Jerry Toney | – Concerning my last Special Report…

What is happening should shake you to your prophetic knees…
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  1. The Great deception is surely here. I just started listening to your channel, but your right there is NO middle ground only the Truth of Scripture. Many do worship Trump just like the Democrats worship their liberalism. Repentance is the only way to Salvation. Besides the WORD says WORK OUT your Salvation in Fear and Trembling! Yeshua is the Door but Faith without works is dead!

  2. Abiding with you Pastor Jerry Toney I belong to your church. Thousands miles away from Texas, your words I know from reading the bible. Reading scriptures have taken me in the spirit and clearly Mr. T is carnally yoked & bounded. Yes, we all have to look closer what's on the world stage and there are many actors of unrepentance, enemy foot soldiers claiming to be the "Chosen One." However, coming from Mr. T was very special indeed cracking his chest, raining his words to Yeshua. Big Mistake!
    Earth is responding through floods, sinking lands, mudslides, cracking up and many more disasters to name a few because of SIN! Blood is crying from the grounds, ABORTION! People this storybook of Earth is coming to a close. It is the END GAME for everyone. Those Christians abiding in Yeshua are the light when the ANGELS come for us through the chaos in the darkness, we will ILLUMINATE and the ANGELS will pull us out to fight SATAN'S ARMY. Then there are those Christians who will be in Tribulation the fear of God will be tattooed in their hearts and know GOD IS IN CONTROL! Those will stay to learn who's the BOSS or not. Get it right people in your hearts, or you will perish like heat to the grass. Jerry I stand with you throughout the length of your ministry. Jesus raised a warrior here. I DO NOT FEAR MAN, I FEAR THE LORD YAHWEH AND HIS SON JESUS CHRIST. Who will stand with the LORD and fight this evil? Sign up for Yeshua's army, let's go people and WACK WICKEDNESS, EVIL & SIN OUT! Only STRONG SPIRITED people through PRAYERS should sign up. ENOUGH SAID!

  3. God can use anyone.remember when god harden pharaohs heart so he wouldn't let his people go.he wanted to show the Egyptians that he was god.god is using trump to bring the destruction to America wake up people this man speaks the truth repent.stop looking to these governments Democrats and Republicans. Put your life in god's hands.god never ment for man to rule over another man.he is the only ruler

  4. Pastor Jerry, I was watching Pastor Sandy and he mentioned today that TRUMP has totally defunded Planned Parenthood and will give the funds to young mothers who are trying to raise a child and not abort her child due to her ignorance or what they are taught in public schools. I pray this is true, God Bless Brother!

  5. Brother Jerry, Be blessed, and at peace. The Lord will deliver his…We can pray, but the Lord All Mighty has everything planned out. This train is still running…it is time to seek your salvation with fear and trembling. love and the fear of the Lord is a good thing. much love brother.

  6. Pastor Jerry, you are so right. You are doing your best to get people to repent. I am so thankful I was led here to find you here. I thank you Pastor Jerry, for helping me be a better Christian, and a better person. Thank you for all you do. God Bless you and your loved ones.

  7. Mr. Toney, after I saw what POTUS said I was troubled. Thank you for confirming that what I felt in my spirit was true. He did come out and say that it was a joke. I still have an uneasy feeling about the whole situation.

  8. I havent heard anything about trump defunding planned parenthood. They said they wont except federal money because of some kind of law he made that they have to do something they didnt agree with in order to get funds. But, praise God for that. But it still doesnt make me overlook his support for gays, and other things he does that are not good.

  9. Pastor Jerry, I'm in agreement with you. Last video also. I worry about the children in schools from K-12. They are teaching God's little children about what gender they want to be. In Kindergarten they can't even talk well. Doing the same on Middle School and High school. In Library's where they have a trans person read them books. So much more. Parents should have to spend time in school with their children between 5 G and our children can"t offend them. I have a grandson in 12th grade we talk.If I had children now they would be home schooled. They are being indoctrinated, with all this worldly stuff. Just for me I don't want the school teaching sex. Remember they can get shots , female or Male hormones without permission. Please research this. This is where it starts. Sorry but this was just put on my heart. Much love and respect to you and your lovely wife. Barb in Ohio.

  10. I agree with you 100 percent. This is and never will be my king……we are called to repent and be fearful of God. It’s out of control and we are going to be judged and it won’t be good just look at sodem I really want to leave the USA but I just can’t but I do pray that we repent in every pray that I do. Amen for the truth thx

  11. Trump also signed the Nohahide laws just like Regan, & Bush Senior, Bush Jr. a few months back. The Nohahide laws scare me , cause you must submit to Judaism & the Torah. Jesus is the only way ✝️ God Bless

  12. Brother Jerry, you speak truth. I had the same reaction when Donald Trump spoke those words from his mouth. I felt it in my spirit. Now is the time for all believers to get right with God and repeat. You are right we have become sedentary in our walk. So many things take our time from us, and most are just going through the motions of daily life. Most of us sin daily, with things we say. I am seeking and knocking on the door of Jesus, so I maybe counted worthy. I’m so glad I can listen to someone who is preaching the truth. I’m also glad I’m not the only one who was stored in their spirit over Trumps comments. Please continue with the good fight and deliver the truth, so many are not hearing this in their churches.

  13. It is completely shaking me to my foundation!! BUT I also realize that God is using him because at the end, God said it will be like the days of Lot (and Noah). And without President Trump supporting Lbgt (which I do not support). We wouldn't be moving towards the end. So Things are happening as God says because of his support. JESUS Is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, no one else.