was put to rest!

    It is true that many, even most things are covered up in a long, tangled web of corruption, BUT JESUS! HE CAN'T BE COVERED UP BECAUSE HIS WILL IS ABSOLUTE!

  9. Jesus no's Manda prestar atecao Nas profecias e no's Manda nao aceitar Quando pessoas no's disser que Jesus esta voltando hoje ,porque nem mesmo Jesus sabe o dia que ele IRA vir so Deus sabe.tudo o que vem acontecendo e para que pessoas continuem com distracted para continuar me roubando.,a unica coisa que EU falo e o seguinte, tem alguem com estas conspiracies desde o principio e esta pessoa esta Pondo Israel em perigo e cristaos tudo por corrupcao. EU sempre falo para pastores terem cuidando dicernimentos para nao continuarem cooperando com isso,todas estas conspiracies e para tira a visao das pessoas da bola de corrupcao que esta este paiz