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  1. Discovered this Pastor online less than 2 weeks ago, so far so good. I love your teachings especially on prayer and fasting, I feel I'm in a searching period I need God, I want God and I want to walk in his goodness and mercy. I thank God for your simplicity and humility, may God increase that grace upon your life in Jesus name, Amen. Jessy from Zambia.

  2. Social media can really be poison, it is neither good nor bad, but is only what is sowed into it.

    To reach people about God online we must have a balance between God and technology because if we don’t we will be poisoned by the world, but if we hold fast to the Word and look to Jesus, then that is when we can face death every day and resist the devil and reach people.

  3. Amazing message Pastor,… you truly hear from our Heavenly Father when you speak truth like this; my goodness your ministry is truly a blessing to this troubled earth. Thank you for being you and thank You God for who being the loving God that you are. You deserve ALL of our attention and much more than we can EVER give…

  4. "My people do not TEST the spirits. They run with the spirits, give heed to SEDUCING SPIRITS and GET OUT OF MY WILL," says the Lord. Test everything, make sure IT IS GOD'S WILL, not yours ! Or you will be DECEIVED and ROBBED by the enemy !

  5. God's spoke my entire heart back to me in this sermon. Every word I have Always thought about today's society but 1st time I heard it spoken back to me. He said if your truly a friend to God, the world will unfriend you. I identify. One of best sermons I Ever heard.

  6. I am blessed but I could use some prayer I need to be refreshed.I need my zeal back I need the overwhelming stress stop and I need to be able to stop procrastinating I want you guys to pray for the Lord to help me to take care of the things I am supposed to take care of.
    I want to be a better husband and father

  7. Please prayer for me the enemey as me distracted from.prayeing and reading the word evrytime im able to dp so something bad huppning so o get descorajed and distracted seems to be a patten that i havent overcoming yet but um.geeting a tiny bit better but i need help in prayer for acomplete breakthrough i love praying i love gods word i live God thank you

  8. I did a lot of work on social media specifically Instagram. For 1 year the God has been telling me to take a break from it but I didnt. April 19 this year I gave my life my life to Jesus and finally surrendered to the call. I haven't been on social media since May 2020. I know God has a plan for my platforms but until I hear it clearly from him I do not see myself going back just yet.

  9. Great service. I did go to my local church, but I enjoy your services too. I saw some one post “I just said a prayer for you” and I liked that. From now on I say that after I pray rather than idly saying I’ll pay for you.