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  1. My son was showing my 3 yo grandson a picture of a plane and talking about flying…my son said that my grandson asked if the pilot in the picture was Jesus! I said no honey, that's not Jesus but he will be coming for us soon…he says :He's taking to long"….Ha! #weflysoon

  2. FoT ends around lunchtime Monday in Sydney AU, Jerry. Thought we'd had our earthly 'Last Supper' in a good local Indian restaurant, a couple of hours before FoT began.
    Guess we'll just carry on praying, until the FoT Last Trump, Monday.

  3. Thanks for this update. May God bless you and all the research you are sharing and giving hope. I know it can be very tiresome mentally getting information together and working so hard for the Lord. Don't get weary brother. The Lord will renew your strength. Amen?

  4. Yes Jerry, am also looking to what will come out of Israel during this Fall Feasts, I am also excited as much as you and other who have waited years and even decades to be in the RAPTURE from Papua NewGuinea. Deep in my heart something will trigger off very soon today or tomorrow, especially during the 10 days of Trumpet Blast. Bless you.

  5. Good morning Jerry, this is Dan from Oceanside CA. It is 2:45am pst on the 19th. Came across this scripture for us to be encouraged by as we wait for our Savior to split the eastern sky….u ready…ha ha Hebrews 10:37 For still a little while (a very little while) and the coming One will come and He will not delay. Cya soon at the table. Dan

  6. Here is something that I have been thinking about. Could it be that there are those in Israel who know the scriptures…and they are trying to force God's hand? Galatians 6:7-God is not mocked.
    Jesus even stated that "No man knows the hour?" Was He speaking with an idiom…kind of like we call, "Super Bowl…the Big Game?" Who knows?
    We can not predict the future and God warns agains this. Yes…we are to wait and to watch, but the danger in this…is that if…our certain times end up…not coming to be…the church looks foolish and unbelievers will see the church as nothing more than a cult. We need to be careful.
    While Jesus was on Earth..He stated the "Father only knows." Matthew 24:36…which leads me to believe that it was not an idiom.
    We are to wait and watch for the Lord, but if Jesus doesn't come back this year or next…I will still be watching and waiting. I tremble at the thought of meeting Him because I'm like a dog and He is my Master. I hope He is pleased with how I've lived. I see myself as wicked and I do not deserve Him, but I wait and watch.
    Now…people are worried about the Mark of the Beast. That could be literal or it could also be figurative. Deuteronomy 6:8-Moses wrote that the world would know God's people by the word on their hands and forehead. Bottom line…the world should know that Jesus's followers are different by how we talk and interact with each other. The mark could simply be all of those who are known by how they treat each other…and it's easy to spot..those who are not how they treat each other. You can't mistake an apple tree for an orange tree.
    Enough of my rambling…I just believe we liven confusing times…and God is not the author of confusion.1 Corinthians 14:33.
    It could be today…but it may not. Either way….do not lose your faith…if He continues to wait!

  7. Just a thought. How can the Sanhedrin meet on the Sabbath? I don't believe they could meet until Saturday evening. So I don't think the new month can start until Saturday at sunset. This might move the whole month off by 1 day. Or…could the Sanhedrin "back date" the month and declare that this is really the second day of the month. But it can't be declared on a Sabbath. Just a thought.

  8. Don’t wait
    T’was the night before Jesus came
    and all through the house
    Not a creature was praying
    not one in the house
    Their bibles were lain
    On the shelf without care
    In hopes that Jesus
    Would never come there
    The children were dressing
    To crawl into bed
    Not once ever kneeling
    Or bowing a head.
    Moms in her rocker
    with baby in her lap
    She was watching the late show
    while I took a nap
    When out of the East
    There arose such a clatter
    l sprang to my feet
    To see what was the matter
    Away to the window
    I flew like a flash
    I tore open the shutters
    And threw up the sash
    To what do my wondering eyes should appear
    But angels proclaiming
    That Jesus was here
    With a light like the sun
    Sending forth a bright ray
    I knew in a moment
    This must be The Day!
    The light of his face
    Made me cover My head
    It was Jesus! ….Returning
    Just like He had said.
    And though I possessed
    Worldly wisdom and wealth
    I cried when I saw him
    In spite of myself
    In the Book of Life
    Which he held in his hand
    T’was written the name
    of every saved man
    He spoke not a word
    As he searched for my name
    When he se said "It's not here"
    I hung my head in shame!
    The people whose names
    Had been written with love
    He gathered to take to his Father above.
    Those who were ready
    He rose without sound
    While all the rest
    Were left standing around
    I fell to my knees
    Knowing it was too late
    I had waited too long
    And thus sealed my fate
    I stood and I cried
    As they rose out of sight
    Oh, if only I had been ready tonight
    In the words of this poem
    Lies a meaning so clear
    The corning of Jesus
    Is drawing near
    Pease give your life to Jesus
    Cause when comes the last call
    You’ll find that the Bible was true all

  9. I also feel in my Spirit that JESUS is so close to snatching us. I am a 48 year old believer in Jesus and am nesting in my house just like I did both times just before I gave birth to both of my daughters who are now 18 and 20. I am not pregnant but believe that the Revelation 12 birth is about to happen. We are about to be caught up in the air; it is palpable. I have also had an incredible lightness in Spirit for the last 4 or 5 days. I feel giddy happy. I am ready to meet Jesus in the air and see Him and be like him. PRAISE JESUS AUTHOR OF CREATION AND TRUE KING OF THE EARTH!!!!!!