J.D. Farag | – God Always Provides (Christmas Eve Service), Matthew 2:1-12 – December 24th, 2020

Pastor JD talks about how God will always provide for our every need, especially in difficult times like this.

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  1. the wise man where maggies which had lot of wealth they where so powerful to could place and remove Kings with one word: Herod was troubled and with Herod all Jerusalem bc Herod killed even 3 of his own sons and his wife so they could not becomme king and Jerusalem knew what for a tyrant herod the great was. ( the maggies came with hundreds maybe thausends of men to safeguard them and joseph of arimatea was the uncle of Jesus which became rich through the wise man. and Jesus was realy good provided through God by those maggies bc egypt was expensive. The Value of the Magi’s Gifts — Rick Renner


  2. What an uplifting message and reminder of the Hope we have in Jesus.
    For the thumbs down people we can only pray that your darkness will be turned to light by the truth of the gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit.
    And of course by the saving grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  3. An answered Prayer, I am so happy! I just left a prayer request 2 days ago asking to be able to see my Son this Christmas after not seeing him for 1 year, and he came to my house on Christmas!!! I said I am going to trust God, to give us what we need, I need my son! And God brought me my son!!! God is so so so so so Good! I spent Christmas with my son Kristian! The best answered prayer ever, thank you so much Jesus! God bless you all! Linda Briggs

  4. Pastor J.D. you are such a blessing! I’m so glad a friend told me about you! We should know that the wisemen were not at the stable. I still love it because it represents our Savior’s birth and life. The wisemen were very wise because they knew to worship Him!

  5. Thank you pastor for such a wonderful and timely message. I just had surgery and I'm out of work without pay. I'm trusting in my lord and savior, Jesus. It'll all work out. He's always given me what I needed when I really needed it! I'm sure this time will be no different.

  6. JD, great message! Sabia (hope I spelled it correctly), you are greatly blessed by our Father! He’s given you an amazing voice and talent at the keyboard! I rejoice at your gifts and willingness to share! You’re beautiful, too! He gave your Mom and Dad quite a gift in you! Blessings!

  7. Pastor JD, this service was so perfect and your daughter singing at the end made me cry like a baby. She is so gifted and such a blessing! May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry. I thank God for you. The Holy Spirit through your ministry literally help keep my faith alive! God bless you!!

  8. Such a beautiful voice Sabia!! So good to hear you again!!! You havd gotten so BIG now!!!! Hugs and Prayers xo ALWAYS ENCOURAGED AND INDPIRED AND TOUCHED WHEN I HEAR THEE WORD OF GOD FROM YOU BRO JD AND THANK YOU FOR BEJNG OBRDIENT! =) Love ya

  9. Some people don't like to say Merry Christmas,,,, like me for one,,,, not when there's nothing to be merry about,,,, so I say happy holidays which is the same thing isn't it,,,, I think you need to get some rest,,,,, you're taking on too much,,,, and yes, you're always getting somewhere with this,,,, good one,,,, two thumbs up,,,,