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  1. I feel you Jerry, A sad feeling indeed, I have a wife and 2 children, My son has a mental condition! And like you said there already saying you’ll need this to work, Next is Food shopping or shopping period. Speaking with my wife she’s saying we need to provide for them. Idk what’s gonna happen when the dress rehearsal becomes real. Oh idk. My thoughts on this is that we need to come together and pull our resources together… How else can we possibly survive? “Talking about believers”. GOD Please bless your Body in CHRIST! ✌️❤️

  2. This touched my heart so much. I see it too. I have watched people in stores and wonder what are we doing? Listening to everything we are told. Its like a big dark cloud went over all of United States and blinded some people and left them in a fog and they have no mind of their own anymore. I pray for the rapture. There is nothing that can save us but God. I look outside and see all the beauty God created and it makes me so sad that evil will put an end to all of it. Jesus is coming soon. He is going to rescue us. I BELIEVE that and that is what gets me through each day. Thank you Pastor Jerry for your prayers. God Bless you and your wife.

  3. When you see Wuhan today, there is no masks being worn, no social distancing, those people are not sick there. Jerry, remember back in April when the media flew to Wuhan and on the video we kept hearing screaming of people saying “It’s not real, no virus, it’s fake?” It is the Western world that is oppressing their people, and while the enemies of our country laugh and party, and wait to crush us. The end if this generation is upon us, but it was man made, and the people fall on their own swords, because they have more fear of mans laws than Gods Laws and mercy. How sad because so many are following the agenda of Satan, and denying the Armor Of Our God.

    עַם יִשְׂרָאֵל חַי עוֹד

    “The People of Israel live, our Father yet lives!”

  4. Hi Pastor Toney. I am from South Africa, and yes, not knowing what is next, is what is wearing the people out. Believers know that the Lord is control and He will not leave us nor forsake us. But non of us knows exactly what our Governments are up to and what is next. You cannot believe anyone anymore. There are so many lies. It is the unknown thoughts and plans of these evil people that a believer with a pure heart, cannot comprehend. As this whole situation is evolving, I am so excited because I know that we are soon going home, but at the same time, so very heartbroken about the state of people's lives and the fact that most of them are just going about their lives as normal (like the Bible says it will be with the Lord's soon return just like when Noah went into the ark). This whole situation is almost like knowing you've got a loved one that will soon die and that have been sick for months and now you try to go on with your life, but you watch your phone with fear every time it rings. May we be found worthy and spotless when God sends Jesus and the Angels to come collect us. We must stay in repentance. Also praying for you and your wife.

  5. You're very spot on.. we the people are tired of the masks, election, COVID.. then you get losers like the Trump haters going into everyones Twitter account gloating and laughing how Trump lost.. so yes we are all tired of it all

  6. On some of the issues you spoke about i can agree strongly ,but as for prayers for the U.S.A. i will only pray for the oppressed and sick and homeless and jobless Americans . But for America i pray that All Mighty God bring it down with out mercy.It is corrupt beyond repair. Not only America but the rest of the Nations. Bring them down to ground 0 please Lord.

  7. Love you Pastor Jerry! Thanks for the wisdom and discernment as we need to press into Jesus deeper than ever before. It seems like even so called Christians are walking around clueless almost like zombies without the life of God in them. It is sad but we were told this would be perilous times in 2 Tim othy. Stay the course man of God pray for often. We are for you!! Dan