J.D. Farag | – Mid-East Prophecy Update – February 5th, 2017

Pastor J.D. addresses President Trump’s controversial travel ban and answers the question of the Christian’s response to allowing refugees unfettered access into the United States.

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  1. The judgment referred to uccurs at great white thrown at the end of the age Rev 20 :11-15 . Its purpose will be to determine who will be allowed to enter the eternal kingdom of the saved and who will be consigned to eternal punishment in hell vv34,36) and the basis for judgment will be wethere love is shown to Gods people 1John 3: 14-15.

  2. Wow! I love your passion! I just wish others got it! I was "debating" the immigration issue out with my husbands niece. She has been schooled in the jargon of the liberal and she even called her mom an embarrassment to her parents, who by the way, were Jewish immigrants from Egypt…..okay they were asked to leave back in the 60's after the government "lightened" their load of possesions, as they do, and they settled in America. This niece also had the audacity to compare this immigrant issue to the holocaust! Whatever! I told her to get some first hand experience on the issue and then we can seriously talk, I even suggested she talk with her grandparents. The forces of evil are mighty forceful on the young! Keep on Pastor! Yell, scream, rant and rave until they hear!

  3. You are so precious! Even though it is not personal for us at the same level as you, we totally feel the same way! Our hearts agree with you! Thank you for your ministry! God Bless you and stay strong! What you are doing is So Valuable!

  4. Thankyou so much for your updates. This one has really been so wonderful!! For most the mainstream media they too are Soros and the devil's puppets. We are to love everyone, but as an analogy, I would not take a strange person into my home with my little children. Love and care with wisdom! Jesus is Lord!

  5. we love you so much Pastor! hoping to support your ministry soon  Your honesty, love and fervor for Christ, Gods prophecy and souls is so overwhelming true and inspiring God bless  you and your ministry and your family in Jesus name amen! maranatha!

  6. Pastor JD does not like us post-tribbers much. But we watch him and find his updates incredibly pertinent and his exposing what is going on in the world is top-notch. I just pray that whatever happens God will give me the grace to go through it, loving Jesus.

  7. I love life the Lord gave e. I must say I hope I am home with him. before these young kids are older that are protesting, and some make it in our Government. I enjoy listening to what you tell us how you believe its part of the prophesy in the our Bible. keep up the good work.

  8. It is awful that the Saudis do not take in their kin, the refugees. But I guess God has rewarded them for not using their wealth to help and house them, by moving the tectonic plates and putting the oil under Israel. 😀

  9. In Hosea 4:17 it is recorded that God said, "Ephraim is joined unto idols, let him alone." There comes a time when God abandons men. God comes to a point where He lets a people go, lets them go to the consequences of their own sinful choices. They will not accept His counsel, they spurn all His reproof, as Proverbs says, so they eat the fruit of their own choices and they have to be satisfied with the devices they have chosen. Of the Pharisees Jesus said, "Let them alone, they are blind leaders of the blind," Matthew 15:14, the most terrifying words, "Let them alone."

    God has abandoned America to the effects of its sinful choices. Acts 14:16, the Apostle Paul said, "In the generations gone by, He…God…permitted all the nations to go their own way." All the nations of history go their own way. So like the nations of old, like the nations past, we follow the same cycle of having the truth, rejecting the truth and being abandoned by God.

    "The lost enjoy forever the horrible freedom they have demanded and are therefore self-enslaved." God will abandon sinners to their own choices and the consequences of those choices. And just what is this abandoning act on God's part, it is the removal of restraining grace. It is when God lets go and turns a society over to its own sinful freedoms and the results of those freedoms. No Scripture more directly confronts this abandonment and its consequences than Romans 1 does. Here is the most graphic and the most comprehensive discussion of what it means to be abandoned by God and it is the best passage that I know of to explain the moral chaos and the confusion that we experience in our own nation at this very time. God's wrath is already at work in our culture. We're not waiting for it, we are currently experiencing it.

    Verse 24, "God gave them over." Verse 28, ""Just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer…(here's the third step)…God gave them over to a depraved mind."

    Let us pray for the President and his helpmates. Pray for God to send someone to wise him up about: Genesis 12:1-3.

    Pray for someone to sit down with him at hours when NO ONE is up except secret service and review the scriptures that bless a nation that blesses Israel. Pray for our Presidents health and welfare. Pray for all family members of his as well. Pray for all of us to be Spirit enabled and with no overhanging sins not confessed to our Father so we can share the Gospel over cyber space and on the highways and byways of this nation for God's Glory and not for our gain in any material sense.

    May God richly bless you all.

  10. I know I'm in the extreme minority here, but hear me out. I am willing to give Trump a chance. I am not out protesting against this ban, but I feel that parts of it are not fair, especially to women and children refugees. My heart aches for the hell those families have gone through for the past 6 years. My issue with the ban is this– we are not just puting refugees on planes and sending them here to live. It takes upwards of 2 years and many hoops to jump through for them to get clearance. I don't feel that it's right in my heart for us to be slamming the door on them, and most certainly don't think we should be accusing them of rape, stealing, etc. Of course we have seen much more of that happening in the EU, because those refugees (a lot of them young, single men) basically stormed their borders in droves. That's not happening here, and we haven't had an issue like that. I have the utmost respect for Pastor JD, and I guess the thing I'm guilty of is caring too much for these families that did not choose this type of life to raise their kids in. Maybe I take the more simplistic approach of do unto others, love your neighbor, etc. I'm not going to check if they are Christian or another religion before doing that. Just my humble thoughts, so no rude comments please

  11. Thank you Pastor for another powerful update; it is easy to tell Jesus is coming soon by the way the devil is working furiously to distract us!! I was wondering now that you are in your new church will we get to see the finished sanctuary?? Lord bless you all and MARANATHA!!

  12. adelfi Nance, have we talked before? because I do have a son in coast guard and my husband was a captain on ocean going vessels. I lost him very young 62 years old from heart attack while they were getting ready to sail. He is with the Lord.

  13. Pastor ,Please share and teach the area of the Koran that states to kill non Muslims and where in the Koran it can be found. For those who won't open a Koran or even try to look in up online.  I really appreciate your passion in what God has called you to do in the prophecy updates to share the hope we have in Christ.  Godspeed.  Alan

  14. Actually I think Matthew 25 also includes or only includes Christians. It defiantly doesn't include all or any people but only this group the "brethren".

    An extrapolation of the verse and the timing points to the time just before the end when Christians will be persecuted for their beliefs. Then, at that time, if you as a fellow Christian steps out to help one of these you will be sticking your neck out and risk also facing persecution. At that time you will be at risk, even for offering water.

  15. i do not agree with your statement that "Jesus' brethren" are the jews. 

    Matthew 12:47-50 Someone said to Him, “Behold, Your mother and Your brothers are standing outside seeking to speak to You.” But Jesus answered the one who was telling Him and said, “Who is My mother and who are My brothers?” And stretching out His hand toward His disciples, He said, “Behold My mother and My brothers! For whoever does the will of My Father who is in heaven, he is My brother and sister and mother.”

  16. Thank you JD for sharing your family story…very uplifting and heartfelt! You and your parents were kept safe for a very good reason and that is to teach the truth according to the Holy Bible! God Bless you ….