J.D. Farag | – Matters of the Heart – 1 Timothy 6:1-10 – October 11th, 2020

Pastor JD gets to the heart of the matter concerning one’s work, possessions and money. Subscribe to Pastor J.D.’s new prophecy website at [support us]

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  1. I am ALWAYS amazed that employers are never addressed on how to treat their employees. I have worked for employers where the workload is unmanageable. I left that job 15 years ago and still wake from nightmares. Unfortunately, it was as a RN working at the bedside in a hospital. There was not time for breaks and we ran for 14 hours a day and still didn’t get everything done that needed to get done. Meanwhile, the CEO made one million/yr plus benefits and perks. Management who misuses employees also are going to have to answer to the Lord someday.

  2. Brothers and sisters, I want to recommend a brother in Christ who has a small orphanage in Kenya. He needs financial help, his Facebook page is: Chrispine Otieno please friend request him and help if you can asap.

  3. All I can say is THANK YOU JESUS!!! Pastor Farag has been anointed by God during these last days to spread the Gospel of truth!! I have shared this sermon with so many here in South Africa! I have been so ill…and all I say NOW…I AM SO JOYFUL FOR ALL MY AFFLICTIONS!!!!…… PRAISE JESUS PRAISE JESUS PRAISE JESUS…WOW!!!!!

  4. Brother Farag, what translation of scripture do you read from? I was raised that KJV was only valid translation. But what you read from, I believe, would make easier for some family members to understand and therefore read with more frequency! Thanks in advance for your response, if possible!

  5. I too thank God for the virus as people have come to Christ like never before through this and even backslidden christians have returned to Christ just like I did. I had backslidden and came back to Christ January 01/2020 before the virus was even told to us and have never looked back since and keep going forward and have never had a stronger faith than I do each and everyday now since. I returned to my first love of Christ and and will never ever go backwards again in my faith. thank you Pastor JD for all that you do. Bless you!

  6. I know about the lure of a new car. I bought 6 new cars in 18 years. Love love loved it until the payments came in. My last SUV, I bought used and humping along at 21 years. No new cars for me. I pray over the ole girl every time I drive her. ❤️

  7. God says it is up to man to watch and search for His coming. Pastor J.D.
    I am a new Christian ✝️ looking to learn and seek answers. I came across a Watchman channel on YouTube and ask that you give your opinion. (The Exalted Lamb 1). PLEASE SHARE YOUR OPINION AS THE INFORMATION HE IS SHARING IS CRITICAL TO THE TIME TABLE OF OUR LIRDS COMING. Thank you

  8. Jonah 2:10 "And the Lord spake unto the fish, and it vomited out Jonah upon dry land."
    Jonah 3:2 "Arise, go to Nineveh…"
    vs 3. "So Jonah arose and went unto Nineveh, according to the word of the Lord, …"
    Thus, Jonah has not been spit onto the beech of Nineveh. Nor witnessed by the Ninevites.
    Hallelujah, I love you brother and all of you family!

  9. Today as I sit and listen, I am at work and I can not post a picture but pastor know that on my desk right next to my computer monitor sits the Bible verse Colossians 3:23-24 and I see it all day and read it many time over as a reminder why I am here doing this job. Love your sermons and I am praying for your continued health, strength and guidance to continue serving and guiding the rest of us which you give so much comfort to. God Bless you and your family.

  10. Pastor JD FARAG, It has been brought to my attention and laid upon my heart MANY are going to miss out on the other boat of Heaven entering into the Kingdom of God/Heaven not understanding all of the requirements after Salvation and how much confusion I am seeing with some of who think believe Salvation is also Baptizm when John 3:16 clearly states the only way to Salvation is BELIEVING IN HIM THAT NONE SHALL PERISH and there is nothing there that implies Baptizm is apart of Salvation and definitely people are confused between Salvation requirements and our requirements into entering into the Kingdom of God one day! And I have a been a Christian MANY MANY YEARS and grew up in a Baptist Chruch beliefs teachings and never have I even heard a sermon on our requirements into entering into the Kingdom of God that is required after Salvation we need to know and feel MANY will miss out entering into the Kingdom of God cuz they don't know there is requirements such as Baptizm and having the heart of a child and our works for the Lord to enter into the Kingdom of God/Heaven one dayyyy and was wondering if you could take this issue matter subject to God to lead the flock with a sermon or a series of sermons of its longer than just one sermon will allow time for teaching those who are really confused if you haven't already done a sermon on AFTER SALVATION COMES OUR REQUIREMENTS INTO ENTERING THE KINGDOM OF GOD SOOO MANY are going to miss the boat on when we are Raptured and go to Heaven! Thank You for your time in reading this from a concerned person with SOOO many confused and missing the other boat awaiting in Heaven for us! Have a wonderful blessed day and God Blesssss Us ALL! ❤️ ❣️

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