Jentezen Franklin | – Make Room For A Miracle | Pastor Jentezen Franklin

Happy Sunday! Join us for music from Mac Powell, a message by Jentezen Franklin and our annual Back to School prayer service.

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Comment (39)

  1. Thank you Pastor Jentezen Franklin, true and Amen. Jesus always there for us when we are in trouble, just believe and acknowledge Him.
    Can’t wait to listen to you this coming Father’s Day at the Hillsong church Sydney..

  2. Jesus .I love you . I PRAY out to you and say thank you for all the blessing of my family . My wife my kids . For all of these people are blessing that you have given . I cry out to be the better father be the better husband to follow your word . To give back to you through helping other . Help me defeat my sins and be the person you desire

  3. This is what God says, I want to make a room for miracle.
    My body is the room for the power and not to just pass by.

    God bless you Pastor, such a man awesome Spirit filled Sermon

  4. I've been praying for six and a half years now for a healing miracle… I was in a very bad motorcycle wreck that took the life of my rider and if not for God's mercy I would have also died. But was left with a bum left leg with massive nerve and mussel damage along with a broken femur. So I got a 13 inch plate and a bunch of screws holding my leg on. and screws holding my hip together. They were going to cut my leg off from the hip down but one doctor who just happen to be there latter than he was supposed to have been there and he said that he want to see if they could save my leg. And praise Jesus they did. But I live every day in massive nerve pain. I know God didn't let them save my leg for me to live in this much pain… The doctors told me that the more the nerves heal the more pain I'd be in. So I know it's healing but it's been 6.5 years already. I don't understand why it not totally healed by now… I know the damage to the nerves was massive but I'm still trusting God for MY miracle healing…
    I just don't understand why I ain't got it yet. But I know that all things work out for my good in Gods time not mine….

  5. What he said about God being like a rushing river really grabbed hold of me. I had visions of being caught up in a river over a year ago concerning a certain man or certain nation and wanting to marry him or into that nation, so I think it means that I need to stay in the river and trust it to carry me to my destiny.

  6. This has really changed me alot and am pleading for the trinity to come and dwell in the rooms of my heart ♥. May Jesus walk on all situations that doesn't glorify his name in Jesus might name.
    God bless you pastor Franklin

  7. Thank you God i believe you will make Miracles I Pray for your Grace Remember my prayer i Pray for your favor Today i Pray for your Grace and favor so it a gain Lord i Pray for your Grace Grace Grace Amen Lord pls answer me

  8. Who cares about this trash and garbage there is no god
    Who cares about this trash and garbage there is no god
    Who cares about this trash and garbage there is no god
    There is no god
    There is no god
    There is no god

  9. I also listen to you everyday. Your annoying is such a blessing to me. I am focusing in the good so the bad doesn't eat the good. Thank Jesus for your blessings and your message through pastor Jentezen.