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  1. GREAT MESSAGE, Pastor!! I stopped tithing to my asleep and lukewarm church about 4 months ago and now send that same money directly to Christian organizations that are doing important things like feeding the homeless (Seattle's Union Gospel Mission), sending new testament Bibles in hebrew to Jews in Israel, (One4Israel) and a couple here on UTube who go out and give backpacks full of food and provisions to the homeless and print hundreds of thousands of invitations to the "Feast of the Lamb" and mail them all over the world for the Saints to hand out. I feel really good about where my money is going and that is directly helping those in need and spreading the Gospel. Amen. : ) : ) : )

  2. Your so funny laryngitis of the church,been going on very long time I was practically born on a church pew and I learned the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST from two WITNESSES back in the seventies. How quaint.
    I love you PASTOR Jerry Toney. You look like my dad did when he was 48yrs old hes 84 still looks good..
    God bless you

  3. That makes no sense cause I'm surrounded by big churches and a pregnant girl with two toddlers said I was only one helping her ,no one goes hungry under my watch The Lord JESUS CHRIST blesses me for that and I feed them exceedingly the bread of life too. Not trying to be like that it's just JESUS said he will raise his church in the last day,a preying church .

  4. God speaking through you has you right on point it is so true of the 501 c 3 churches myself I am struggling with depression and anxiety I'm trying to find my way back to the father I was asking father to give me a heart of repentance

  5. When to church today and found the church lacking it was to make people feel good they were sing. And rapping to song not of worshiping the holy father it sick in me all it was was a play on feeling the pastor sat back and watch as the acting when on it was all theatrical event. The Holy Spirit guided out of the church thank you brother Jerry for the truth. The walk is hard it is Worth it in the truth of Gods words. Thank so very much. I don’t think I will be Attending the church near me

  6. Kenneth Copland for instance! He is almost a Billionaire or he is by now! Million dollar jets! Why does he need that much money????? I bet he would not help the poor! People out there starving & homeless! I'm poor and my wife & I have a junk car tearing up all the time and we can't get help! There is millionaires out there but no, they won't buy us a vehicle!

  7. Support a widow or orphan? I'm a widow with a young child and no one has ever supported me since I became a widow. Instead life is much different to how it was when my husband was alive, people see you as an easy target with no one to protect or defend you. I never feel safe and secure since he died

  8. This makes perfect sense. It also makes me wonder about all my local church congregations I have attended, and the one I currently attend, even though The last time i checked the 501c3 listing, there not listed, but act like they are( concerning masks). This does discourage me from attending services in person due to the facemask requirements now where I go (breathing in damn mask sucks). There is no where else to go locally anymore that is "mask free".

  9. These mega pastors mentioned in this video are also free masons. In a very recent sermon by TD Jakes he spoke of the rain man..aka reign man. In the world of occultism/ free masonry the rain man is another name for the antichrist. They are cunningly deceptive with their practices but the truth is out there for any of us that are willing to seek it. Also pay close attention to their hands whenever you watch any of these men speak before their congregation. They all pay homage to their master with their hand gestures but on an even more sinister neans..these hand gestures are also means of casting witchcraft among the congregations.

  10. Most of my family are active Mormons. They would never believe their church received $52 million from the CARES Act. They don’t believe anything I’ve tried to tell them about my born again experience and what a true relationship with Jesus looks like because they’re relationship is with a church, not our Savior, Jesus.

  11. I see those fake pastors_A.KA. Wolves in sheep's clothing selling their souls to the devil to deceive many in order to have fortune and fame here on Earth. They are twisting the truth! They are using Gods name in vain to gain for their millions and billions here now instead of speaking the truth and saving souls and teaching of Hell's fire, not the Candied down gospel most know today

  12. I think many 501C3 Pastors are on the Clergy Response teams & will hold people's hand on the way to Camp Fema. I also think
    many of these churches will be covvvid vaxx sites. I stopped going to these churches quite awhile ago and I am not looking back.

  13. Oh yes! I can attest to what you are saying is truth. I am both, orphaned and now, widowed. What you are saying is truth. After my husband died, I do not have family. I desperately needed some intervention to sell my house. They could have cared less. I ended up making bad choices but Jesus took me through it. I am ok today.
    But, boy oh boy.
    I stopped giving to these 501c3 churches. There are many ministries like yours, truly love Jesus, that deserve our money.