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  1. The magnetism is now happening to people who are not v'd…one of our sisters Mother did the v and our sister did not but she's been caring for her mother. 2 days ago she discovered she's now magnetized!

  2. What is strange is now non-vaxxed people are magnetized. I hear that people have varying levels of magnetism, some unusually higher than others, but I think the vaxxx probably brings it out. My husband and I have not been vaxxed and have had no PCR test, but a magnet sticks on our chest, and a small keyring on our face. The pull is not strong, however, and it does not happen on our arms. So strange! I am so ready to be with our Savior and be out of this crazy world…

  3. As much as I believe the short woman with glasses statement about their plans to cull the world's population, on the other hand Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura are masons, real disinformation agents.

  4. if you look at the video of the girl brittney with the magnets on face on (bitchute)you can see a different prospective in slow motion…the magnet on her neck/shoulder magically appears and the one of the metals she places on her facw close to the key just disappears…you can see it really good if played in slow motion..Im not saying its fake about the magnets but this video makes me not trust her..i sure would like someone to see what I am seeing.

  5. These Satan worshipping so called leaders of our may be laughing now and having a big party as they start killing off all these people but one day they will stand before a Righteous Judge and the wheels will fall off their party wagon. I have been inoculated but not with Satan's poison but with the blood of Jesus Christ who cleanse me from my sins.

  6. Truth with love Amen pastor ,I too had seen the video with Jesse people are more willing to except and believe a lie rather than the truth !!! Thank you pastor for truth ! God bless

  7. I'll be honest, I didnt think much of your recent video about being monitored but, without going into detail, similar things are happening to me. I havent been baptized. Is anyone able to explain baptism to me?