JB Makananisa | – TESTING GOD OVER YOUR MEDICAL REPORT ll Healing and Prophetic Ministration by Apostle BJ Makananisa

Can I get someone with a medical report; Jesus will heal. Let us test our God, He is faithful and He will heal you. God wants to touch you wherever you are. By the stripes of Jesus Christ, Apostle BJ Makananisa stretches forth his hand declares congregants healed from these various infirmities:

– Thyroid Gland problem
– Tuberculosis
– Ulcer
– Dysfunctional erection
– Epilepsy
– Asthma
– Sugar diabetes
– Bronchitis
– Piles

About The Author

Charis Missionary Church Charis Missionary Church looks at fulfilling its mandate as it serves the Lord Christ by following these pillars set out as core Visions. + To establish integrated ministries of outreach, Discipleship, and development service (like Develop Africa Focus ministry) which encompass our area of operation with an aim of spreading. +To be a Spirit-Empowered cell church that provides quality pastoral training and equipping resources. +To plant cells and churches throughout the world

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