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This is the official YouTube channel of Free Chapel. Our mission is to inspire people to live for Jesus. We’re one church with multiple locations, led by Pastor Jentezen Franklin.

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Free Chapel Free Chapel. This is the official channel of Free Chapel. Our mission is to inspire people to live for Jesus. We're one church with multiple locations, led by Pastor Jentezen Franklin. Gainesville, GA • Gwinnett, GA • Braselton, GA • Cumming, GA • Midtown, Atlanta • Spartanburg, SC • Orange County, CA • Discover more at More about Jentezen Franklin at Find us on Instagram: Find us on Facebook: Find us on Twitter: Download the Free Chapel App: Giving:

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  1. I've lost so much as a result of the invisible chronic illness I've suffered with for a decade. My job, my home, my social circle and I had to move interstate to a warm climate which meant leaving my adult children behind even though my daughter said she'd come with us…I've had multiple surgeries and painful recoveries and I have 3 more to go. What do I have left…everything I need, Jesus my Savior and His love and my marriage. Dear God the loss is incredibly painful but there's also been incredible favour on this journey in the wilderness. God is good ALWAYS ❤☝️

  2. This message appeared divine, but was not. Franklin presents the Bible as a pamphlet and God as a genie. God is not here to serve us, but vise versa. If it were a message from God, he would have preached repentance of sins through the death/resurrection of Jesus Christ; not taken stories out of context to fit a narrative of prosperity. I say this out of love to the people he is leading astray, also, not to belittle.

  3. God' reveal to me in a dream
    Tonight after midnight that when
    I wake up from that dream that
    The full person of the holy ghost
    Shall dwell in me richly and out of
    Me all my life surrounding me
    Encamping around me with the
    Holy ghost overflowing in and out
    Of me all my exhistance of
    Me and all my spirit of me ever
    That's is God's promise to me as his church for his precious promised belong to his church
    That's precious and god to save
    Me from the enemy's lies and
    From everything devilike evwr
    Nothing is impossible with God
    And no weapon formed against
    Me shall prosper or ever that mean no wicked or mischievous
    Plans or prayers ever against me
    Shall prosper cause God's greater
    And the best is yet to come
    Please love God's prodigal

  4. God please grant me you will do
    Exactly what it takes that
    Noone will ever make me feel
    Obligated to see a Dr I'd ever think
    Would wrong my life or doom me
    No matter what at night I won't
    Take a pill of any kind that I don't
    Wanta take from any Dr anymore
    No matter what no medicine prayers or nothing will come against God's energy for me
    And nothing will overcome
    It being my life no medicine will
    Ever shorten my life I won't take any that would not cause me to do anything that I' wouldn't feel
    Right doing no medicine or prayer
    I just wants please the Lord and have God please me all my exhistance thanks for caring to
    Care for my help please love
    God's prodigal

  5. Hi love
    I need God to reveal to me in
    A dream tonight after midnight
    Definately whenever it's dark outside tonight that he will do
    What it takes right away that I won't live up under anyone's roof
    Anymore that would ever rob God
    From his firstfruits of tithes and
    Offerings and that noone will make me feel like their holding me back from giving my definate
    Firstfruits in tithes and offerings
    To my bishop and godmother
    Robinson's church anymore
    But he make sure noone try to
    Hold me giving God what's rightfully his that comes through
    My Bishop and godmother Robinsons church for to their
    Church belongs all my treasures
    Of firstfruits and no other they
    Been with me almost 23 years now though they should have quit
    On me they love me and mother
    Me and help me like real woman
    And men of God I been u faithful
    God save me from all my
    Unfaithfulness to
    God prosper and bless my Bishop
    And godmother Robinson and
    Their ministry as much as he's ever prospered and blessed anyone's ministry I ever got prayer
    From and the people that will ever
    Be.members of their church shall
    Prosper truely and be blessed as
    Much as anyone that's ever gave to those other ministries it really
    Pays to believe good in God's people even when it wouldn't seem to make sense my Bishop
    And godmother Robinson and
    The people that will ever be members of their ministry shall
    Go to heaven to live with God in God's presence through all their
    Eternities without getting abandoned or kicked out of heaven and I have God bless them
    All eternities long ecpecially my
    Bishop and godmother Robinson but by them ecpecially the people who made me feel special in. Any
    Of their churches what matters to me matters to God and God shame every devil and their lies
    Thanks for being so awesome as to
    Have such heart for God as to
    Acknowledge this the best is yet to come as their all about God bless. Us to live as close to 135
    Years old on Earth without missing the rapture and the rapture won't endanger any of our lives for I'm prodigal no matter
    What God set me over all devilllike things heads eternally
    No matter what I shall please god
    Love him with my all and prosper as supernaturally as possible all my life and eternities and no devilllike thing can stop me ok
    Seriously thanks for this time
    And God is claiming his own
    And he will judge the people who
    Tried to wrong me with finances
    And my firstfruits are definately his but his firstfruits is his through
    My godmother Robinsons church
    And he will judge who could wrong himby holding me back from getting what's his this is serious and I'm not taking it lightly I believe what I believe I got
    A mind of my own which is the mind of Christ and no theology can change me when the devil deal with a prodigal he's got a mess on his hand but that's ok God will come back to judge that fool and his one day God bless me to keep enjoying my life I live with God's enemies they like me
    Cause I'm prodigal they know about my godmother I haven't been to church since the pandemic but me and my godmother have an agreement
    Im not going to church now to take the chance on someone breaking us up my mindset is
    To get on my own any how she knows that no matter what my
    Bishop and godmother Robinson
    And everyone that will ever be members of that church will all love me unconditionally like Christ loved the church and me
    Them and noone can ever cause us to dislike or be against each other in any way at all ever no weapon formed against me shall
    Prosper they shall only believe God for God's best for me and never called me against me or my prayers i.have the heart of God thanks please love God's prodigal

  6. I'm giving God what's right is right
    I been unfaithful God's mercies
    Sufficient for me I wanta give by
    His word please love God's prodigal I wanta do what's right
    Though I don't although God's word and faithfulness is important thanks for the love
    Please love God's prodigal