J.D. Farag | – Bible Prophecy Update – October 25th, 2020

Pastor JD updates the list of the “Top 10” Bible prophecies in play today that are being fulfilled at what seems to be “warp speed.”  Subscribe to Pastor J.D.’s new prophecy website at [support us]
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J.D. Farag J.D. Farag, Bible Prophecy - End Times - Pastor - Speaker Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Bible Prophecy speaker and Pastor, J.D. Farag of Calvary Chapel Kaneohe in Hawaii. With over 700 Million minutes watched, this is one of YouTube's most popular channels related to End Times news and global events. Born in Beirut Lebanon to an Egyptian father and Palestinian mother, Pastor J.D. Farag of Calvary Chapel Kaneohe, Hawaii loves Israel and offers a unique Arab perspective concerning the Middle East in Bible prophecy. J.D. and his wife were married in 1988 and currently reside on the Windward side of Oahu with their three children. ------------------- SOCIAL MEDIA DISCLAIMER: • Any comments containing profanity will be deleted. • By posting comments on this channel, you give Pastor J.D. Farag the irrevocable right to reproduce, distribute, publish, display, edit, modify, create derivative works from, and otherwise use your submission for any purpose in any form and on any media.

Comment (43)

  1. God bless you JD. I am so happy, so incredibly happy for you. Look at how much you have given back to the Lord, for the miracle he worked in your life. I thank him every day for the miracle he worked in me. Just keep finding the lost and giving them to Jesus until he comes in the clouds to take us to heaven to be with him again.Love to all my brothers and sisters in Christ until he comes again in all his glory!

  2. There was an interview of Sierra Club's second-in-command in 1985, either in Rodale's Organic Gardening or Vegetarian Times (not a vegetarian, but I did like the recipes). In it, the person interviewed talked about their vision of 2035. By 2035, North America would have a population of 50 million people, most of whom would live on single sex county sized farm complexes. They would work the land by hand from early morning to late evening, no animals, little to no machinery. No rest days, no vacations, no travel, no education.
    The leaders would have cars, planes, boats, bikes, horses, etc. and would travel to places like Bali for conferences and vacations. They would have families, mansions, fine healthcare and educations. The leaders would decide who were chosen to breed… of course the best bloodlines are obviously those in charge….

    Now the person did not state this all clearly, but they did state most of it clear enough that the rest could be interpolated from what was said. One thing they never mentioned…. How were they going to eliminate 90% (now an even higher percentage) of the population of North America by 2035?

  3. Love your preaching. You have the sweetest heart for the unsaved. You have taught me so much about prophecy. I thought I knew it all but you showed me so much more. Thank you and praise God for your ministry. God bless you!

  4. #4 global cry for peace and security, I think people have this wrong. They look at it as a cry for, when it seems to be instead a shout that they will be living in a time of peace and security. Why would it say after that then there shall be sudden destruction. Like everything goes the hell suddenly. Wouldn't crying for peace and security mean everything has already gone to hell? Destruction ? No according to the word , before the harvest there is a latter rain, and the story of Joseph , which is like a picture of the end times and Jesus , there was 7 good years before 7 bad. And I believe the word is telling us there will be a revival and a few years where everything is great, when people.dont expect Jesus to come, THEN sudden distraction and the rapture. At the last trump…..why trump why not trumpet? God knows what he is writing. Maybe he means trump, or trump jr. ? Something to think about.

    Also, according to the word, people will be marrying and giving in marriage and just living normal lives just before the rapture. Right now, no one is living normal lives , it makes no sense that rapture would come in this time, according to the word.

  5. Some will say this planetary tracking is just a conspiracy theory. I've worked in electronics all of my adult working life and can attest to the advances in technology that has now produced nano chips and smart dust. Personally, I know I belong to the Lord Jesus Christ and nothing this "plan" has in store for the world can separate me from my Lord but the technology is not only mind-boggling and incredible, but also incredibly dangerous. Smart dust can be placed in food, spread in the air via airplanes and chemtrails, and any number of other methods to get people to ingest it unwillingly and unknowingly. It won't kill you. That's not the purpose. The purpose is to create a planetary tracking grid for everything and everyone. It's NOT the mark of the beast either. It's just tracking devices placed in your body and your body will not reject them. It's a sophisticated James Bond tracking bug.

    That being said, it has been said (not sure there is viable evidence yet) that with these nano particles in our bodies, we can be controlled (moods, beliefs, etc.). Again, I'm not concerned about it because even if they turned me into a robot, my salvation is not dependent upon my mental faculties. I was saved by the Lord, for the Lord and HE ALONE has secured my salvation, come what may. Don't fear this stuff, friends. It's real but it's not going to take you out of the Lord's care. And, as J.D. says over and over again, we will not be here for much of what is to come. Yes, things are getting worse and we will probably have to endure a lot more foolishness but prior to the seven years of tribulation promised the world in Scripture, we will be REMOVED!! Maranatha!!!

  6. You see years ago when you read you the relevation you'd be like "Can't imagine that's happening." But suddenly it's all possible. It's funny people bring about anything that they know of to bring god down. But in truth they can't even work out where they came from or how to cure little diseases. Yet they got time to mock the faithful, and call us fools. Those netflix shows, the majority of them show some degree of anti-religious, as if all religious people are retarded and like to be brainwashed like idiots. It's sad really. You know god can control everything right? So the angels and devils are both at work now to boost this beautiful time of tribulation. Let it come. Better be smart scoffers&scientific genius, There ain't much time left to work out your scientific laws.

  7. I realize Pastor JD, you have many comments so I couldn't blame you if you did not read them all. Have you noticed the uptick in people who are professing Christianity, but they are not Clhristians? Here are a couple of their false teachings: 1) Daniel, and Joseph both used divination in their interpretation of dreams, 2) all the kings of Israel and Judah, particularly David and Solomon, were of the Pharaonic bloodline. They couch it very cleverly in such a way that if you were not fluent in The written Word of God, you would fall for it. I'm not certain if this is coming out of Talmudic teaching as I have never read Talmud. Tried reading Zohar once but it was like trying to read an alien language…which as a Christian, for me, it is an alien language.
    I was listening to A.Patch the evening he chastised you for allegedly infringing on his intellectual property. I felt embarrassed for him and his wife that they would stoop to such adolescent public scourging of you. I have noticed also that his wife is dabbling in occult teachings: i.e., When the woman caught in adultery was brought before Jesus Christ, he knelt down and wrote on the ground using geomancy, which is a form of divination. We are in that time when deception is becoming more clever in its attempt to confuse.
    I do appreciate your Bible Prophecy updates on the Great Catching Away of The Church. It keeps our Blessed Hope Front and Center. That is important for me, as there is so much speaking of death in the worldly realm. God Bless you Pastor, and your house. Grace and Peace be unto you. In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

  8. What about the conditioning of the sheeple to accept the Mark of the Beast, people lining up at the entry to Malls to have their temperature taken and ensure masks are being worn. Next it will be to scan for your vaccination before you can enter to "buy or sell". Look at Zeph 1:8-
    And it shall come to pass in the day of the Lord's sacrifice, that I will punish the princes, and the king's children, and all such as are clothed with strange apparel.
    In the same day also will I punish all those that leap on the threshold, In the same day also will I punish all those that leap on the threshold,

  9. The virus has never been isolated. Experts confirm it is just the annual flu. The real pandemic is sin. I believe God is working through Trump and the patriots to expose the evil, rescue kidnapped kids and bring us into a period of harvest so more people will come to Christ before the rapture hapoens. We are definitely in the last days and need to repent! God is in control!

  10. Great Sermon.. ONE question though, for you to ask self? I know church has issues, an want contract gone either way(an I prayed).. HOWever.. You want no part of 5G, yet will you give up all devices; that 5g runs? THEy going from 3 an 4 G to 5G.. to not have it means give up pc, cells, etc.. Will You? Ask self.. This means church , an others; cannot use internet for business, charity outreach, sermons, etc etc.. Devices is a good and bad thing.. BAd in many ways.. But Good in many ways. Thing is its brought WORD OF GOD to every ear around world, or close to every ear. That is a Good thing.. Even if Devices is part the false system. False system come along in succession of many stages, an all grabbed them up already.. HOwever thee false system BEast MArk has not come yet, though many successions stages of its in the works. UPC Codes, birth certificates, chips, etc etc.. Truest mark is the one God will put on us.. An the ones he puts on evil. Via Spirit of GOd to mark all. ( I do not catch replies.. literally i don't see them.). God bless.

  11. God bless you for telling the truth about life because true hell is coming for man, if anyone wants proof that jesus is coming go to my YouTube channel and watch the video of the sky. Watch it on a big screen television and You will see jesus is king and he us coming, so please warn all you love and even people you don't know, please feel free to share time is about up. God wants me to tell all and scream at the top of my lungs to warn all now, because billions will perish soon, god bless you all with love.