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J.D. Farag J.D. Farag, Bible Prophecy - End Times - Pastor - Speaker Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Bible Prophecy speaker and Pastor, J.D. Farag of Calvary Chapel Kaneohe in Hawaii. With over 700 Million minutes watched, this is one of YouTube's most popular channels related to End Times news and global events. Born in Beirut Lebanon to an Egyptian father and Palestinian mother, Pastor J.D. Farag of Calvary Chapel Kaneohe, Hawaii loves Israel and offers a unique Arab perspective concerning the Middle East in Bible prophecy. J.D. and his wife were married in 1988 and currently reside on the Windward side of Oahu with their three children. ------------------- SOCIAL MEDIA DISCLAIMER: • Any comments containing profanity will be deleted. • By posting comments on this channel, you give Pastor J.D. Farag the irrevocable right to reproduce, distribute, publish, display, edit, modify, create derivative works from, and otherwise use your submission for any purpose in any form and on any media.

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  1. THE DATE SHOWN 4/26/2020!!! I could be wrong but you check and see.

    We are so close 71 days…spring is at hand. Convergences! The rapture HIGH WATCH is this April. The Israel barley harvest is this April.


    It answers the 7 years of Jacob's troubles.
    Why 3 times the same time? 1260days/3 1/2yr/42 months
    Why Rev. 12:1 sign and Rev. 12:2 the Red Dragon?
    Does it put Christ coming again on a Palm Sunday?
    Does it put the AC sitting down in the temple on 8th day of Solemn Assembly /Sukkot/Tabernacles?
    Does it answer the why 1290 days?
    Does it answer the 2300 days?
    Does is show a "double blessing" for 1335 days?
    Does it fulfill Mat. 24:22 shorting of days by use of 360 not 365?
    Does a time line fully work with the 2 witness? It makes much more sense with the 2 witnesses after the midpoint fighting the AC to protect the Jews from him. They die and resurrect at the end at Christs second coming NOT called up at the midpoint when the AC takes power. Otherwise mid point call up has them back in heaven waiting to the 2nd coming. NO ONE seeing mid point resurrections could refute God. The AC would loose all power at the mid point. Thus the 2 witnesses of God's power are witnesses!!


    IF you use Jewish years to determine Jewish/Jacob's 7 years of trouble "EVERYTHING!" FALLS INTO PLACE! USE SIMPLE DAY COUNTS OF 360 DAYS PER YEAR FROM THE BIRTH OF ISRAEL 5/14/1948. Which is a time marker / start day.

    LET US REASON: God is Jewish thus use Jewish years of 360 days gives: The birth of Israel was 5/14/48. That date is exactly 73 Jewish years (360days/year) until 4/26/2020 and exactly "80" Jewish years until the 3/21/27 WHICH IS PALM SUNDAY, the day CELEBRATES CHRIST'S ""AGAIN RETURN"" into Jerusalem. (Psalm 90:10) THUS equals 7 years of Jacobs tribulation! WHICH is shown as 4/26/20 to 3/21/27!!

    Jews will look back at the Rev. 12 sign. Jews require a sign. It is a "GREAT" sign! A warning to the Jews as will be the Red Dragon be a second sign. THE Jewish warning time line started with the REVELATION 12 conception comet that entered Virgo on Sunday Nov. 13 2016…..THAT is 1260 days, 3 1/2 Jewish years and 42 months X 30 days…BEFORE 4/26/20!!!

    (This also explains why no one has found the Red Dragon of Rev 12:3…it has not come. It must be on or just after 4/26/20! AND shows in the heavens the start of the time of the Dragon/Devil/covenant!)



    REV. 12 START CONCEPTION COMET = Sun. 11/12/16
    1260 DAYS TIL ANTICHRIST IN TEMPLE on 8th day/Sukkot/Tabernacles= Sun. 10/8/23
    Add additional 30 days (1290 from AC.) for nations to gather (Mat. 24:31) judgement= Tue 4/20/27
    Then 1335 days from AC in temple to the end of judgments = He is double blessed making it through the Judgement and the days of the AntiChrist. (45 days of Judgement) = Fri 6/4/27 into the the Millennium!

    GOD has shown the times: THAT is 1260 days, 3 1/2 Jewish years and 42 monthsx30 days AGAIN ADD 1260 days, 3 1/2 Jewish years and 42 monthsx30 days AGAIN ADD 1260 days, 3 1/2 Jewish years and 42 monthsx30 days "THREE "ways" THREE TIMES HIS COUNT is shown and we must use it 3 TIMES! WITH THESE DATES WE ARE COORDINATED WITH SCRIPTURE. MARANATHA IN APRIL .

    The farther we get on the time line counting the days (Psalms 90:12) the closer we get to the rapture and no time lines work into the future. The Truth, I may be wrong…but the numbers match! WHO knows I might be sadly blowing in the wind.

    BUT THE REAL BIG QUESTION: IS the date shown for the start of Jacob's (Jewish) troubles! There are 3 sensitive APRIL HIGH watch times for RAPTURE for those worthy Christians in the body of Christ Jesus:
    1. The 4/26/20 = end of church age and start of Jacobs trouble. Watch for rapture at the same twinkling of an eye.a midnight that changes from Church age to Jacob's Troubles. (The Trump treaty??)
    2. The 4/3 to 4/5/20 time that Venus meets with Pleaides. (The 7 sister churches thru the ages/7stars/7lamps of the churches of Rev. 1-3) A high watch time for Jesus to pass over the churches OR IT may be just a last minute notice sign in the sky.
    3. Passover on 4/7-4/15 As death passed over the 1st born Jews in Egypt…so might death pass over the 1st born in Christ. Really would make the Jews jealous if the Gentiles and believing Jews got a free ride up!!!

    Dan 12:11 The 1290 days adds 30 days (Mat 24:31) after the AC is removed from and to clean the temple. ALSO this occurs after Christs return so the shattered remaining powers can organize people to come under Christs authority and to be judged. (Palms 37:9-11 )

    Then Dan 12:12 Gives 1335 days gives the completion of the judgement of mankind. Days after the AntiChrist sits in the temple. THUS blessed is he who makes it to this date as he has made it thru the AntiChrist AND to be judged righteous (double blessed) to live forever and ever.

    2300 days (Dan. 8:14) Defines how long the temple shall be in effect and be wronged/desolate and immorally trodden under foot. THUS 2300 gives the FIRST DAY the temple is restarted to the end. Christs return on 3/21/27 MINUS 2300 days = Wednesday Dec. 2 2020 start of the temple.

    TOO many other things, to long to show here…….
    So am I DOGMATIC about the rapture date? No as you can tell from the several April dates above.

  2. Thank you Pastor J.D. for all your wonderful teachings that are so powerful and so well explained. You make it so easy to understand. Can't wait to meet you in the clouds! Praying for you and your wonderful family. Melody

  3. [email protected] who refuse to see that Trump is the antichrist,
    you must watch brother Leeland video(s)
    "Peace Deal, Covenant for Third Temple"
    Not much time left!

    Do you know what Trump's "maga"means?
    It means "witch or sorceress" "you" are under the spell of the antichrist!

    I myself collected for some time now evidence that Trump is the antichrist and pope Francis is the false prophet.
    Here you can read what I have found:

    We are in the first part of the tribulation:

    Can't you see?


  4. JD, I love your teaching on the Proverbs. I don't think I could learn any better from a rabbi! Besides, I'd miss your humour and stories. I wish I could find a church like yours, one that truly knows how to love and accept love. I've felt that I have been misunderstood in other churches, not to mention the back-biting that went on, which seemed to go unaddressed by the pastors. I'm glad to hear that you keep a lid on that kind of thing. If I've said or done something to upset someone, I want to hear it from THEM. I want to sort it out, or apologize if I need to. This kind of thing is why I'm not looking for another church right now. Church should be a SAFE place to go–a sanctuary. It's hard not to build up walls when you're looking to see where the next blow might come from.

  5. We can really tell that you've studied each and every one of these verses in the book of Proverbs so thoroughly as there is so much instruction into the heart of each of them! Thank you so much for all your study and elucidation, JD! Truly you bless us every time you take the pulpit!

  6. The Lord began speaking again, "It is a fact. When you are critical of others, even in your

    heart or mind without saying a word, you have just opened a door. Not only that, but the thought sticks to the person you criticized and hurts them. So, first you must repent of the thought which you followed up on; then you must pray for the person you just injured.

    "This is a spiritual law. So few Christians realize it. The ones that do and live by it are very high up in

    ministry, because I can trust them. Other ministers, once they get into name calling or accusation, all the

    demons that have been waiting in line for years fly in the open door and begin oppressing them. The more harm that is done, the worse the oppression they will suffer. This is a law, a dynamic of the spiritual realm.

    "My Children, say NOTHING evil about anyone. Do not linger on an evil thought, do not entertain it, do

    not follow up on it. Do not. I tell you this for your own good. If you do this, you will suffer. You have just stabbed one of My children in the back and opened a door. Much damage comes through just one critical thought.

    "And by the way, most of what you accuse others of, you have been guilty of at one time or another – and the accusation may not be grounded in fact.

    "Very often the devils will goad you on with all kinds of thoughts about people who have hurt you, or you

    feel have done you wrong. They are like cheerleaders cheering you on. They goad you to make all kinds of nasty connections and accusations. Most of the time what they say is pure, unadulterated lies with no basis in fact.

    Jesus continued, "It is important to note that when your mind is perceiving thoughts that are critical of others, you may be picking up on what the enemy is broadcasting to deliberately lead you into judgment, so they can walk right into that open door. In fact, many come with the assignment to open the door and

    then proceed through it, so they work very hard at getting an opening. Until that door is open, they are stymied.

    "This is why, My People, I have continually told you, from the very start, not to judge and to stay away from the news. The news is slanted to get you to criticize. It doesn't matter whether it is true or not, whether you started it or not. All that matters is that you took it upon yourself to judge another, and most of the time without even knowing the facts.

    "When the so-called facts are lies, then you become complicit in the sin of false accusation. Do you see the wisdom in this, My Brides? The media is being used by Satan to provoke you into judgment so there are open doors in your lives, and the enemy can penetrate and wreak havoc. I very much want you to make this connection, so that you can protect yourself."

    Lord, is it ever safe to watch the news?

    "The information you get from missionaries is for the most part honest, and gives you an occasion to pray and offer gifts. But the news which is politically controlled is divisive, misleading and manipulative. I wish all My People would come to Me for the news and I will tell them what is important for them to

    know or pray about. This is why I will send something across your desk, without you asking. But even

    then, be vigilant.

    "But even in your correspondence, or conversations, watch out when people are having difficulties and

    are accusing others left and right. It isn't healthy to engage these things, and most of the time the

    information is slanted to their advantage and you become complicit in false accusation."

    He continued, "I wish you could all see the knives I pull out of the backs of Christians daily. You would not believe the extent to which this is being done all over the globe. And not by Muslims or Communists, but by other Christians. And then they wonder why they've come under such heavy oppression."
    Words given to Mother Clare, of the Franciscan Hermitage in Taos, New Mexico. August 2016