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  1. Someone mentioned YouTube messing with people subscriptions another preacher I also watch and a couple religious ones I have subscribe to I have noticed I’m not getting notifications from I have to literally go in and do a search to see when the last thing was posted and then go from there so YouTube is playing with the system well it’s really Satan playing with a system but he’s using the back door of Facebook operators YouTube operators And like to push his agenda watch the channels you have subscribe to you may not get the update information you’ll just have to kind a look every day or two to check up on it

  2. Hi Jerry, I've been watching your videos for about two months now. Thank you for your preaching. I hope you don't mind but I would like to post my rapture dream here for anyone who would like to hear it or if anyone may have had a similar experience. Jesus is coming very soon.

    One night I was Reading Mark and I got to Mark 10 13-16 “Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God. Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it”. I prayed to receive God like a child. I never asked for a rapture dream. I felt that I would be selfish asking for a dream, but God gave me both. August 16th at 7:15am I woke up from my rapture dream.

    In my dream I was in my bed asleep just like I was in real life. The only thing different is that I had a sweatshirt on. (maybe it means fall?) As I was sleeping I heard the shofar horns go off. They were so loud! I only heard them twice before I was shocked awake, but was still dreaming. I have never heard or felt something so real in a dream like this. I thought it was real. Anyways, my eyes opened up in shock and I said, "Jesus is coming". As soon as I said that my body lifted up a little, turned over to face up, and then I shot straight up into the sky. I remember thinking, I should be terrified of this, I'm going to hit the ceiling in my room, but by that time I was in a NASA space ship (I'm experiencing this dream as a child) with two other people. While I was going up I felt pure peace. I couldn't even try to feel fear. I ran to the porthole window and I was saying "Do you see him! What does it look like! What does he look like!". I have never felt so much joy and happiness. It was beyond a kid on Christmas morning. One of the guys opened the door and the next thing I know I'm running to Jesus yelling "It's you! It's you!". He was glowing so much I couldn't make out his face. I also had a feeling of, is this God? Is this Jesus?. Like they are two in one. Immediately the scenery changes and I see my mom. I also see a large group of people all getting in line. Getting prepared for something. The place looked like a kids laser tag building but in the clouds. I saw people battling huge characters from Toy Story. I felt like they were at war, but it wasn't scary at all. (Once again, God was letting me see this as a child) I feel like my older brother and dad are there but I know that my niece and middle brother are not there. I felt so much pain for my niece. I was horrified that she didn't make it. Jesus looked at me and said, "We must prepare for battle." and he left. He seemed disappointed in me that I was not preparing but was focused on my niece. His disappointment was like a punch in the gut. I looked at my mom and she said, "Don't worry. Your brother will meet with her and teach her." I knew that wasn't possible. He is in L.A. and she is all alone at school in Tx. I was so freaked out. I ended up at a desk writing a letter to her about salvation. The letter turned into a computer and I was praying she would see my message. I broke down and was crying so much and then I woke up. This dream left me shaking.

    My niece is 9 so I think God was just nudging me to sit with her and teach her the bible which I have been doing for the past month.

    About an hour after the dream I fell asleep and had another dream that was really odd. First off, I'm an artist, just so this makes a little more sense. I was still experiencing my dream as a kid. I was in a room with other kids who all had been chosen because they also had a rapture dream. I was so excited because I had people I could talk to. I tried telling them mine but they were being rude and scoffing at me. I was so confused. I thought they were supposed to be like me. The scene changes and I end up in a different room with a girl and maybe two other kids. This girl believed me. The scene changes again. We're now in a room with art tables and we are being told to paint our dreams so that we can share them with the world. The thing is, the only kids left are me and this girl. We start painting and immediately feel pure fear and evil. We know something is coming so we hide under our desk. A woman walks in with a black pant suite on. She is walking around and touching our paintings and I could just sense that she was pure evil and then I woke up. It felt like I was in the holocaust.

    Second dream was harder to understand but the feeling was very unsettling.

  3. I love this channel and you putting together news of the day and prophecy. Things I learned as a child in my small Assembly of God church is playing out before our very eyes. It's very exciting and I look forward to meeting you, my brother in Christ, one day in heaven. ✝️

  4. Yes brother it's spiritual sleep is his point yet even if we r asleep the trump of God will wake his up I'm sure while I believe ppl in spiritual sleep won't even hear it I don't think but maybe wrong but I don't think so praise Jesus amen

  5. People act like they neeeed Facebook.. It doesn't put food on the table, a roof over your head or clothes on your back.. the best thing anybody can do at this point is Delete your Facebook And Twitter Account.

  6. Dear Pastor Jerry, I just came across your YouTube page this afternoon, and listened to your message. It was a wonderful message, and I pray that everyone who hears it will take it to heart! Thank you for the information about Facebook, I didn't realize that. God bless you, and I hope to meet you in Heaven soon!

  7. It already seems something fishy is going on with mine every time I share Christian YouTube videos I see is in my page but they never get views or comments. If I post something non Christian it gets normal attention many likes and comments.

  8. I had a dream of a huge screen and it was full of little tv screen boxes. Each box had a news segment and the screen was scrolling down. It was hard to make out all of them. But, I remember seeing Mark Zuckerberg being interviewed, I seen the Pope with a headline about a special prayer for the world. I seen headlines of bunkers and people complaining how they aren't safe enough against these zombies. The last segment enlarged to a full screen and I seen children with oversized heads and beady black eyes. They looked like mutants..I felt like it was side-effects from the coming vaccine. They were smiling and seemed happy about it and were being interviewed by the news. Then the screen blacked out and I seen an asian man in a suit that was demonic..I rebuked him and he turned into a puff of black smoke and dissapeared and I woke up.

  9. Hello I love the shofar sound at the beginning of your video. I plug my phone into a loudspeaker and play the shofar sound, and my wife came rushing into the room, white-faced, thinking she had missed the Rapture. I had to apologize to her but it was funny. But seriously folks, it won't be funny to miss the rapture. Please get right with Christ and get saved before it is too late. God Bless you all. Mike…

  10. "Behold, The Glory of God breaks through the clouds,

    A mighty trumpet blast sounds in all the earth!…

    From the heights of the mountains to the deepest depths,

    Life bursts forth in the bodies of the dead!…

    Behold, a loud voice is heard from Heaven:



    Excerpt from: Gathered

    Source: – Section 8
    Regarding the Gathering Up [rapture]

  11. I hate my sinful nature. I hate that i keep failing my Lord seems like every single day. I try and try as i might to just give my life fully into his hands, i always still seem to find a way to mess up. I don't know when the rapture will happen but i know it cant be much longer. I pray that upon that day very soon that I along with many others will be changed in a twinkling of an eye