Jerry Savelle | – God Is Not Going to Allow You to Fail, Part 1

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God has many promises in His Word assuring that He has designed a life of victory for the Believer, including the scripture in 2 Corinthians 12:9 which says, “My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness…” However, most Christians today who love God are living below their level of victory that God wants for their lives. If God’s grace is sufficient, why don’t more of us walk in the fact that we’re immune to failure? Dr. Jerry Savelle has a powerful series for you on how to raise your expectation in God to see victory in every area of your life, how to stand on the Word until your circumstances change, and how vital it is to develop a no-quit attitude if you’re going to live a life free from failure.


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About Jerry Savelle
Dr. Savelle is the author of more than forty books, including his bestsellers, If Satan Can’t Steal Your Joy, He Can’t Keep Your Goods and Called to Battle, Destined To Win. He and his wife, Carolyn, also serve as founding Pastors of Heritage of Faith Christian Center in Crowley, Texas.

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About The Author

Jerry Savelle The official channel of Jerry Savelle Ministries International. Jerry Savelle Ministries exists to teach people around the world how to live in God’s blessing, experience His favor, and become the winner in life that He has called them to be. We accomplish this through 4 areas of ministry: Motivate… people, no matter who they are, to develop a “no quit” faith and to receive God’s favor on their finances. Evangelize… this world by attracting the lost to a loving, faithful God. Disciple… believers in their authority as children of God so they can bring the Good News of winning through a relationship with Jesus Christ to others. Jerry Savelle Reach Out… to hurting humanity with food for their spirit, soul and body.

Comment (25)

  1. The turnaround you have been hoping for is on it's way, and I assure you, you are ahead for a better way. I always come through for those who are take me at my word and cause miraculous things to happen when their praises can be heard. You stood in faith and would not give in, so continue to rejoice, because I'm causing you to win. Your enemy thought you would not last, but here you are your troubles are pass. So lift up your voice by the shout of praise, and showed me that you are grateful with your hands upraised. This will be just one of many victories to come. I declare you are the victor and the battle has been won!