J.D. Farag | – Mid-East Prophecy Update – July 30th, 2017

Pastor J.D. shares about the Lord ministering in a powerful and profound way concerning a heaviness of heart on his part.

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J.D. Farag J.D. Farag, Bible Prophecy - End Times - Pastor - Speaker Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Bible Prophecy speaker and Pastor, J.D. Farag of Calvary Chapel Kaneohe in Hawaii. With over 700 Million minutes watched, this is one of YouTube's most popular channels related to End Times news and global events. Born in Beirut Lebanon to an Egyptian father and Palestinian mother, Pastor J.D. Farag of Calvary Chapel Kaneohe, Hawaii loves Israel and offers a unique Arab perspective concerning the Middle East in Bible prophecy. J.D. and his wife were married in 1988 and currently reside on the Windward side of Oahu with their three children. ------------------- SOCIAL MEDIA DISCLAIMER: • Any comments containing profanity will be deleted. • By posting comments on this channel, you give Pastor J.D. Farag the irrevocable right to reproduce, distribute, publish, display, edit, modify, create derivative works from, and otherwise use your submission for any purpose in any form and on any media.

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  1. We are too quick to open our mouths! Social media has given us the idea that we need to reply reply reply. We don't. Lets just listen. Listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit through his servants like J.D. Love you dear brothers and sisters!!

  2. Pastor JD …first of all thank you for being a man of GOD I enjoy your prophecy updates every week.2) no matter what happens with August 21@ Sep 23 though it is interesting,people should not look for events like this and think Jesus is coming . They should look at these signs and know for one Jesus is not a liar and for two it is closer then we first believed . Thank you for being a watchmen and I pray god will bless your ministry until the great day of our lord calls us home…..

  3. I know Jesus means "hail Zeus "! And his true name is Yeshua ! Now I know Yeshua knows your intent but does the name Jesus have the same "spiritual impact" as Yeshua ? I think it's funny how people use Jesus name in vein and in cursing especially pagans/satanists it's gonna be funny when Yeshua allows them to realize they are cursing their own god lol

  4. " ..and not one of these divisions in the church has anything to do with salvation"- J.D Farag. The burdened hearts for souls has been pushed to the sidelines in the modern day world view of the church.

  5. Patti here:
    Yes, it is all about Jesus.
    Forgive me if I contributed to the Sept. Event which caused strife and division.
    My life is His. May I be obedient to the direction He has for me: a path I could not fathom walking. Blessed be the Name of the Lord:Jesus.

  6. Thank you for mentioning Sept 23rd.

    If we can look at what is going on in the world and measure it against prophecy, why can we not see that our Father who owns the heavens is going to put a Great Sign there as well? Should we not consider it? It is according to His word!

    Didn't our LORD say when these things begin to happen to LOOK UP?

  7. Ezekiel 36 – "But you, mountains of Israel, will produce branches and fruit for my people Israel" (Fulfilled – 1940) ……..Ezekiel 37 "I will take the Israelites out of the nations"
    (Fulfilled – 1948) …….. Ezekiel 38 (At the brink of Fulfillment – 2017?) ….!

  8. Pastor Farag–I have been watching you for over a year and can't wait till Sunday when you are on. I just returned from my first trip to Israel and I left my heart there. Thank you so much for your balanced and Biblical prophetic updates. I do not have cable tv anymore and get all my "learnin') from watching excellent Bible teachers and programs on You Tube. I'm loving it! Thank you for your faithfulness to God's Word. I also have a wonderful church with a young pastor who preaches with humility and boldness and church leaders who are faithful men and women. One of the faithful broadcasters on the Christian radio station that I love always finishes his program by saying " make much of Jesus". May that be the goal and purpose in all of our lives as we watch these last day events happening all around the world. Thank you! Jesus truly is the sweetest name I know!

  9. Great message about Rev 12 sign. I won't ask anyone what they think. I ask God. I will be disappointed a little but not devastated. I think we are on the cusp, whatever happens or does not…I try to live as though I am expecting Him everyday.That is the Blessed Hope. To me, that is just a little of all the signs this last few months. I hope, this year. I can't discount it, I pay attention. Unbelievers are watching and saying I want no part of that. Nasty stuff goes on between Christian believers with differences in doctrine. I have who Christ is and what He did correct, that is the core of salvation. Sad…Refuse to argue about the secondary Bless you JD

  10. Just So Utterly Overcome With The Holy Spirit As I Heard Pastor JD Farag Speak! It Brought Me To Tears! TheMessage Was Straight On The Mark Of Truth & Spirit! We Need More Pastors Like JD Farag! A True Man Of God!God Bless You, Pastor & Your Family! Thank You!

  11. Lets be excited the Lord is coming soon but soon may not be soon enough for you and I. Rejoice that he hasn't come yet so there is still time for more people to come to Christ. Send some more bricks to heaven for your mansion do serve the Lord share the gospel. pray break down the barriers of satan's delusions. Bind it in the name of Jesus plead the blood.

  12. Bless you, Pastor JD! I read my morning devotional scripture aloud and it almost always brings my cat into the room, or jumping on her seat next to me if she's in the room, and usually causes her to "speak." (I have a vocal cat with various sounds.) While I was singing the song "Jesus, Jesus, there's just something about that Name" my cat jumped on her seat and almost began singing with me. Reminds me about the rocks crying out.

  13. The "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" hymn you sang at the end reminded me of John Newton's well-known hymn:

    How sweet the Name of Jesus sounds
    In a believer's ear!
    It soothes his sorrow, heals his wounds,
    And drives away his fear.

    It makes the wounded spirit whole,
    And calms the troubled breast;
    'Tis manna to the hungry soul,
    And to the weary rest.

    Blest Name! the Rock on which we build;
    Our shield and hiding-place;
    Our never-failing treasury, filled
    With boundless stores of grace.

    Jesus, our Savior, Shepherd, Friend,
    Thou Prophet, Priest, and King;
    Our Lord, our Life, our Way, our End,
    Accept the praise we bring.

    Weak is the effort of our heart,
    And cold our warmest thought;
    But when we see Thee as Thou art,
    We'll praise Thee as we ought.

    Till then we would Thy love proclaim
    With every fleeting breath;
    And triumph in that blessed Name
    Which quells the pow'r of death.

  14. Wonderful! Thank you for your word today. I wonder what ever happened to my childhood friend Eric. I had missed the opportunity to share Jesus with my friend. I haven't seen him for over fifty years. Only the Lord knows. Thank you too, for reminding me, that the Lord brings people across my path to share the gospel with.

  15. The message in a nut shell; don't have passionate arguments that cause division over dumb things, and trust only in The Lord Jesus and His Truth.
    Top message, Pastor JD. Cheers and blessings from Australia.

  16. I learned from excitement of September 2015 that I want to live every moment I have left in eager anticipation of Christ's return, seeking to focus on Him moment-by-moment, keeping in step with the Spirit's leading with every breath whether he returns in a few minutes, days, or centuries. The one thing we know for sure is that we are way passed time to withdraw our earthy investments and store up treasures in heaven like there's no tomorrow. Praise the Lord Jesus for lifting our heads in these last days. The truth is we are already seated with Him in the heavenly realms!

  17. Bless you pastor J.D. I follow you weekly from Kenya. My hope and prayer is that you really sharpen your focus on the message and not on the attack. The enemy would love to use the attacks as distractions and so oppose the message of the third temple. The prophecy update for 30th July is sadly distracted by the affront you suffered. I continue to pray for strength and fortitude as you soldier on brother.

  18. After Ezekiel 36 was fulfilled by 1940, and chapter 37 was fulfilled in 1948…Ezekiel 38 starts off with God putting hooks in the mouths of Russia, Iran, Turkey, (through Syria) followed by Libya & Yemen after things get going…God describes this invasion being about getting Israel's goods (Booty), I read TODAY that Russia, Iran, & Turkey are meeting in Syria (3 miles off the Israeli border). The Lord is going to take us any time now!!! Additionally, Israel announces their plans of building their 3rd Temple…things are happening very fast…don't be surprised if more tension & violence occurs at the Temple Mount, as the frustrations of the Orthodox Jews is boiling over…anxious to pray at the Holy site. (Even using cell phones to disguise their prayers). It sounds like we're all being squeezed by Satan as his time runs out, so hold on and don't fall into condemnation which is his main weapon. God loves us all and already knows the flaws of man, but our Salvation is not based on any of us, but only our beautiful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ…!

  19. One thing I am sure of, he is COMING soon for his bride! I want to go home, this world isn't my home, I long for it, I pray he finds me worthy! I have been through the fire, I am not with any denomination, i am just a Jesus believer, a bible believer, my hope is in Christ alone!

  20. I pray that those among the paving the way for the antichrist will not take advantage of this time. I have heard rumors of a fake rapture being staged using holograms and sound that can be broadcast from satellites. There are so many gullible people that if the elite pulled something like this there would be total chaos.

  21. J D Hi, I am interpreting this eclipse as a sign of Jonah a time for repentance and in forty days the Sept 23 sign in the heavens as the beginning of the Tribulation and the ushering in of the Antichrist. I truly appreciate your updates Thanks. JB