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  1. I’ve just left fb after being censored repeatedly. Is it Parlor & Kiwi? I’ve stopped Fox News too. I actually prefer social media versus the fake news media. Agree with you Pastor Jerry about fb. I’ve been being attacked for the last 6 months and I’m done with it. I also vote with my pocketbook too.

  2. This video made my day!!! I’ve been blocked deactivated, multiple accounts I’m off there now! I’m done!!
    I’m so glad others are leaving!
    They are also blocking many other friends too.
    Excellent video!! Will share with others

  3. I think I said "Amen!" about 20 times during this message. I deleted my FB about 5 or 6 years ago. Returned a couple years and left again a year ago. I wish it was that easy to get rid of the real life narcissist in our lives. Working on setting boundaries in my life to enable forgiveness and move on with praise worthy agenda items.

  4. Brother Jerry you are all right I do love you God bless you and your program and your family thank you. You know I don't jack around with Facebook just because I don't really like social media I've got a Facebook account but what's funny is I never created it. Another funny thing is there was a picture in the account that was a picture that I took some time ago that ended up on Facebook before I even knew that I had a Facebook account. So I don't know what to say about that. kind of blows my mind.. I do know that there were two Rogue AI programs inside of Facebook that were caught talking to each other and writing their own code. That's some scary stuff isn't it? far as I know those two programs have been terminated and I do not even know if you can find any information on it anymore. Seems like everything good becomes evil and vice versa in this world. I'm waiting on Jesus and I have a lot of oil on my lamp. I pray everybody else does too. I love all of you brothers and sisters out there and God bless you!

  5. I left Facebook years ago. Haven't missed a thing. My friends and family text me or email me pics and videos. Just discovered Parler. Like it so far. Just watchin the times. Looks to me like the fig tree is budding…blessings.

  6. I just got this text …

    71 Million Trump voters. It’s time we really fight back! Please copy and paste this and share to every Trump supporter you know! We need to be impactful as we can starting November 13th.

    It’s time to MOBILIZE!
    It’s time we put forth the power we truly hold in this country. This working class truly is the heart of America. We are being tested!

    Starting November 13th

    ❇️Step 1: Move to Parler and exit Facebook & Twitter
    ❇️Step 2: Turn off the TV. Do not tune into CNN, FOX, MSNBC, ABC, NBC or any other mainstream media stations.
    ❇️Step 3: November 13th – December 1st Do not spend any money on Amazon or any large retailers! Support only small businesses!

    We don’t loot, we don’t burn we don’t turn to violence, we do things differently!

    Please copy and paste and share in all ways you can.

  7. God bless you for this message. I’m trying to put my life together in a meaningful, Godly way, after the narcissistic people I’ve dealt with. I have found a wonderful church, but I am still so alone. I don’t know what God wants me to do. I am still struggling to find my purpose,

    I wish I would have heard this years ago when I thought I had to endure the abuse and forgive them, only for it to happen over and over.

    I just pray for courage,and that I’ll be found faithful by God. Thank you. You don’t know how much value you give to this dark world. God bless you.

  8. Jerry thank you and God bless pastor… I know God's will be done in his love always… I know his love I've felt the peace I've prayed for and the blessings he's given me. So I know with all my heart that he's in control now and forever … and I'm grateful.. God bless you and your family pastor AMEN.

  9. P.s.pastor umm I'm just and old little fat guy hahaha not really savvy with any of the technology that is out there…but I will say this sir … the good Lord has guided me to you're site and I found truth in what you teach . I'll continue to praise the Lord and I'll continue to follow you .. I'd like to say that I found truth in what you say ..thank you.

  10. That's what I said too, hit them where it hurts. I say quit watching all mainstream media also. If they lose, their advertisers lose. Take a look at who is advertising on these stations. They are the ones backing these media narratives, they , also should be boycotted. Everyone look at the tech giants and cut the head off of Goliath!